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Houdini's Last Secrets

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Mythical Beasts

1 Season
An exploration of mythical beasts.
2018 TV14 Documentary, Science, Other

Phantom Signals

1 Season
Experts break down the meaning behind the mysterious phenomena that go hand-in-hand in a modern world surrounded by an endless stream of infinite data. A blip on a screen, a faulty frequency, or a mysterious interference - what are these unknown signals? Where are they coming from? And what do they really mean?
2020 TVPG Documentary, Reality, Science, Tech & Gaming

Extreme Ice Machines

1 Season
Exploring machines invented for human survival in the extreme cold across the planet.
2020 TVPG Documentary, Reality, Action & Adventure

Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman

8 Seasons
This is a documentary program hosted and narrated by Morgan Freeman, who explains the universes greatest mysteries. The show focusses on the latest data provided by NASA and the latest theories from physicists on black holes, colonizing the planets, String theory and much more. This show picks off where Carl Sagan left off in Cosmos and explores the latest frontiers of space.
2010 TVPG Documentary, Science, Educational, Tech & Gaming, Other

Deadly Intelligence

1 Season
A new Science Channel series explores the suspicious deaths of scientific geniuses to determine if their demises were unfortunate coincidences or if these gifted minds were murdered for knowing too much.
2018 TVPG Documentary, Other

Strangest Things

2 Seasons
A never-before-seen look at oddities and treasures using new research and innovative technologies that reveal the unbelievable, the ancient and the truly bizarre.
2021 TVPG Documentary, Other

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