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House Calls Season 3 Episodes

Season 3 Episode Guide

21 Episodes 1981 - 1982

Episode 1

The Kensington Connection

Mon, Nov 9, 1981 30 mins

Fed up with red tape, Amos grows a marijuana plant to treat some of his patients. David Wayne, Raymond Buktenica.

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Episode 2

Uncle Digby

Mon, Nov 16, 1981 30 mins

Ann's friend (Patrick Macnee) regales everyone with his exploits---until Charley discovers an omission. Lynn Redgrave, Wayne Rogers. Mrs. Colfax: Mary Ann Gibson. Amos: David Wayne. Mrs. Phipps: Deedy Peters.

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Episode 3

Bradley's Brat

Mon, Nov 30, 1981 30 mins

Ann tries to help Bradley (Aneta Corsaut) work out her problems with her teen-age son (Stephen Sachs). Lynn Redgrave. Mrs. Phipps: Deedy Peters.

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Episode 4

Doctor Solomon & Mister Hide

Mon, Dec 14, 1981 30 mins

Norman searches for romance by adopting a wild new life style. Raymond Buktenica, Wayne Rogers, David Wayne.

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Episode 5

Son of Emergency

Mon, Dec 21, 1981 30 mins

The emergency room is filled with a menagerie of strange characters---one of whom may be a state inspector incognito. Wayne Rogers. Peckler: Mark L. Taylor. Ann: Lynn Redgrave.

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Episode 6

Losers Weepers

Mon, Dec 28, 1981 30 mins

A patient leaves the hospital rather than face a lifesaving operation. Wayne Rogers. Daryll Turner: Scott McGinnis. Amos: David Wayne.

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Episode 7

Fun With Doc & Jane

Mon, Jan 4, 1982 30 mins

Peckler's new assistant (Sharon Gless) happens to be an old flame of Charley's. Wayne Rogers, David Wayne.

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Episode 8

Gays of Our Life

Mon, Jan 11, 1982 30 mins

Peckler (Mark L. Taylor) wants to fire a new doctor (Dennis Howard) when it's rumored that he's gay. Wayne Rogers, Sharon Gless. Al Carver: Lew Brown.

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Episode 9

Man for All Surgeons

Mon, Jan 18, 1982 30 mins

Puzzled by a patient's chest pains, Charley calls in a specialist (Jon Cypher), who promptly takes him off the case. Wayne Rogers. Mannion: George O. Petrie.

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Episode 10


Mon, Jan 25, 1982 30 mins

Charley and Norman don sheep's clothing to outfox the con artist who fleeced Mrs. Phipps of $6000. Wayne Rogers, Raymond Buktenica, Deedy Peters. Fletcher: Carl Strano.

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Episode 11

Alien Food

Mon, Feb 1, 1982 30 mins

The new chef (Bill Shilling) is a menace to his talented helper (Bert Rosario) and his own overweight body. Wayne Rogers.

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Episode 12

It Ain't Necessary to Sew

Mon, Feb 8, 1982 30 mins

A doctor's busy surgery schedule is questioned; an Indian (Ray Tracey) is treated by his medicine-man grandfather (Frank Sotonoma Salsedo). Sharon Gless, Wayne Rogers.

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Episode 13

Conventional Warfare

Mon, Feb 15, 1982 30 mins

At a Las Vegas convention, Jane and Charley each inconspicuously try to get connecting hotel rooms. Wayne Rogers, Sharon Gless. Lenny: Dina Natali. Geraldine: Faith Minton.

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Episode 14

Hook, Line & Sinker

Mon, Feb 22, 1982 30 mins

Amos is keeping late hours with a young blonde (Ruth Cox). Amos: David Wayne. Jane: Sharon Gless. Charley: Wayne Rogers.

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Episode 15

Campaign in the Neck

Mon, Mar 1, 1982 30 mins

A U.S. senator (Michael Durrell) ignores a condition that could affect his emotional stability to attend top-secret negotiations. Wayne Rogers, David Wayne.

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Episode 16

Rising Cost of Poverty

Mon, Mar 8, 1982 30 mins

A child's parents can't afford his operation, but their combined income precludes financial aid. Wayne Rogers, Sharon Gless.

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Episode 17


Sat, May 22, 1982 30 mins

Charley and Jane employ white lies to help a "werewolf" (Sandy Helberg), and a songwriter (Kristin Griffith) who lost her hearing. Wayne Rogers, David Wayne.

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Episode 18

Weatherby's Ride Again

Mon, May 24, 1982 30 mins

David Wayne portrays Amos and his cousins---one a drunk, the other obnoxious---at a dinner honoring Amos's 40th year in medicine. Wayne Rogers. Chadwick: Herbert Rudley. Mrs. Chadwick: Elvia Allman.

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Episode 19

Ducks of Hazzard

Mon, May 31, 1982 30 mins

Bureaucratic lethargy prevails when Charley, Jane and Norman try to report Phipps's case of food poisoning. Wayne Rogers, Sharon Gless. Phipps: Deedy Peters.

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Episode 20

In Norman We Trust

Mon, Aug 30, 1982 30 mins

Norman rides the crest of victorious problem-solving, while Charley slides into a trough of insomnia. Raymond Buktenica, Wayne Rogers. Flowers: Bob Delegall.

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Episode 21

Bone of My Bone

Mon, Sep 13, 1982 30 mins

Norman (Raymond Buktenica) tries to sever the cord with his overprotective mother (Fritzi Burr). Wayne Rogers, David Wayne. Kleinblatt: Roy London. Jane: Sharon Gless.

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