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Our House Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

22 Episodes 1987 - 1988

Episode 1

Sounds from a Silent Clock

Sun, Sep 13, 1987 60 mins

Jessie (Deidre Hall) has temporary custody of an abandoned infant; David is lovesick on his 13th birthday; Gus (Wilford Brimley) tries to prevent fiscal disaster; and a series of earthquakes has everyone except Kris on shaky ground. Part 1 of two. Chad Allen, Shannen Doherty. Chelsea: Hope Tibbetts. Graves: Joseph Perry. Dutton: David Mendenhall.

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Episode 2

Sounds from a Silent Clock

Sun, Sep 20, 1987 60 mins

Conclusion. In the earthquake's aftermath, David (Chad Allen) and his class take refuge in a church; Gus, the baby and a banker are trapped in an elevator; and Kris's flight is diverted because of damage to the runway. Wilford Brimley, Deidre Hall. Bowie: Bruce Glover. J.R.: David Mendenhall.

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Episode 3

A Silent, Fallen Tree

Sun, Sep 27, 1987 60 mins

Gus's opposition to a teachers' strike prompts him to volunteer at Kris's school, where he meets a burned-out teacher (Cloris Leachman) and sees the students' lack of respect. Wilford Brimley, Shannen Doherty. Hayes: Ed Griffith. Mrs. Cannon: Coleen Maloney. Bertha: Nicole Dubuc. Spiers: Ty Miller.

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Episode 4

Dancin' in the Dark

Sun, Oct 4, 1987 60 mins

Kris (Shannen Doherty) makes a new-wave friend to save a teen dance club; and David (Chad Allen) skips school to go surfing. Nikki: JoAnn Willette. Mark: Thomas Wilson Brown. Cindy: Lory Walsh. Jessie: Deidre Hall.

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Episode 5

The Witherspoon War

Sun, Oct 18, 1987 60 mins

Jessie and Gus's "snit" erupts when Jessie (Deidre Hall) threatens to move her family out, while David tries to get it all on video; and Molly thinks she's adopted. Wilford Brimley, Keri Houlihan. Dr. Craft: Lee Kessler. Cliff: Robert Hoy. Wanda: Mary Betten.

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Episode 6

The Haunting

Sun, Oct 25, 1987 60 mins

David and his buddies search for ghosts in a spooky house; Gus (Wilford Brimley) tries to find a home for the horse he's inherited; Nikki and Kris plan a Halloween seance. JoAnn Willette, Shannen Doherty. Mark: Thomas Wilson Brown. J.R.: David Mendenhall.

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Episode 7

Candles and Shadows

Sun, Nov 1, 1987 60 mins

In a coma following a bike accident, David (Chad Allen) "sees" his father (Patrick Duffy). Dr. Hannibal: Robin Gammell. Mark: Thomas Wilson Brown. Jessie: Deidre Hall. Gus: Wilford Brimley. Jack: Paul Willson.

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Episode 8

Stringtown Treasure

Sun, Nov 15, 1987 60 mins

David (Chad Allen) and friends set out on a dangerous camping trip to find a treasure that means much more to someone else; Gus (Wilford Brimley) takes a shine to his new job at a stable and his new boss (Millie Perkins). Mark: Thomas Wilson Brown. Akira Aoki: Lloyd Kino. Bertha: Nicole Dubuc. Martin: Marty Davis.

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Episode 9

They Also Serve

Sun, Nov 22, 1987 60 mins

As the town prepares for a Vietnam memorial, Kris encounters a tough ROTC sergeant (Robert Harland); Gus's plan for a memorial plaque is opposed by a colonel (John Anderson) whose son died before seeing combat. Buzz: Linden Chiles. Ken Morton: Brad Kesten. Margo: Erica Rizzi. Mark: Thomas Wilson Brown.

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Episode 10

Like Father, Like Son

Sun, Nov 29, 1987 60 mins

David is having trouble filling his dad's basketball sneakers, especially with mom dating his coach (Dennis Cole); Nikki (JoAnn Willette) is hiding something from Kris; and Molly mistakenly thinks Mr. Kaplan is dying. Jessie: Deidre Hall. Kaplan: Gerald S. O'Loughlin.

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Episode 11

Sunday's Hero, Monday's Goat

Sun, Dec 6, 1987 60 mins

Gus (Wilford Brimley) discovers that a pro-football star isn't the hero David (Chad Allen) thinks he is when the family weekends at the player's lake cabin. Zak McCullough: Jeff Kaake. Tom McCullough: William Bryant. J.R.: David Mendenhall. Cliff: Robert Hoy.

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Episode 12

Balance of Power

Sun, Jan 10, 1988 60 mins

Kris falls for a Soviet concert pianist (Patrick Johnston) whose strict teacher tries to force their relationship into a Cold War. Olga Zelnikova: Susan Oliver. Paul: Ben Slack. Winifred Salt: Diana Bellamy.

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Episode 13

Call It a Draw

Sun, Jan 17, 1988 60 mins

Gus (Wilford Brimley) is determined to testify against a mugger, even when the suspect's brother threatens the family; and Kris (Shannen Doherty) prepares for a college-level test. Marvin Stokes: Todd Susman. Al: Tony Colitti. Vargo: Tony Mangano.

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Episode 14

Finish the Day

Sun, Jan 24, 1988 60 mins

Jessie (Deidre Hall) awaits word about a lump in her breast; Gus and Kris amount to an unlikely pair of game-show contestants. Mrs. Taft: Anne Haney. Twig McClanahan: Fred Holliday. Sam the Producer: Bill Cort. Gus: Wilford Brimley. Jack: Jan Stuart.

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Episode 15

Two Beat, Four Beat

Sun, Feb 7, 1988 60 mins

J.R. and David compete for the female drummer of their rock band; Joe and Gus are at odds when Joe is denied membership in the Monona Club. J.R.: David Mendenhall. Chip: David Glasser. Alex: Melissa Clayton. Erwin Clifford: Reid Shelton.

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Episode 16

Trouble in Paradise

Sun, Feb 14, 1988 60 mins

Jessie and the children's visit to Hawaii is marred by mysterious goings-on; and a friend with romance problems disturbs Gus's peace at home. Part 1 of two. Deidre Hall, Wilford Brimley. Ken: John Calvin. Maxine: Shannon Tweed. Scott: John Terlesky.

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Episode 17

Trouble in Paradise

Sun, Feb 21, 1988 60 mins

Conclusion. David, Molly and Bertha are stranded on a deserted island with their injured boat captain (Shannon Tweed), while Jessie and Kris frantically await word of their whereabouts. Ken Albright: John Calvin. Crimshaw: Owen Bush. Scott: John Terlesky.

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Episode 18

Out of Step

Sun, Feb 28, 1988 60 mins

An editorial critical of student-council candidate Kris causes friction between Kris and Jessie, who serves as the paper's adviser. Deidre Hall, Shannen Doherty. Willie: John Cameron Mitchell. Randy: Scott Bailey. Mr. Winthrop: Arthur Taxier. Chip: David Glasser.

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Episode 19

The Ashton Street Gang

Sun, Mar 6, 1988 60 mins

David and friends set out to break up a car-theft ring; and Mr. Kaplan (Gerald S. O'Loughlin) decides to take up sky diving. Wilford Brimley, Keri Houlihan. Kate: Dorothy Parke. Baxter: Ken Swofford.

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Episode 20

The Fifth Beatle

Sun, Mar 13, 1988 60 mins

David (Chad Allen) and his band fall for the charms of a young man (Jason Bateman) who promises them a shot at rock-and-roll heaven. Dutton: James MacKrell. Bashnagel: George Furth. Alex: Melissa Clayton.

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Episode 21

Neighborhood Watch

Sun, May 1, 1988 60 mins

A rash of robberies pushes Gus to organize a neighborhood watch, which makes Molly's new friend and her father (Brandy Gold, Joe Regalbuto) very nervous; and Kris awaits the appearance of a guy she met on a "chat line." Eddie: Brian Cole. Officer: Christopher Kriesa.

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Episode 22

Artful Dodging

Sun, May 8, 1988 60 mins

Molly (Keri Houlihan) wants to be in the Kool Kats club until she's asked to shoplift to join; and Gus and David both struggle with girl problems. Cindy: Millie Perkins. Courtney: Kathy Wagner. Mr. Miller: Tom McGreevey. Mrs. Caulder: Brenda Balaski.

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