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Hondo Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

16 Episodes 1967 - 1967

Episode 1

The Eagle Claw

Fri, Sep 8, 1967 60 mins

Hondo's first assignment: arrange for peace talks with an Apache chief whose daughter---Hondo's wife---was killed by the cavalry. Gallagher: Robert Taylor. Hondo: Ralph Taeger. Buffalo: Noah Beery. Ed: John Smith. Angie: Kathie Browne. Vittoro: Michael Pate.

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Episode 2

The War Cry

Fri, Sep 15, 1967 60 mins

Hondo must deal with a renegade Indian whose attacks against the settlers are threatening peace talks with the Apaches. Gallagher: Robert Taylor. Tribolet: Michael Rennie. Hondo: Ralph Taeger. Angie: Kathie Browne. Sean: Randy Boone. Richards: Gary Clarke.

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Episode 3

The Singing Wire

Fri, Sep 22, 1967 60 mins

Hondo tracks Delgado (Perry Lopez), who has a penchant for destroying telegraph lines. Hondo: Ralph Taeger. Buffalo: Noah Beery. Redell: Pat Conway. Richards: Gary Clarke. Doc: Donald Woods.

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Episode 4

The Superstition Massacre

Fri, Sep 29, 1967 60 mins

Frank David (Robert Reed), the Government surveyor who killed Hondo's Apache wife, is the man Hondo must now lead into Indian territory. Mary: Nancy Malone. Hondo: Ralph Taeger. Richards: Gary Clarke. Buffalo: Noah Beery. Angie: Kathie Browne.

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Episode 5

The Savage

Fri, Oct 6, 1967 60 mins

Revolt brews when a stiff-necked general initiates a get-tough policy with the Indians. Coloradas: Nico Minardos. General: Charles McGraw. Hondo: Ralph Taeger. Crook: William Bryant. Richards: Gary Clarke.

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Episode 6

The Apache Kid

Fri, Oct 13, 1967 60 mins

With a muckraking reporter on his trail, Hondo sets out to capture his own blood brother---an escaped renegade. Apache Kid: Nick Adams. Graham: Farley Granger. Hondo: Ralph Taeger. Vittoro: Michael Pate. Buffalo: Noah Beery. Star Bird: Danielle Roter.

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Episode 7

The War Hawks

Fri, Oct 20, 1967 60 mins

Gunrunners are supplying weapons to the Apaches and Hondo tries to put the profiteers out of business---without alienating Chief Vittoro. Hondo: Ralph Taeger. Smith: John Carroll. Soldado: Lawrence Montaigne. Vittoro: Michael Pate. Crook: William Bryant.

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Episode 8

The Mad Dog

Wed, Dec 27, 1967 60 mins

James MacArthur plays a murderer who tries to capitalize on a rabies scare to eliminate the only witness to his crime---Hondo's dog. Liebel: Royal Dano. Hondo: Ralph Taeger. Angie: Kathie Browne. Buffalo: Noah Beery. Highton: James Beck. Richards: Gary Clarke. Dr. Paul: Ben Wright.

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Episode 9

The Judas

Fri, Nov 3, 1967 60 mins

A Rebel officer (Forrest Tucker) summons his outlaw band for one last raid---to find the man who shot him in the back. Jesse: Rick Nelson. Frank: John Agar. Hondo: Ralph Taeger. Zeeber: John Carradine. Ringo: Roger Perry. Younger: Richard Bakalyan.

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Episode 10

The Commancheros

Fri, Nov 10, 1967 60 mins

Angie is kidnapped by Mexicans who sell their victims to the Comanches. Rodrigo: Fernando Lamas. Angie: Kathie Browne. Hondo: Ralph Taeger. Teresa: Marie Gomez. Buffalo: Noah Beery. Richards: Gary Clarke. Johnny: Buddy Foster. Kyle: Jonathan Harper.

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Episode 11

The Sudden Town

Fri, Nov 17, 1967 60 mins

Fraud and bloodshed are in the offing when an ex-senator reopens a silver mine in the middle of Apache hunting grounds. Knight: Gene Raymond. Hondo: Ralph Taeger. Buffalo: Noah Beery. Blaine: Rod Cameron. Crook: William Bryant. Kelso: Leonard Stone. Richards: Gary Clarke.

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Episode 12

The Ghost of Ed Dow

Fri, Nov 24, 1967 60 mins

Angie's bereaved father-in-law, convinced that Angie and Hondo conspired to kill his son, takes steps to strike back at the pair. Dow: David Brian. Hondo: Ralph Taeger. Angie: Kathie Browne. Selby: Chris Alcaide. Gruder: Ted Jordan. Johnny: Buddy Foster.

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Episode 13

Death Drive

Fri, Dec 1, 1967 60 mins

Long-standing hatreds create problems for Hondo, who's under orders to escort a sheep drive through Apache country. Cobb: Alan Hale. Allie: L.Q. Jones. Rufus: J. Pat O'Malley. Hondo: Ralph Taeger. Dakota: Terry Wilson. Slade: Reed Hadley.

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Episode 14

The Gladiators

Fri, Dec 15, 1967 60 mins

An Indian uprising threatens as Hondo tries to protect a Government peace convoy. Brock: Claude Akins. Hondo: Ralph Taeger. Markham: Barton MacLane. Buffalo: Noah Beery. Richards: Gary Clarke.

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Episode 15

Apache Trail

Fri, Dec 22, 1967 60 mins

The murderous Apache Kid (Nick Adams) gives Hondo the slip and launches a reign of terror along the frontier. Hondo: Ralph Taeger. Vittoro: Michael Pate. Anne: Annette Funicello. Buffalo: Noah Beery. Jeff: David Nelson. Crook: William Bryant.

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Episode 16

The Rebel Hat

Fri, Dec 29, 1967 60 mins

In an effort to reclaim his stolen Rebel hat, Hondo (Ralph Taeger) copes with renegade Indians, Mexican terrorists---and a woman badly in need of a midwife. Diablo: Jack Elam. Mrs. Hernandez: Linda Dangcil. Chico: Rudy Battaglia. Neomo: Eugene Iglesias.

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