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Mr. Show With Bob and David Season 4 Episodes

Season 4 Episode Guide

10 Episodes 1998 - 1998

Episode 1

Life Is Precious and God and the Bible

Mon, Oct 26, 1998 30 mins

David admits that he's taking medical marijuana ("for stress related to working with Bob Odenkirk") and plays an investigative reporter who's so gullible he's being investigated himself. Also: a bit about Hitler clones as domestic servants, and a spoof of "The Paper Chase."

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Episode 2

Show Me Your Weenis

Mon, Nov 9, 1998 30 mins

Bob, a maladroit kidnapper, winds up demanding a $1000 ransom for his own toe. And, in a galaxy far, far away, Bob discovers that he's ethnically impure. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross star.

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Episode 3

Rudy Will Await Your Foundation

Mon, Nov 16, 1998 30 mins

Bob and David vie to out-embarrass each other on "Blooper Night." Also: phone sex at the office; a prenatal beauty pageant; and a restaurant without restrooms. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross star.

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Episode 4

The Story Of Everest

Mon, Nov 23, 1998 30 mins

A tall tale about Mount Everest; a bit about a clumsy waiter; a consultation with the show's executive producer, "Sweetie Pie." Bob Odenkirk and David Cross star.

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Episode 5

It's Perfectly Understandishable

Mon, Nov 2, 1998 30 mins

"Live" Bob and David watch as "Rehearsal" Bob and David are herded into cages; David visits an old friend in Tibet. Also: a segment on "seeing-eye actors." Bob Odenkirk and David Cross star.

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Episode 6

It's Insane this Guy's Taint!

Mon, Nov 30, 1998 30 mins

This episode opens with a heartfelt tribute to a crew member who has died. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross ask the audience for a moment of silence. David further requests, "Please hold your breath, in honor of him who cannot breathe." In an unrelated sketch, the cast assembles, on Bob's request, for an "intervention." David arrives (wearing a fat suit), and the others try to "help" him see that he has a problem, by making jokes about how fat he is. At one point, as abuse is heaped on him, David says, "I'm crushed," and Paul F. Tompkins replies, "No, if you were crushed, you'd be thinner." But when Bob anoints Paul the new "King of Slams" and tries to high-five him, Paul leaves him hanging. David takes off his fake belly and they tell Bob the truth -- the intervention is really for him. "We're tired of the way you run your interventions," David explains. Later in the show, there's an episode of "Car Wash Change Thief Action Squad," with an overly zealous host (Bob) using sting operations and hidden cameras in a failed effort to stop car wash employees from stealing the change from his dashboard. In another skit, Reverend Ahlid Kalunda (Jerry Minor), the head of "The Men's Club of Allah," takes the podium to clarify some previous statements that he says have been "distorted by the media," including his call for the beheading of all white women. This somehow transforms into a Batman parody, in which Kalunda and his young ward battle the arch villain, The Windbreaker (Jay Johnston). In the Boogie Nights parody that closes the show, David plays a magazine publisher who pushes the limits of gay porn by focusing on the "taint," the area between the genitalia and the buttocks.

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Episode 7

Eat Rotten Fruit from a S. Tree

Mon, Dec 7, 1998 30 mins

Skits include: God promoting his tell-all book and a queen playing tricks on her guards.

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Episode 8

Like Chickens...Delicious Chickens

Mon, Dec 14, 1998 30 mins

David Cross opens the show sporting a top hat and cane. When Bob Odenkirk asks him why, he tells Bob that he's Jewish, and he's just sharing the wealth in anticipation of receiving his "reparations" from the Swiss government. Then he receives a check for 82 cents and a cute apology greeting card with a kitten spilling milk on the cover. In a sketch that takes place in 1924, adventurer Edmund Premington (Bob) addresses a Gentlemen's Hunt Club about his adventures in Africa. His audience is appalled as he describes the effects of the lion's roar, mentioning that "you feel it first in your scrotum," that "the hairs on the end of your penis stand up," and that "you feel the nipples on your ass become erect." When one guest (David) says, "I must take severe umbrage at your anatomical logic," Premington responds, "I speak honestly, from the bottom of my vagina." The guest speculates, "You don't know what words mean, do you?" In a later skit, newscaster Mark Treems (David) interviews the obese soul survivor of an Andes plane crash, Todd (Bob), who says, "I was forced to eat the flesh of my companions. Their flesh was seasoned with courage." Treems points out, "You've only been out here for 30 days. Did you have to eat all 234 people?" "When I get depressed, I eat," says Todd, "It's my outlet." There's also a parody of Ken Burns' documentary series entitled, "The Civil War: The Re-enactments." "The re-enactment of the battle of Turner Springs would prove to be one of the fake bloodiest in history," the narrator intones, "Thousands would come to pretend to be brave." The re-enactors get into a dispute with a renaissance fair and are forced to move into the parking lot.

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Episode 9

Sad Songs Are Nature's Onions

Mon, Dec 21, 1998 30 mins

The episode opens with David Cross writing a note explaining that he's running away from the show. Bob Odenkirk comes out and asks him why. "Because of the content warnings," David explains, "They give the whole show away. How am I supposed to trick little kids into seeing my butt?" A weird space child with an adult voice who uses big words appears onscreen. It turns out he's responsible for the content warnings. He transports Bob and David to his space pod, and gives them a drink that makes them shrink before his parents come in and punish him. Later, in a parody of Inside the Actors Studio, David plays Cyrus, the obsequious host of "Inside the Actor." He introduces his guest, Ryan Dorn (Jay Johnston), as "a bountiful treat from which I invite you to partake." Cyrus asks for questions from his students, but when someone speaks up, Cyrus shouts, "Who dares question Ryan Dorn!?" He then begins washing Dorn's feet. When Dorn mentions his interest in directing, it's too much for Cyrus, who cries, "Have mine ears bewitched me with whispers of Xanadu?" In order to "gain further insight into the actual workings of the actor," Cyrus and two students are shrunk down to microscopic size and injected into Dorn. This segues into a parody of Land of the Lost, complete with a similar theme song. It turns out Dorn is inhabited by plastic dinosaurs and a cute robot. The show ends with a music awards show where Horace Loeb (David) wins a "Teardrop Award" for a sad song about the untimely death of his son. "I wish my boy could be here to share this with me" the triumphant Loeb says, "but then I wouldn't have written the song, so scratch that."

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Episode 10

Patriotism, Pepper, and Professionalism

Mon, Dec 28, 1998 30 mins

The last episode of the fourth and final season of HBO's Mr. Show begins on-stage with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross at the "Globo/Chem Corporate Retreat." "We have got a comedy show tonight that's gonna help you laugh your sales through the roof!" says Bob. Later, Josh Fenderman -- a white performer who dresses and dances just like Michael Jackson -- and his group, Honesty in Motion, take the stage. This segues into a documentary about Fenderman, a former child star who has fallen on hard times. Confronted with accusations that she exploited him, his mother (Jill Talley) explains, "For the first five or six years of his life, he made no money at all. We paid for everything." Fenderman ends up suing the U.S. Treasury, because, as he explains about his money, "It didn't come with instructions or a manual." He wins his case, prompting the Treasury Department to put warnings on all currency reading, "Warning: This Dollar Is Not Yours After You Spend It." In another sketch, Bob and Jill are a couple reuniting after a week-long break-up. Jill asks Bob what he did all week, and he responds, "Besides cry?" But over the course of their lunch date, she discovers he joined a Christian rock band, got engaged then left his bride at the altar, and starred in a porn film. This episode also features the renowned sketch in which David plays Marilyn Monster, a scary, Marilyn Manson-like depraved rock star, in a training video for his pizza restaurant chain's "fun-ployees." Monster says they hire "fun, rebellious extroverts who make their own rules." He then explains a long list of rules. He ends the training video by saying, "Oh, and don't forget to break some rules!" then adds, "But -- don't break any rules."

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