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New York Undercover Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

26 Episodes 1995 - 1996

Episode 1

High on the Hog

Thu, Aug 31, 1995 60 mins

Torres and his interim partner pose as bikers to solve a double homicide. Meanwhile, Williams is prohibited from going back to work. Torres: Michael DeLorenzo. Snake: Scott Lawrence. Trapp: Henry Simmons II. Shanna: Debra Wilson. Pike: John Connolly. Dr. Crowley: Terry Alexander.

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Episode 2

Tag You're Dead

Thu, Sep 7, 1995 60 mins

Tension builds between Williams and Torres as they investigate the case of a bond salesman who claims that he shot graffiti artists in self-defense. Ramon: Kirk Acevedo. Jesus: Manuel Terron Carrasco. Anile: Selina Hernandez. Maria: Blanca Camacho.

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Episode 3

Man's Best Friend

Thu, Sep 14, 1995 60 mins

An investigation into the death of a man killed by a pit bull leads the detectives (Malik Yoba, Michael DeLorenzo) to the world of dogfight gambling. Memo: Edwin Hodge. Antoine: Deji Olasimbo. Paco: Victor Gonzalez. Galloway: Johnny Williams. Reynolds: Michelle Hurd.

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New York Undercover, Season 2 Episode 3 image

Episode 4

The Brotherhood

Thu, Sep 21, 1995 60 mins

Williams poses as a freshman to investigate a campus killing. Snowflake: Cedric Harris. Jalen: Joseph Latimore. Blake: Jennifer Burry. Adolfo: Giancarlo Esposito. Tommy: Kelly Cole. Dexter: Charles Reed. Moreno: Lauren Velez.

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Episode 5

Digital Underground

Thu, Sep 28, 1995 60 mins

The detectives search for Lt. Cooper's missing daughter and the pedophile who's with her. Megan: Eden Riegel. Dave: Steve Ryan. Mrs. Shuler: Leslie Lyles. Doctor: Kim Pistone. Justin: Spencer McIntosh. Lt. Cooper: Patti D'Arbanville-Quinn.

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Episode 6

Buster and Claudia

Thu, Oct 5, 1995 60 mins

A string of robberies leads to an ex-con and his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Torres tries to settle a dispute between his father and a mobster. Claudia: Aunjanue Ellis. Adolfo: Giancarlo Esposito. Carson: Robert Knepper.

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Episode 7

Student Affairs

Thu, Oct 12, 1995 60 mins

After a student is killed, Williams and Torres pose as a teacher and a janitor at the school where the crime occurred. Mrs. Stubbs: Eartha Kitt. Oscar: Agustin Rodriguez. Alphonse: Fredro Starr. McNamara: Reggie Montgomery. Delia: Brandi H. Satterwhite. Moreno: Lauren Velez.

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Episode 8

The Highest Bidder

Thu, Oct 19, 1995 60 mins

A newborn's abduction leads to a case involving the mother's murder and infants for sale. Mark: Michael Dolan. Dr. Vincent: Mark Blum. DeWitt: Sam Groom. Mrs. DeWitt: Stephanie Roth. Baines: Jared Harris. Sarah: Tina Benko.

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Episode 9

Young, Beautiful and Dead

Thu, Nov 2, 1995 60 mins

Williams poses as a model during the investigation into the face-slashing of a cover girl (Vinessa Shaw). Mrs. McCauley: Janet Zarish. Dr. McCauley: Peter Ratray. Casaloma: Olek Krupa. Rezami: David Drake. Rena: Kristana Loken. Dixon: Bruce Smolanoff

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Episode 10

Color Lines

Thu, Nov 9, 1995 60 mins

Incensed that Williams and Torres are assigned to his case, a serial bomber (Daniel Von Bargen) tells them that he'll "make an example of you two incompetents." Donovan: Bill Cwikowski. Jennings: Barton Heyman. Gen. Darden: Mark Kenneth Smaltz.

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Episode 11

The Finals

Thu, Nov 16, 1995 60 mins

Williams' nemesis, Danny Cort (Ice-T), returns with an agenda that includes a promise to kill the detective's son. Chantal: Fatima Faloye. Simone: Naomi Campbell. Sgt. Kelly: Edie Falco. Ellers: Steve Harris. Tiny: Jernard Burks. Willis: Jamie Perry.

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Episode 12

Internal Affairs

Thu, Nov 30, 1995 60 mins

Following Danny Cort's death, Williams is probed by the internal affairs division. Lt. Carver: Bill Nunn. Sgt. Kelly: Edie Falco. Simone: Naomi Campbell. G: George Gore. Moreno: Lauren Velez.

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Episode 13

Bad Girls

Thu, Dec 14, 1995 60 mins

Moreno poses as a prostitute to try to catch a killer. Janice: Tamara Tunie. Flaherty: Don Harvey. Lopez: Luis Guzman. Father Torres: Jose Zuniga. Tirado: Stephen Gevedon. Kevin: Marc John Jefferies

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Episode 14

A Time to Kill

Thu, Jan 4, 1996 60 mins

After being freed on a legal technicality, a policeman's murderer is killed---and the cop's partner is suspected. Tika: Karina Arroyave. Connie: Cara Buono. Ortiz: Luis Antonio Ramos. Stan: Peter Parros. Sgt. Wayne: Mark Cassella. Williams: Malik Yoba.

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Episode 15

Bad Blood

Thu, Jan 18, 1996 60 mins

Williams and Torres (Malik Yoba, Michael DeLorenzo) investigate the murder of a writer. Dr. Johnson: Roscoe Lee Browne. Dr. Fisher: Wendell Pierce. Luis: Kamar De Los Reyes. Darren: Joe Lisi. Vivian: Ingrid Rogers.

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Episode 16

Fire Show

Thu, Feb 1, 1996 60 mins

Moreno poses as a firefighter in order to investigate a female firefighter's death. Capt. Wilton: Frankie R. Faison. Lt. Harding: Michael Gaston. Underwood: Gareth Williams. Moralez: Antone Pagan. Tesher: Scott Tiler.

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Episode 17

Toy Soldiers

Thu, Feb 8, 1996 60 mins

Three youths, who were brought from Africa to act as hit men, are befriended by Father Torres (Jose Zuniga). Henry: Antonio David Lyons. Patrice: Nashawn Kearse. Mazili: Michael Wright. Ahmed: Hassan Johnson. Terrafino: Frank Vincent.

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Episode 18

Sympathy for the Devil

Thu, Feb 15, 1996 60 mins

Three youths are charged with shooting a man and his wife. However, one insists that, while they robbed the couple, none of them fired the gun. James: Donald Adeosun Faison. Carter: Michael Rupert. Thomas: Royale Watkins. Ronald: Mustafa Shakir. Green: Ben Shenkman.

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Episode 19


Thu, Feb 22, 1996 60 mins

A widow (Diane Dilascio) will stop at nothing---even murder---in her quest to impress the mob. Santucci: John Costelloe. Green: Lawrence B. Adisa. Morgan: Isaiah Washington. Peaches: Cassandra Creech. Vinny: Arthur Nascarella.

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Episode 20


Thu, Mar 7, 1996 60 mins

After a snitch tells Torres about cops who shake down and kill drug dealers, two officers are assigned to break the case. Mancini: Lynette Walden. Caso: Justin Chambers. Treadway: J.K. Simmons. Fillpot: Christopher Bauer. Moreno: Lauren Velez.

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Episode 21

The Reckoning

Thu, Mar 14, 1996 60 mins

Williams (Malik Yoba) poses as a member of a militant religious group engaged in a conflict with a Jewish sect. Esther: Phyllis Yvonne Stickney. Minister Malik: Albert Hall. Kareem: Richard Chevolleau. Rabinowitz: Matthew Sussman. Joshua: Josh Weinstein.

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Episode 22

The Enforcers

Thu, Apr 4, 1996 60 mins

Williams investigates the murder of his son's tutor, a prep-school student. Meanwhile, Torres is tormented by his father's illness. Griffin: Lance Reddick. Sean: Aaron Harpold. Martin: Devin Ratray. Russell: Sean Thomas. Bono: Mark Zeisler. Torres: Michael DeLorenzo.

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Episode 23

Andre's Choice

Thu, Apr 11, 1996 60 mins

A fight promoter's death leads to a case involving blackmail, murder and an ex-con (Isaiah Washington) whom Williams has helped. Gray: Chad L. Coleman. Dennis: Jon Polito. Brian: Amir Jamal Williams. Ivan: Nikolai Tsankov. Carol: N'Bushe Wright.

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Episode 24

No Greater Love

Thu, Apr 25, 1996 60 mins

Torres believes that the man (Mayce Edward Christopher Webber III) who confesses to a killing is taking the blame for his brother. Roland: Shawn McLean. Terrence: Dwight Wigfall. Carol: N'Bushe Wright. Stephon: Taye Diggs. Mara: Catrina Ganey. Torres: Michael DeLorenzo.

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Episode 25

Deep Cover

Thu, May 2, 1996 60 mins

Torres and Williams attempt to infiltrate a gun ring by posing as a weapons dealer and a major buyer. Joaquin: Luis Guzman. Lucia: Holly Grant. Carol: N'Bushe Wright. Petrie: Walt MacPherson.

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Episode 26

If This World Were Mine

Thu, May 9, 1996 60 mins

A gun-ring leader seeks revenge on Torres, who is warned by his lieutenant to proceed "by the numbers." Meanwhile, Williams' son and mother are mugged. Julio: Benny Nieves. Tony: Manny Perez. Carol: N'Bushe Wright. Lucia: Holly Grant.

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