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NYPD Blue Season 12 Episodes

20 Episodes 2004 - 2005

Episode 1

Dress for Success

Tue, Sep 21, 2004 60 mins

A flirty detective (Bonnie Somerville) joins the squad as the hunt for a doctor's killer exposes one suspect's deepest secret. Meanwhile, Andy's issues with John's drinking pale in comparison to his clashes with the pushy new boss (Currie Graham) and the realization that someone is out to get him. Ted: Jason Cerbone. Eric: Joel Bissonnette. Zoe: Constance Zimmer. King Tut: Lou Meyers.

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Episode 2

Fish Out of Water

Tue, Sep 28, 2004 60 mins

The murder of a pregnant ex-con exposes an adoption scam; Rita tries---and fails---to mend fences with Murphy (Bonnie Somerville); Bale shows his true colors to the squad; Clark crosses a major line with a woman connected to a case; and Andy begins lining up suspects after his fish tank is vandalized. Hatcher: Scott William Winters. Bale: Currie Graham. Rita: Jacqueline Obradors.

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Episode 3

Great Balls of Ire

Tue, Oct 12, 2004 60 mins

After his stalker targets Theo, Andy begins to fear that his tormenter may be someone from his extensive list of past---and present---enemies. Meanwhile, tensions between Ortiz and Murphy force the ladies to reconsider their partnership; and Bale (Currie Graham) adds another name to his list of station-house sinners. Murphy: Bonnie Somerville. Jones: Henry Simmons. Ortiz: Jacqueline Obradors.

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Episode 4

Divorce, Detective Style

Tue, Oct 19, 2004 60 mins

Evidence in a phone-sex operator's murder exposes the truth behind what seems to be the unrelated abduction of a rich kid with a gripe against his dad. Meanwhile, Bale (Currie Graham) calls in Internal Affairs after a shady package arrives for Andy; and John's fling with a murder witness costs him both the conviction and a partner. Murphy: Bonnie Somerville. Ortiz: Jacqueline Obradors.

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Episode 5

You're Buggin' Me

Tue, Oct 26, 2004 60 mins

Andy takes a bullet possibly meant for someone else, triggering a wild-goose chase that reveals the truth about his stalker, Clark's off-duty descent and Bale's devotion to the job. Meanwhile, Jones, Ortiz and Murphy let loose on the weakest link on the squad. Christine: Samaire Armstrong. Larry: Tony Colitti. Martens: Scott Allan Campbell. Hatcher: Scott William Winters.

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Episode 6

That Vision Thing

Tue, Nov 9, 2004 60 mins

A pair of random stabbings have a disturbing effect on Andy, who has a change of heart about partnering with Clark following a spirited visit from an old friend. Meanwhile, Medavoy struggles to prove his worth with an off-duty gig as a bouncer; and John Irvin offers Ortiz and Murphy the inside dish on an antiques dealer filing robbery charges. Gerard: Dennis Christopher. Ismet: Bobby Kaman. Gavin: Brendan Kelly.

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Episode 7

My Dinner With Andy

Tue, Nov 16, 2004 60 mins

When Michael's shady father resurfaces, Jones fears that he may have to go above the law to protect his foster son. Meanwhile, Bale busts Medavoy for moonlighting as a bouncer; and the brutal beating of a key murder witness spells trouble for Andy and Clark. Craig: Cyrus Farmer. Lucy: Clare Wren. Bobbi: Salli Richardson Whitfield. Michael: Andre Jamal Kinney.

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Episode 8

I Like Ike

Tue, Nov 23, 2004 60 mins

Jones begins to look suspicious after his foster son vanishes during a custody battle against the boy's father; Medavoy faces the music for his not-so-legal side job; and Clark offers to guard a material witness whose testimony could cost her everything. Bobbi: Salli Richardson Whitfield. Craig: Cyrus Farmer. Lucy: Clare Wren.

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Episode 9

The 3-H Club

Tue, Nov 30, 2004 60 mins

Jones is forced to prove his innocence after Michael's father is shot to death; a detective (Ken Marino) from another squad gets too involved in Ortiz and Murphy's hunt for a child molester; and Medavoy pays the price for taking a moonlighting job. Jocelyn: Dawnn Lewis. Lynn Cahill: Christine Estabrook. Tammy: Paula Newsome.

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Episode 10

The Dead Donald

Tue, Dec 7, 2004 60 mins

Bale (Currie Graham) plays dirty with the desperate dad of a teen busted for buying drugs from a dealer suspected of murder. Meanwhile, Andy awaits the results of his sergeants exam; Medavoy takes a shine to a woman burned by a con man renting the same apartment to multiple tenants. Halloran: Alyson Reed. Ricky C.: David Raibon. Brigid Scofield: Mary Page Keller.

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Episode 11

Bale Out

Tue, Dec 14, 2004 60 mins

Evidence found in a con man's apartment clues Andy into something Bale might not want known; Clark agrees to escort Lori Munson (Lisa Lackey) to a work dinner being thrown for a shady judge; and the shooting of a lawyer has Murphy and Ortiz thinking drive-by gone wrong. Lucas:Carl Anthony Payne. Brigid: Mary Page Keller.

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Episode 12

I Love My Wives, but Oh You Kid

Tue, Dec 21, 2004 60 mins

A married man with too many women in his life comes under suspicion when one of them meets an ugly end. Meanwhile, Medavoy tries his hand at real estate and ends up closing a deal of another kind with Brigid Scofield; and Andy is called in to mount an undercover sting on a killer preying on newly sober women. Hal: William Russ. Brigid: Mary Page Keller. Paige: Judith Hoag.

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Episode 13

Stoli with a Twist

Tue, Jan 11, 2005 60 mins

Murphy and Ortiz wind up in a sticky situation after going undercover to catch a serial killer preying on women in AA; one of Clark's former conquests factors into the murder of a suspected steroids dealer and nearly sidelines his romance with the ADA. Munson: Lisa Lackey. Carly Landis: Myndy Crist. Warren: George La Porte.

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Episode 14

Stratis Fear

Tue, Jan 18, 2005 60 mins

Ortiz is caught between her job and a hard place when she learns that the narcotics squad is targeting her cousin's beau; the death of a paralyzed man's wife has Jones interrogating a retired cop; and Andy and Clark investigate the murder of an immigrant who had a way with the ladies. Alex: J.B. Blanc. Brendan: Troy Ruptash. Jones: Henry Simmons. Ortiz: Jacqueline Obradors.

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Episode 15

La Bomba

Tue, Jan 25, 2005 60 mins

The daughter of an executive killed in a car-bomb explosion offers Clark and Sipowicz a different take on a suspect they may have written off too quickly. Meanwhile, Ortiz and Murphy uncover the sad facts about a dead prep-school student after his girlfriend comes forward with info about their relationship. Jones: Henry Simmons. Ortiz: Jacqueline Obradors. Munson: Lisa Lackey.

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Episode 16

Old Man Quiver

Tue, Feb 1, 2005 60 mins

Andy's first case as a sergeant has him dealing with the fatal smothering of an aged millionaire...and the DOA's too-lively young bride. Meanwhile, Munson introduces Clark to her formidable father. Enid: Nan Martin. Owen Munson: John Aprea. Jerry: Ed Lauter.

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Episode 17

Sergeant Sipowicz' Lonely Hearts Club Band

Tue, Feb 8, 2005 60 mins

As Sipowicz settles into his role as sergeant, the 15th finds his absence unsettling, especially after Clark is teamed with a hair-triggered military officer on the murder of an Army man. Meanwhile, Jones and Medavoy's search for a missing homeless man leads one of them to a bold move. Ortiz: Jacqueline Obradors. Murphy: Bonnie Somerville.

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Episode 18

Lenny Scissorhands

Tue, Feb 15, 2005 60 mins

Andy finds himself back among his friends at the 15th after a botched bust sends a top-ranking co-worker to the ICU. Meanwhile, Medavoy faces his last day on the job with a healthy dose of second thoughts; and a cop's claim that he was shot by a perp doesn't sit well with Ortiz and Murphy. Medavoy: Gordon Clapp. Lt. Bale: Currie Graham.

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Episode 19

Bale to the Chief

Tue, Feb 22, 2005 60 mins

As the hunt for Bale's shooter leads the squad to the head of a Russian prostitution ring, the fallen lieutenant himself makes Andy an offer that could change the 15th forever. Meanwhile, a tragic twist emerges during Murphy and Ortiz's investigation into the murder of a Muslim woman. Duffy: James Martin Kelly. Munson: Lisa Lackey. Brigid: Mary Page Keller.

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Episode 20

Moving Day

Tue, Mar 1, 2005 60 mins

In the series finale, Andy risks his career to nab the real killer of a high-end hooker after an immunity-protected diplomat gives a confession that belies the evidence in the case. Meanwhile, two eager new detectives join the squad to fill a pair of recently vacated slots. Bale: Currie Graham. Duffy: James Martin Kelly.

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