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Matlock Season 2 Episodes

24 Episodes 1987 - 1988

Episode 1

The Billionaire, Part 1

Tue, Sep 22, 1987 60 mins

Part 1 of 2. The son of a businessman living in London is convicted of his father's murder, prompting his sister to hire Matlock to prove he was framed. Eric Gordon: Greg Evigan. Albert Gordon: Don Murray. Sybil Gordon: Jane Howe. Dudley: David McCallum. Matlock: Andy Griffith. Filmed on location.

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Episode 2

The Billionaire, Part 2

Tue, Sep 22, 1987 60 mins

Conclusion. Matlock's attempts to clear Greg are hampered by the lack of motive on the part of any of the other suspects. Eric: Greg Evigan. Mitchell: Bruce Greenwood. Laura: Michele Greene. Phillip Dudley: David McCallum. Matlock: Andy Griffith. Tyler: Kene Holliday. Michelle: Nancy Stafford.

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Episode 3

Blind Justice

Tue, Sep 29, 1987 60 mins

Michelle's friend has been framed by a sightless sculptor for the murder of the man responsible for his blindness. Hampton: David Ogden Stiers. Graham: Greg Mullavey. Brooks: David Froman. Michelle: Nancy Stafford. Matlock: Andy Griffith.

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Episode 4

The Annihilator

Tue, Oct 13, 1987 60 mins

Matlock goes to the mat to prove that Cassie's favorite pro wrestler, the Annihilator, was framed for the murder of rival Sailor Jack (Jack "Wild Man" Armstrong). Andy Griffith, Kari Lizer. Donna: Marta Kober. Gentleman George: Lee Paul.

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Episode 5

The Husband

Tue, Oct 20, 1987 60 mins

A man who was married to three women---simultaneously---is dead, and it's up to Michelle and Matlock (Andy Griffith) to prove Wife No. 3 wasn't his murderer. Diane: Sherry Hursey. Liz: Nancy Frangione. Kevin: Terrence McNally. Judy: Christopher Norris. Mrs. Berino: Natalie Core.

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Episode 6

The Power Brokers, Part 1

Tue, Oct 27, 1987 60 mins

Part 1 of 2. Matlock probes a conspiracy to frame a columnist for the murder of her source. Sen. Crawford: Ralph Bellamy. Irwin: Robert Culp. Melinda: Isabella Hofmann. Clarissa: Nancy Dussault. Judge Dunaway: George Gaynes.

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Episode 7

The Power Brokers, Part 2

Tue, Nov 3, 1987 60 mins

Conclusion. Matlock's client wants to retract her confession, contending she was tricked by fake agents; while Matlock contends with a difficult judge and a mounting conspiracy. Andy Griffith. Crawford: Ralph Bellamy. Robert Irwin: Robert Culp. Judge: George Gaynes.

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Episode 8

The Network

Tue, Dec 1, 1987 60 mins

Matlock defends a TV producer accused of backstabbing---literally---a chief of network programming. Bartel: Granville Van Dusen. Martin: Jonathan Perpich. Davis: Harris Laskawy. Cameos by Jason Bateman, Corbin Bernsen, Rhea Perlman, Malcolm-Jamal Warner.

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Episode 9

The Best Friend

Tue, Dec 8, 1987 60 mins

Matlock uncovers startling evidence in the case of a woman accused of killing the author who exposed a political family's secrets. Julie: Julie Sommars. Sarah: Katherine Cannon. Sylvia: Jean Bruce Scott. Wilson Douglas: Bert Remsen. James Douglas: Josef Rainer. Turkell: Grant Heslov.

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Episode 10

The Country Boy

Tue, Dec 15, 1987 60 mins

Matlock is excited about defending his favorite country singer until he witnesses the man's hard living and drinking, which might have led to murder. Andy Griffith. Kitty: Candy Clark. Molly: Diana Bellamy. Larry Thorpe: Eric Menyuk.

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Episode 11

The Gift

Tue, Dec 22, 1987 60 mins

Matlock defends a Santa accused of murder at a party populated by Saint Nicks, and plays Father Christmas to the defendant's daughter.

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Episode 12

The Gambler

Tue, Dec 29, 1987 60 mins

Matlock risks his reputation to clear a friend on trial for the murder of his mob-connected girlfriend in Las Vegas.

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Episode 13

The Body

Tue, Jan 5, 1988 60 mins

Matlock visits the health spa where his client is accused of killing the aerobics instructor who had an affair with her husband.

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Episode 14

The Reunion

Tue, Jan 12, 1988 60 mins

When a law-school classmate is killed, Matlock defends a friend accused of the murder.

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Episode 15

The Gigolo

Tue, Jan 19, 1988 60 mins

Matlock tries to prove a dance instructor didn't murder his wealthy, married lover.

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Episode 16

The Umpire

Tue, Jan 26, 1988 60 mins

When a softball umpire calls his last strike, Matlock sorts through a team of suspects.

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Episode 17

The Investigation, Part 1

Tue, Feb 2, 1988 60 mins

Part 1 of 2. Matlock's client, who's accused of killing a mob-hunting congressman, turns out to be the son of an organised-crime figure.

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Episode 18

The Investigation, Part 2

Tue, Feb 9, 1988 60 mins

Conclusion. Caught in a mob war, Matlock watches his defense of a crime kingpin's son unravel with each gunshot fired and each witness eliminated.

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Episode 19

The Hucksters

Tue, Feb 16, 1988 60 mins

A pyramid-scheming huckster is murdered and Matlock hopes to prove that his client was framed.

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Episode 20

The Lovelorn

Tue, Feb 23, 1988 60 mins

Matlock sorts through the complicated family "affairs" of an advice columnist, whom his client is accused of murdering.

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Episode 21

The Genius

Tue, Mar 15, 1988 60 mins

Matlock's nephew, a certified genius, is charged with the murder of a think-tank director. Dr. Barnes: Lawrence Pressman. Dr. Sedgwick: Carolyn Seymour. Drake: Lou Felder. Dr. Liu: James Pax. Matlock: Andy Griffith.

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Episode 22

The Magician

Tue, Mar 22, 1988 60 mins

Matlock uses legal legerdemain in his defense of a magician who's trying to escape charges of murdering his ambitious assistant. Daniel Fontaine: Michael E. Knight. Arthur Wolff: Michael Halsey. Ron Greenwood: Harry Groener. Jimmy Collier: Peter Frechette.

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Episode 23

The Fisherman

Tue, Mar 29, 1988 60 mins

Matlock defends a Vietnamese immigrant charged with the murder of a bigoted fisherman. Nguyen Tran: Dana Lee. Le Tran: Jason Scott Lee. Jakes: Robert Donner. Barton: Arthur Rosenberg. Atkins: Jack Rader.

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Episode 24

The Heiress

Tue, May 3, 1988 60 mins

Matlock is wary of an inheritance attorney aiding in the defense of an unstable heiress charged with murder. Allison Tate: Jill Carroll. Bob Ranier: Mason Adams. Dr. Linder: Alan Oppenheimer. Mrs. Johnson: Jill Andre. Marsha: Melinda O. Fee.

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