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Less Than Perfect Season 3 Episodes

Season 3 Episode Guide

22 Episodes 2004 - 2005

Episode 1

Supply Man Down

Fri, Sep 24, 2004 30 mins

Claude suggests to Will that the station become a paperless organization and unwittingly makes Owen's job obsolete. Jeb: Patrick Warburton. Cashier: Pat Dade. Claude: Sara Rue.

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Episode 2

Claude Wants to Know

Fri, Oct 1, 2004 30 mins

The third season starts with Claude wanting to know why a fellow (Will Friedle) dumped her; Jeb befriends Owen and Carl to the chagrin of Lydia and Kipp. Jeb: Patrick Warburton. Claude: Sara Rue.

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Episode 3

Ain't It a Shame Claude

Fri, Oct 15, 2004 30 mins

While playing matchmaker for a new employee (Erik Palladino) and Ramona, Claude piques the man's interest in her. Dr. Altman: Jerry Lambert. Ramona: Sherri Shepherd.

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Episode 4

Ignoring Lydia

Fri, Oct 22, 2004 30 mins

Lucy Lawless plays a PR specialist who's promoting ex-lover Will Butler's autobiography; Jeb pays Claude to be Lydia's friend. Jeb: Patrick Warburton. Lydia: Andrea Parker. Claude: Sara Rue.

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Episode 5

Knock, Knock, Who's Dead?

Fri, Oct 29, 2004 30 mins

After a man dies at work, Claude tries to find his next of kin, while Ramona and Lydia both want the deceased's office. Genie: Alissa Dean. Andrew: Chris Hogan. Claude: Sara Rue.

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Episode 6

From the Chair to the Couch

Fri, Nov 5, 2004 30 mins

After Claude tells him off, Will sends her to his psychotherapist (Harry Groener); Kipp breaks up with a colleague and regrets it. Annie: Anne Dudek. Jeb: Patrick Warburton. Will: Eric Roberts. Claude: Sara Rue.

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Episode 7


Fri, Nov 12, 2004 30 mins

Claude and Kipp both apply for a management-training program; Jeb learns that Lydia plans to stop working when they're married. Corcoran: Richard Kind. Claude: Sara Rue.

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Episode 8

We're Bad People

Fri, Nov 19, 2004 30 mins

Claude and Ramona check on where Kipp got money for eye surgery; Lydia is upset about a hotel Jeb has chosen for a rendezvous; and Owen and Carl help Will train for the New York City Marathon. Claude: Sara Rue.

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Episode 9

Moms the Word

Fri, Nov 26, 2004 30 mins

When Owen's two moms, Judith and Judy (Valerie Harper, Joanna Kerns), return for a visit, it makes him question if his job's worthwhile. Owen: Andy Dick. Claude: Sara Rue.

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Episode 10

Claude's Romantic Hideaway

Fri, Dec 3, 2004 30 mins

Claude plans a romantic evening for Carl and Vivian (Diana Maria Riva), but Vivian resents his interference. Bartender: John DiMaggio. Photographer: Christopher T. Wood.

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Episode 11

Claude's 15 Minutes of Christmas

Fri, Dec 17, 2004 30 mins

Claude is assigned to prepare the network's on-air holiday greeting; Lydia refuses to rearrange her holiday plans to accommodate Jeb's son. Claude: Sara Rue. Lydia: Andrea Parker.

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Episode 12

Emotions Eleven

Fri, Jan 7, 2005 30 mins

The group takes an "employee retreat," which turns out to be a program to correct flaws in the personnel. Schmidtline: French Stewart. Jeb: Patrick Warburton. Dealer: Phil Gordon. Claude: Sara Rue.

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Episode 13

You Can Leave the Light On

Fri, Jan 14, 2005 30 mins

Claude is reunited with Charlie (Josh Braaten); Kipp suggests an idea to Jeb, but suffers the backlash when it goes awry. Jeb: Patrick Warburton. Marie: Carole Goldman. Security Man: Rolando Molina. Security Woman: Sonya Eddy.

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Episode 14

I Just Don't like Her

Fri, Jan 21, 2005 30 mins

Claude dislikes Carl's girlfriend (Diana-Maria Riva); Lydia wants to get Jeb's caricature on a restaurant wall. Russell: Jim O'Heir. Hideki: Masi Oka. Jeb: Patrick Warburton. Carl: Will Sasso. Claude: Sara Rue.

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Episode 15


Fri, Jan 28, 2005 30 mins

Charlie (Josh Braaten) moves in with Claude and tries to start a band. David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce have cameos as musicians. Jeb: Patrick Warburton. Claude: Sara Rue.

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Episode 16


Fri, Feb 4, 2005 30 mins

Paula Abdul guest stars as a gallery owner who predicts new photographer Owen will become famous, while Lydia and Jeb search for a photographer of their own to shoot their upcoming nuptials. Kathleen: Paula Abdul. Charlie: Josh Braaten. Jeb: Patrick Warburton. Dr. Stokely: Joe Liss. Art Critic: Bruce Dent.

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Episode 17

Get Away

Fri, Feb 11, 2005 30 mins

Will loans his beach house to Claude and Charlie, who find that the uninvited Lydia and Jeb are there. Regis Philbin guest stars as Will's tai chi instructor. Jeb: Patrick Warburton. Charlie: Josh Braaten. Morpheus: Mark Curry. Claude: Sara Rue.

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Episode 18

Pre-Wedded Bliss

Fri, Mar 4, 2005 30 mins

Joan Rivers has a cameo as a Will Butler fan who comes to New York to meet him; Lydia and Jeb try to make a pre-nuptial agreement. Claude: Sara Rue.

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Episode 19

Claude's Extreme Makeover

Fri, Mar 25, 2005 30 mins

After Claude wins a raffle, Tracy Hutson, Michael Moloney and Paul DiMeo (as themselves) perform an extreme makeover on her place. Claude spends a night at the office, which seems more crowded than usual.

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Episode 20

Amicably Yours

Fri, Apr 1, 2005 30 mins

The newly estranged Jeb and Lydia try to make each other jealous; and Carl gets medical coverage and visits a doctor (Star Jones). Claude: Sara Rue.

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Episode 21

Casey vs. Kronsky

Fri, Apr 8, 2005 30 mins

To complete a management-training program, Claude supervises the supplies department, which is run by Owen (Andy Dick). Stokely: Joe Liss. Kaye: Kristin Bauer. Fran: Alex Skuby. Bridget: Alexandra Ackerman. Woman: Alison Marshall. Claude: Sara Rue.

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Episode 22

Claude the Expert

Fri, Apr 15, 2005 30 mins

The third-season finale finds Claude and the gang organizing a surprise birthday party for Carl, but the icing on the cake comes when two guests have a surprise wedding. Waiter: Christopher Knight. Charlie: Josh Braaten. Claude: Sara Rue.

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