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Knots Landing Season 14 Episodes

19 Episodes 1992 - 1993

Episode 1

Found and Lost

Thu, Oct 29, 1992 60 mins

Pierce (Bruce Greenwood) returns to terrorize Paige; the search for the missing Meg is complicated by so-called family entanglements; Anne's surprise appearance at Sumner's hideaway fails to resolve her dilemma. Mary: Maree Cheatham. Joe: Norman Merrill. Zack: J.C. Quinn. Alex: Boyd Kestner.

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Episode 2

Lovers and Other Strangers

Thu, Nov 5, 1992 60 mins

Paige accepts Anne's news with thundering disapproval; the Mackenzies anticipate storm clouds when Mary Robeson (Maree Cheatham) comes a-knocking; Vanessa rains on Kate's parade; a frantic Gary goes in search of Val. Toni: Tara Marchant.

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Episode 3

The Children's Hour

Thu, Nov 12, 1992 60 mins

Sumner is asked to head the rebuild-L.A. task force; Nick (Lorenzo Caccialanza) returns to town; Mary petitions for grandparent's visitation rights; Gary tries to console the twins. Lofton: Gregg Daniel. Mary: Maree Cheatham. Kate: Stacy Galina.

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Episode 4

Rescue Me

Thu, Nov 19, 1992 60 mins

Gary comes closer to an answer while following up on a lead in Florida; Mack takes out his aggression on Sumner, who's doing his part to stop Mary and Joe (Maree Cheatham, Norman Merrill); Claudia is wooed by Nick; Anne prepares to tell Sumner her news.

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Episode 5

Love and Death

Thu, Dec 3, 1992 60 mins

Gary returns with news that jolts friends and family; a former ballplayer (David James Elliott) gets to first base with Paige after initially striking out with her at a task-force meeting. Cliff: William Allen Young.

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Episode 6

The Price

Thu, Dec 10, 1992 60 mins

Paige wants Gary to spearhead construction of the sports complex, despite Claudia's effort to sabotage the project; Bill (David James Elliott) perseveres to win over Paige; a visit from Nick (Lorenzo Caccialanaza) rattles Vanessa (Felicity Waterman).

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Episode 7

Bye-Bye, Love

Thu, Dec 17, 1992 60 mins

Mack plots a sting using Sumner funds to entrap Mary (Maree Cheatham). Meanwhile, Karen reports Mary's extortion attempt to Toni (Tara Marchant); Claudia sees a way to get her hands on money for her restaurant endeavor, using a vulnerable Mack; Bill gets an offer he can't refuse.

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Episode 8

A Death in the Family

Thu, Jan 7, 1993 60 mins

The honeymoon is over for Anne as Sumner becomes enmeshed in the rebuilding effort; Vanessa's blackmail scheme puts Anne on edge; Karen watches helplessly as Mack becomes increasingly frantic over getting Mary out of their lives. Darryn: Lance Slaughter. Mary: Maree Cheatham.

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Episode 9

Some Like It Hot

Thu, Jan 14, 1993 60 mins

Tom Ryan (Joseph Gian) returns to investigate Mary Robeson's murder and arrest a suspect; Paige follows a paper trail leading to Claudia and Mack; Anne comes clean with Sumner. Stacy Galina.

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Episode 10

The Invisible Man

Thu, Jan 21, 1993 60 mins

After his arrest, Mack fires his lawyer and orders Karen to stay away; new evidence involves the money; Paige goes snooping at Nick's new restaurant. Tom: Joseph Gian. Darryn: Lance Slaughter. Pete: Shelly Kurtz.

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Episode 11

The Getaway

Thu, Jan 28, 1993 60 mins

Mack finds momentary freedom and uses the time to follow up on one of Mary's last visitors; Paige calls a meeting, hoping to nail Claudia for embezzlement; Gary is torn between his affection for Kate and his past with Val.

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Episode 12

Call Waiting

Thu, Feb 4, 1993 60 mins

Paige reaches out to Tom while trying to divert his attention from Mack; Sumner bulldozes his way into public disfavor. Joe: Norman Merrill. Vanessa: Felicity Waterman.

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Episode 13

Farewell, My Lovely

Thu, Feb 11, 1993 60 mins

News comes to light about a scam by the Robesons; Karen's frustrations with Mack compound; Claudia intends to use Nick to her advantage; Gary can't bring himself to commit to Kate (Stacy Galina). Nick: Lorenzo Caccialanza. Joe: Norman Merrill.

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Episode 14

The Way Things Were

Thu, Feb 11, 1993 60 mins

Sumner returns to reclaim his empire; later, Sumner lets Claudia off the hook---for a price; Karen and daughter Diana (Claudia Lonow) have a reunion in New York; Nick (Lorenzo Caccialanza) becomes a thorn in Claudia's side.

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Episode 15

Hints and Evasions

Thu, Feb 25, 1993 60 mins

Tom investigates a not-so-typical hit-and-run involving Kate (Stacy Galina); Vanessa opens up to Tom; and Nick sets his sights on Paige's Sumner Group shares. Joseph Gian, Felicity Waterman, Lorenzo Caccialanza.

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Episode 16

My Kingdom for a Horse

Thu, Mar 4, 1993 60 mins

Vanessa tells Tom her fears about a thug named Treadwell; Anne and Nick hatch a plan involving Sumner's racehorse. Myers: Kevin McBride. Vanessa: Felicity Waterman. Nick: Lorenzo Caccialanza.

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Episode 17

Day of the Assassin

Thu, Mar 11, 1993 60 mins

An assassin and his henchmen lurk in Knots Landing, targeting shareholders and someone who failed to follow instructions. Treadwell: Daniel Gerroll. Nick: Lorenzo Caccialanza.

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Episode 18

Just Like Old Times

Thu, May 13, 1993 60 mins

In first half of the two-part series finale, vixen Abby (Donna Mills) and the presumed-dead Val (Joan Van Ark) return as a bomb threatens Sumner and Paige; Treadwell (Daniel Gerroll) moves to take over the Sumner Group; Anne gives up on Sumner; and Tom won't give up on Paige. Nick: Lorenzo Caccialanza. Kate: Stacy Galina. Tom: Joseph Gian. Vanessa: Felicity Waterman. Paige: Nicollette Sheridan. Sumner: William Devane. Gary: Ted Shackelford. Claudia: Kathleen Noone. Anne: Michelle Phillips.

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Episode 19

Just Like Old Times

Thu, May 13, 1993 60 mins

The conclusion of the series finale finds lives turning topsy-turvy, with Val and Abby back in the cul-de-sac and Tom refusing to give up on Paige. Nick: Lorenzo Caccialanza. Kate: Stacy Galina. Tom: Joseph Gian. Vanessa: Felicity Waterman. Paige: Nicollette Sheridan. Sumner: William Devane. Gary: Ted Shackelford. Claudia: Kathleen Noone. Anne: Michelle Phillips. Karen: Michele Lee. Mack: Kevin Dobson. Toni: Tara Marchant. Bobby: Joseph Cousins. Betsy: Emily Ann Lloyd.

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