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Iron Horse Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

30 Episodes 1966 - 1967

Episode 1

Joy Unconfined

Mon, Sep 12, 1966 60 mins

After winning a railroad in a poker game, Ben (Dale Robertson) faces a problem: his former partner claims the line is rightfully his. Marta: Diana Hyland. Luke: Steve Ihnat. Dave: Gary Collins. Frontiersman: David Sheiner. Barnabas: Bob Random.

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Episode 2

A Dynamite Drive

Mon, Sep 19, 1966 60 mins

A cattleman gives Ben three weeks to deliver 1100 steers---and then tries to insure that Ben will miss the deadline. McClintock: Malachi Throne. Ben: Dale Robertson. Gage: Tom Reese. Dave: Gary Collins. Barnabas: Bob Random. Nils: Roger Torrey.

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Episode 3

High Devil

Mon, Sep 26, 1966 60 mins

Ben (Dale Robertson) sweet-talks his way into trouble when he tries to obtain a right of way from a lovely woman---who greets visitors with rifle fire. Jez: Louise Sorel. Chico: James Best. Red: Charles Gray.

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Episode 4

Right of Way Through Paradise

Mon, Oct 3, 1966 60 mins

Ben's poker prowess wins him the services of four Confederate veterans---who never tire of fighting. Ben: Dale Robertson. Beau: Sean McClory. Slash: Hoyt Axton. Amos: E.J. Andre. Mott: Walter Maslow. Phil: Richard Crane.

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Episode 5

The Pride at the Bottom of the Barrel

Mon, Oct 10, 1966 60 mins

Peacemaker Ben (Dale Robertson) tries to help a band of Apaches and dissuade a company of Army misfits from driving the Indians back to their reservation. Anderson: Victor Jory. Rogers: Rod Cameron. Stoddard: Gene Evans. Phyllis: Nina Shipman. Cochero: Jock Gaynor. Tepoca: Richard Gilden.

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Episode 6

Broken Gun

Mon, Oct 17, 1966 60 mins

Dave (Gary Collins) is called upon to protect a young woman and her uncle---but they won't say from what. Crystal: Leigh Chapman. Ben: Dale Robertson. Burke: Strother Martin. Jordan: James Almanzar. Sam: Robert Lyons. Lee: Kelly Jean Peters.

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Episode 7

Cougar Man

Mon, Oct 24, 1966 60 mins

Ben (Dale Robertson) goes after an Apache (Henry Darrow) who has slain several railroad workers to rid himself of a curse---that forces him to keep killing until someone kills him. Man-Who-Talks: Richard Hale. Dave: Gary Collins. Grundy: Morgan Woodward.

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Episode 8

War Cloud

Mon, Oct 31, 1966 60 mins

A troublemaking Army prisoner upsets Ben's plans to impress a banker. Ben: Dale Robertson. Wilkens: Stephen McNally. Bancroft: Milton Selzer. War Cloud: Abel Fernandez. Cathleen: Marion Thompson. Terry: John Pickard. Dave: Gary Collins.

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Episode 9

No Wedding Bells for Tony

Mon, Nov 7, 1966 60 mins

Ben's patience is worn thin when he journeys to attend a friend's wedding---and the friend is nowhere to be found. Ben: Dale Robertson. Farrow: David Brian. Sheriff: Jeff Morrow. Madge: Virginia Field. Laura: Susan Browning. Lou: Warren Vanders.

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Episode 10

The Man from New Chicago

Mon, Nov 14, 1966 60 mins

Ben (Dale Robertson) poses as a gunslinger to gain entry into an outlaw refuge where Dave is being held prisoner. Dave: Gary Collins. Angela: Madlyn Rhue. Jim: James Anderson. Johnny: John Milford.

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Episode 11

Explosion at Waycrossing

Mon, Nov 21, 1966 60 mins

Ben (Dale Robertson) turns lawbreaker to recover $50,000 stolen from one of his baggage cars. Curley: Burris DeBenning. Dave: Gary Collins. Sedley: Tol Avery. Harkness: Mort Mills. Stranger: Michael T. Mikler. Serafina: Toian Matchinga.

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Episode 12

Through Ticket to Gunsight

Mon, Nov 28, 1966 60 mins

Dave (Gary Collins) escorts Nora Murphy to her gold mine---unaware that a man is determined to stop them. Nora: Sandra Smith. Miles: Rayford Barnes. Bulwer: John Pickard. Barnabas: Bob Random. Kate: K.T. Stevens.

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Episode 13

Town Full of Fear

Mon, Dec 5, 1966 60 mins

Ben (Dale Robertson) lays his life on the line when he tries to buy a right of way. Angie: Antoinette Bower. Colin: William Windom. Vail: Dennis Cross. Will: Richard Evans. Barnabas: Bob Random.

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Episode 14

Big Deal

Mon, Dec 12, 1966 60 mins

Ben (Dale Robertson) hunts for the men who kidnapped financier Gillingham Conner (Michael Ansara). Elizabeth: Hazel Court. Dave: Gary Collins. Brill: Pat Conway. Barnabas: Bob Random.

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Episode 15

A Dozen Ways to Kill a Man

Mon, Dec 19, 1966 60 mins

Ben (Dale Robertson) tries to find out why someone arranged a phony gold strike to lure his men away from the railroad. Ross: Royal Dano. Alix: Sheree North. Galt: Skip Homeier.

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Episode 16


Mon, Dec 26, 1966 60 mins

Ben (Dale Robertson), in search of land for his railroad, hires a tempestuous Indian woman (Arlene Martel) to guide him to the land of the Sioux. Lanker: Vincent Beck.

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Episode 17

Welcome for the General

Mon, Jan 2, 1967 60 mins

Dave (Gary Collins) seeks a way to prevent the murder of a Civil War general. Sinclair: Royal Dano. Amelia: Lisabeth Hugh. Henderson: David Macklin. Barnabas: Bob Random.

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Episode 18

The Pembrooke Blood

Mon, Jan 9, 1967 60 mins

Ben (Dale Robertson) is forced into staking the company payroll and his life on the outcome of a card game. Pembrooke: Bert Freed. Carrie: Sharon Farrell.

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Episode 19

Volcano Wagon

Mon, Jan 16, 1967 60 mins

Ben (Dale Robertson) undertakes a hazardous journey, transporting nitroglycerin needed to free two men and a child trapped by a rock slide. Rachel: Lane Bradbury. George: Dean Harens. Barnabas: Bob Random.

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Episode 20

The Bridge at Forty-Mile

Mon, Jan 23, 1967 60 mins

Dave, Nils and lumberman Amos Morgan (Richard X. Slattery) search the brush country for Morgan's vanished brother. Dave: Gary Collins. Nils: Roger Torrey. Kate: Katherine Justice. Adam: Douglas Kennedy. Abigail: Elena Verdugo. Wheeler: Clint Kimbrough.

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Episode 21

Shadow Run

Mon, Jan 30, 1967 60 mins

A nighttime train run into Scalplock turns into a hair-raising ride for Ben (Dale Robertson), who has been mistaken for a gunslinger. DeWitt: Richard Devon. Dave: Gary Collins. Susan: Mary Ann Mobley. Wiley: Frank Marth. Sheba: Sherry O'Neil. Hunker: Robert Yuro. Barnabas: Bob Random.

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Episode 22

Banner with a Strange Device

Mon, Feb 6, 1967 60 mins

Barnabas, who grew up in an orphanage, risks his life to learn his true identity. Barnabas/Jeff: Bob Random. Ben: Dale Robertson. Jessica: Jorja Curtright. Kitty: Brenda Benet. Big Jim: Jeff York. Young Jim: Dean Pollock. Beau: Anthony Zerbe.

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Episode 23

Appointment with an Epitaph

Mon, Feb 13, 1967 60 mins

Tensions mount when a hired gunman boards the train for Scalplock---on business. Ben: Dale Robertson. Mobley: John Ireland. Rita: Gloria Grahame. Sara: Susan Howard. Gilmore: Bill Bixby. Mason: Lew Gallo. Barnabas: Bob Random.

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Episode 24

The Red Tornado

Mon, Feb 20, 1967 60 mins

The Shoshone threaten to wipe out a Wyoming town unless Ben (Dale Robertson) hands over an 8-year-old (Tony Davis). Johnny: Michael Rennie. Barnabas: Bob Random. Cabot: Jock Gaynor. Gato: Blaisdell Makee. Lucas: Martin Ashe.

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Episode 25

Decision at Sundown

Mon, Feb 27, 1967 60 mins

Dave (Gary Collins) tries to outwit a gang of cold-blooded killers. Kehoe: Russ Tamblyn. Barnabas: Bob Random. Doris: Joan Huntington. Nils: Roger Torrey. Cleary: Victor French. Emily: Celia Kaye. Manolo: Gus Trikonis.

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Episode 26

The Passenger

Mon, Mar 6, 1967 60 mins

Ben (Dale Robertson) is caught in the middle when a passenger on his train, wanted by Mexican authorities, is protected by the U.S. Government. Pierre: Mark Richman. Dave: Gary Collins. Angela: Linda Cristal. Barnabas: Bob Random. Gomez: Alejandro Rey.

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Episode 27

The Execution

Mon, Mar 13, 1967 60 mins

Ben (Dale Robertson) clashes with a freight-line owner who hired an outlaw to steal one of his trains. Jared: Michael Witney. Dave: Gary Collins. Waco: Paul Brinegar. Barnabas: Bob Random. Nela: Julie Gregg. Nils: Roger Torrey. Gabe: Noam Pitlik.

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Episode 28

Death by Triangulation

Mon, Mar 20, 1967 60 mins

Ben (Dale Robertson) pursues three sore losers who dropped $50,000 to him in a poker game---and then stole it back. Dan: Monte Markham. Barnabas: Bob Random. Teresa: Gigi Perreau. Curry: Christopher Dark. Walcott: George Murdock. Dana: Allison Hayes.

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Episode 29

The Golden Web

Mon, Mar 27, 1967 60 mins

Ben (Dale Robertson) becomes an accessory to a gold swindle when he allows a promoter to sell surplus railroad land---that is rigged for a phony gold strike. Webb: Gerald Mohr. Dave: Gary Collins. Helen: Patricia Barry. Nils: Roger Torrey. Brady: David Sheiner.

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Episode 30

Sister Death

Mon, Apr 3, 1967 60 mins

Professional assassins try to silence one of Ben's passengers, a woman prisoner (Barbara Stuart). Ben: Dale Robertson. Charlie: Mark Lenard. Bess: Bridget Hanley. Dave: Gary Collins. Gypsy: Rita D'Amico.

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