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Hotel de Paree Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

33 Episodes 1959 - 1960

Episode 1

Sundance Returns AKA Sundance Comes Home

Fri, Oct 2, 1959 30 mins

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Episode 2


Fri, Oct 9, 1959 30 mins

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Episode 3

Vein of Ore

Fri, Oct 16, 1959 30 mins

Sundance is offered a share in a rich mine if he'll help work the claim. Crail: Royal Dano. Williams: Martin Milner. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Hobbs: Trevor Bardette.

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Episode 4

The High Cost of Justice

Fri, Oct 23, 1959 30 mins

A trapper's life is hard enough---he doesn't need any corpses found near his cabin. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Lassiter: Leif Erickson. Annette: Jeanette Nolan.

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Episode 5

The Return of Monique

Fri, Oct 30, 1959 30 mins

Monique returns from France with her new fiance---whom Sundance (Earl Holliman) recognizes as an ex-convict. Monique: Judi Meredith. Annette: Jeanette Nolan. Riordan: Mark Richman.

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Episode 6

A Rope is For Hanging

Fri, Nov 6, 1959 30 mins

The Wyatt gang can't forgive Aaron (Strother Martin) for testifying against one of them. In fact, they intend to hang him. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Monique: Judi Meredith. Wyatt: Peter Whitney.

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Episode 7

A Fool and His Gold

Fri, Nov 13, 1959 30 mins

James Barton plays Cully Jackson, an elderly prospector who says he has struck gold. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Clete: Sebastian Cabot. Annette: Jeanette Nolan. Aaron: Strother Martin. Tailor: Jack Tesler. Bartender: Fred Shaw.

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Episode 8

The Only Wheel in Town

Fri, Nov 20, 1959 30 mins

The owners of the best hotel in Georgetown open a gambling casino. Hallock: John Larch. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Annette: Jeanette Nolan. Monique: Judi Meredith. Aaron: Strother Martin. Peggy: Dyan Cannon. Cara: Kathleen Hughes.

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Episode 9

The Man Who Believed in Law

Fri, Nov 27, 1959 30 mins

Georgetown is struck by a sudden crime wave. Wood: Charles McGraw. Mollie: Alice Frost. Ralph: King Donovan. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Monique: Judi Meredith.

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Episode 10

Sundance and the Hostiles

Fri, Dec 11, 1959 30 mins

Six fugitive convicts invade the town. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Annette: Jeanette Nolan. Monique: Judi Meredith. Harris: John Pickard. Reb: Paul McGuire.

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Episode 11

Sundance and the Violent Siege

Fri, Dec 18, 1959 30 mins

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Episode 12

The Louis XIV Table

Fri, Dec 25, 1959 30 mins

Cesar Romero portrays ex-convict Charlie Pendleton, who comes to town determined to make Sundance (Earl Holliman) keep an old promise. Rider: Guy Wilkerson. Annette: Jeanette Nolan. Girl: Jacqueline Ravell.

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Episode 13

Sundance and the Blood Money

Fri, Jan 1, 1960 30 mins

An innocent-looking stranger claims the reward money offered for a killer. Dandy: Darryl Richard. Annette: Jeanette Nolan. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Coble: Russ Conway.

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Episode 14

Sundance and the Bare Knuckled Fighters

Fri, Jan 8, 1960 30 mins

There's heavy betting at the boxing match---then the money disappears. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Matlock: Ken Lynch. Jackson: Mike Lane. Cooper: Gregg Palmer. Adams: Hal Baylor. Jepsen: Bob Steele.

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Episode 15

Sundance and the Kid From Nowhere

Fri, Jan 15, 1960 30 mins

A young gunman brazenly contends he beat and robbed an old miner. Kid: Scott Marlowe. Pete: Dick Rich. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Simpson: John Close. Bruce: George Graham. Annette: Jeanette Nolan.

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Episode 16

Sundance Goes to Kill

Fri, Jan 22, 1960 30 mins

Sundance learns the name of the man who framed him---and rides to kill. Carter: Ron Hayes. Heslop: Val Dufour. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Sarah: Madlyn Rhue.

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Episode 17

Sundance and the Boat Soldier

Fri, Feb 5, 1960 30 mins

Monique's got a proposal coming---from Marine Lieutenant Booth. Monique: Judi Meredith. Booth: Edward Kemmer. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Aaron: Strother Martin. Cappy: Judson Pratt. Jess: Richard Carlyle.

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Episode 18

Sundance and the Man in Room Seven

Fri, Feb 12, 1960 30 mins

Four stagecoach passengers are strangely upset when they come into the hotel. Julia: Fintan Meyler. Adams: Walter Reed. Polk: Robert Bray. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Fresno: Harry Lauter. Thompson: Lee Van Cleef. Annette: Jeanette Nolan.

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Episode 19

Hard Luck for Sundance

Fri, Feb 19, 1960 30 mins

An old prospector takes over as night clerk of the hotel. Holcombe: Jacques Aubuchon. Meechum: Walter Coy. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Turnbull: Lew Gallo. Annette: Jeanette Nolan. Ferris: Irving Mitchell.

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Episode 20

Sundance and the Greenhorn Trader

Fri, Feb 26, 1960 30 mins

Sundance and Aaron head for the hills to find a trapper lost in a blizzard. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Aaron: Strother Martin. Weatherford: Richard Ney. Joe: Gordon Jones. Beartracks: Roy Barcroft.

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Episode 21

Sundance and Useless

Fri, Mar 4, 1960 30 mins

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Episode 22

Sundance and the Hero of Bloody Blue Creek

Fri, Mar 11, 1960 30 mins

Colonel Parrington, a self-styled hero of the Indian wars, returns to Georgetown to run for political office. Parrington: Jerome Cowan. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Indian: Frank de Kova. Carl: William Newell. Annette: Jeanette Nolan. Aaron: Strother Martin.

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Episode 23

Sundance and the Marshal of Water's End

Fri, Mar 18, 1960 30 mins

Four gunmen are after elderly Marshal Jed Holmes (Karl Swenson). Wes: Stewart Bradley. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Avery: Buck Young. Doc: Oliver McGowan. Ben: Dick Meyers. Selwyn: Jim Nusser.

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Episode 24

Sundance and the Black Widow

Fri, Apr 1, 1960 30 mins

A woman arrives from Denver to remind Sundance to keep his promise---to marry her! Sabrinia: Patricia Medina. Tanning: Dennis Cross. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Flora: Carole Kent. Annette: Jeanette Nolan.

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Episode 25

Vengeance For Sundance

Fri, Apr 8, 1960 30 mins

Sundance, bitten by a rattlesnake, gets unexpected help from a fleeing bandit. Hollis: J. Pat O'Malley. Sheriff: Lane Bradford. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Deputy: Ed Faulkner.

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Episode 26

Sundance and the Man in the Shadows

Fri, Apr 15, 1960 30 mins

A mad killer terrorizes the town. Annette: Jeanette Nolan. Gilmer: Philip Abbott. Doctor: Oliver McGowan. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Jim: Wayne Heffley.

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Episode 27

Sundance and the Long Trek

Fri, Apr 22, 1960 30 mins

Sundance is charged with the murder of a dance-hall girl. Masters: Harry Carey Jr. Frisbee: Paul Burke. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Taylor: Denver Pyle. Aaron: Strother Martin. Annette: Jeanette Nolan.

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Episode 28

Bounty For Sundance

Fri, Apr 29, 1960 30 mins

Sundance's old friend arrives at the hotel---with a bounty hunter right behind him. Jess: King Donovan. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Owen: Richard Shannon. Annette: Jeanette Nolan. Aaron: Strother Martin. Hannah: Catherine McLeod.

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Episode 29

Sundance and the Good Luck Coat

Fri, May 6, 1960 30 mins

Sundance (Earl Holliman) adopts a coat left behind by a guest and hits a streak of good luck. Willie: Russ Bender. Annette: Jeanette Nolan. Zack: Robert Gist. Moose: Harry Swoger. Hardcastle: O.Z. Whitehead.

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Episode 30

Sundance and the Outlaw Holiday AKA Sundance and the Cattlemen

Fri, May 13, 1960 30 mins

Strangers claim they're going to turn the town into a prosperous cattle center. Roach: Brad Trumbull. Cotton: David White. Trent: Robert Lowery. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Barnaby: Rudolph Anders. Willie: Russ Bender.

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Episode 31

Sundance and the Barren Soil

Fri, May 20, 1960 30 mins

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Episode 32

Sundance and the Fallen Sparrow

Fri, May 27, 1960 30 mins

Ellie (Patricia Breslin) is fighting alcoholism, so Sundance helps her find a waitress job. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Orville: Kevin Hagen. Luther: Rex Holman. Annette: Jeanette Nolan. Aaron: Strother Martin.

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Episode 33

Sundance and the Delayed Gun

Fri, Jun 3, 1960 30 mins

A powerful stranger in town seems overcome with fear and Sundance wants to know why. Noonan: Albert Salmi. Sundance: Earl Holliman. Thorne: Henry Silva. Ferguson: Barry McGuire. Aaron: Strother Martin. Mrs. Ferguson: Nancy Kilgas. Annette: Jeanette Nolan.

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