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Lou Grant Season 5 Episodes

24 Episodes 1981 - 1982

Episode 1


Mon, Nov 2, 1981 60 mins

Billie ponders a marriage offer from a baseball scout (Cliff Potts). Linda Kelsey, Edward Asner. Janie: Barbara Dirickson.

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Episode 2


Mon, Nov 9, 1981 60 mins

Rossi becomes engrossed in a murderer who refuses to appeal her death sentence. Kitty Larsen: Terri Nunn. Rossi: Robert Walden. Lou: Edward Asner.

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Episode 3


Mon, Nov 16, 1981 60 mins

Charlie implements a news-tip hotline, while Lou takes part in a drunken-driving experiment. Mason Adams, Edward Asner. Bob Jurgenson: William Schilling. Sandler: Michael McGuire. Marvin: Michael Tucci.

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Episode 4


Mon, Nov 23, 1981 60 mins

Lou returns to his boyhood town and finds a community struggling with economic blight and a declining population. Paul: Robert Prosky. Howard: Kenneth Kimmins. Lou: Edward Asner.

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Episode 5


Mon, Nov 30, 1981 60 mins

A Trib reporter refuses to reveal her source for a story on child pornography. Robert Walden, Edward Asner. McPhee: Michael Alldredge. Gloria: Sandy Martin. Larry Hockney: Ken Smolka.

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Episode 6


Mon, Dec 7, 1981 60 mins

Billie learns that a gold cross contained in a time capsule is a fake. Shepherd: Nigel Bullard. Alex Matheson Sr.: Linwood McCarthy. Billie: Linda Kelsey.

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Episode 7


Mon, Dec 14, 1981 60 mins

Charlie takes in his disturbed nephew, unaware of the extent of his illness. Mason Adams, Edward Asner. Steve Hume: James Callahan. Dr. Sorenson: Tom Atkins.

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Episode 8


Mon, Dec 28, 1981 60 mins

Tests of friendship emerge from Rossi's relationship with a politician, and an altercation involving Donovan and a reporter. Cary: Larry Breeding. Rossi: Robert Walden. Donovan: Jack Bannon.

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Episode 9


Mon, Jan 4, 1982 60 mins

Rossi tracks down a once-famous jazz quartet played by jazz greats Ray Brown, Joe Williams, Louie Bellson, Med Flory. Robert Walden, Edward Asner.

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Episode 10


Mon, Jan 11, 1982 60 mins

Billie investigates a death in a "haunted" house. Josephine: Penelope Windust. Claude Cunningham: Milton Selzer. Billie: Linda Kelsey. Lou: Edward Asner.

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Episode 11


Mon, Jan 25, 1982 60 mins

A story about a robbery and kidnapping assays the influence of live-TV coverage on volatile situations and trials. Mrs. Hamlin: Marcia Rodd. Peggy Daye: Robin Rose. Billie: Linda Kelsey.

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Episode 12


Mon, Feb 8, 1982 60 mins

Rossi might cause the Trib to be censured; Billie ghostwrites an autobiographical piece for Mrs. Pynchon. Robert Walden, Linda Kelsey, Nancy Marchand, Edward Asner, Jack Bannon. Thea Taft: Margaret Hamilton.

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Episode 13


Mon, Feb 15, 1982 60 mins

A story involving black-market food stamps explores the plight of Vietnamese refugees. Tam: Le Tuan. Lou: Edward Asner. Animal: Daryl Anderson. Cy Wood: Raleigh Bond. Anh: Kieu Chinh.

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Episode 14


Mon, Mar 1, 1982 60 mins

Rossi becomes obsessed with his story on world hunger. Sister Louise: Uta Hagen. Rossi: Robert Walden. Lou: Edward Asner. Springerman: Ivan Bonar.

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Episode 15


Mon, Mar 8, 1982 60 mins

Mrs. Pynchon is questioned about her late husband's dealings with Japanese-Americans during World War II. Edward Asner, Nancy Marchand. Ken Watanabe: Clyde Kusatsu. Iris Rooney: Eunice Christopher.

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Episode 16


Mon, Mar 22, 1982 60 mins

Billie is called back to the office just before boarding a plane that crashes, killing all aboard. Linda Kelsey, Edward Asner, Daryl Anderson. Pomeroy: William Jordan.

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Episode 17


Mon, Apr 5, 1982 60 mins

Rossi researches a story about a scientist who was blacklisted, and learns his girlfriend's father suffered the same fate. Abby: Freddye Chapman. Obler: William Schallert. Rossi: Robert Walden.

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Episode 18


Mon, Apr 12, 1982 60 mins

Mrs. Pynchon, Lou and Billie are plagued with legal hassles. Edward Asner, Nancy Marchand, Linda Kelsey. Gruber: Harold J. Stone. Garbers: Charles Cioffi.

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Episode 19


Mon, Apr 19, 1982 60 mins

An assignment in the state capital reunites Billie with her ex-husband---a shrewd lobbyist. Greg: Vincent Baggetta. Ray: Parley Baer. Lou: Edward Asner.

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Episode 20


Mon, May 3, 1982 60 mins

The threat of nuclear war looms as a revolution in the Middle East signals hostilities between the U.S. and the USSR. Edward Asner. Claire: Bonnie Bartlett. Dr. Lawrence: Lane Smith. Billie: Linda Kelsey.

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Episode 21


Mon, May 17, 1982 60 mins

A reporter's life is threatened when he investigates the hit-and-run of a noted ecologist; Lou is involved with a woman who's also dating a married man. Edward Asner.

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Episode 22


Mon, May 24, 1982 60 mins

A story on rival surfer turfs touches off gang fights; Billie and Ted discover their home is near a house for mental patients. Linda Kelsey, Edward Asner. Lombardi: Michael Constantine.

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Episode 23


Mon, Aug 30, 1982 60 mins

A holdup in the Tribune parking lot leaves Lou a victim and a policeman tormented by guilt. Edward Asner. Vince DeMayo: Steve Marachuk. Shackley: Bruce Kirby.

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Episode 24


Mon, Sep 13, 1982 60 mins

Firing incompetents, considering assignments and lending a sympathetic ear constitute a day for Charlie, but a cub reporter's current assignment is anything but routine. Mason Adams, Jack Bannon.

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