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Hart to Hart Season 5 Episodes

22 Episodes 1983 - 1984

Episode 1

Two Harts are Better than One

Tue, Sep 27, 1983 60 mins

The Harts return to London and recall how their romance began there. Bowlly: David Warner. Thompson: Ron Moody. Brooks Kerr: Peter Arne. Max: Lionel Stander. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers.

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Episode 2

Straight Through the Hart

Tue, Oct 4, 1983 60 mins

The captain of the Argentine National Polo Team presents the Harts with a mallet---but fails to mention the emerald it contains. Pastori: Rossano Brazzi. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. Fernando: Fernando Allende.

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Episode 3

Hostage Harts

Tue, Oct 18, 1983 60 mins

In Paris, Jonathan is taken hostage by a jewel thief surprised in the act of stealing a priceless crown. Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers. Michelot: Ronald Lacey. Monique: Monique Renoir.

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Episode 4

Pandora Has Wings

Tue, Oct 25, 1983 60 mins

The Navy asks Jonathan to help flight-test a radar system, unaware that the device has been sabotaged. Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers. Kendall: John Considine. Redstone: Ethan Phillips. Smitty: Lew Brown.

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Episode 5

Harts and Hounds

Tue, Nov 1, 1983 60 mins

While fox hunting on their friends' estate, the Harts pick up a trail of murder. Belgrave: Gordon Jackson. Claire: Hazel McBride. Arthur: Garry Bond. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers.

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Episode 6

Love Game

Tue, Nov 8, 1983 60 mins

A stock manipulator is using a tennis pro to charm business secrets out of executives' wives. Cameos by Martina Navratilova, Vijay Amritraj. Susan: Simone Griffeth. David: Adam West. Patti: Winnie Gardner.

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Episode 7

Passing Chance

Tue, Nov 15, 1983 60 mins

Someone is trying to prevent Jonathan from casting a proxy vote to end a power struggle in his company. Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers. Vlachos: Stephen Greif. Victor: George Camiller. Ute: Linda Hayden.

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Episode 8

Long Lost Love

Tue, Nov 22, 1983 60 mins

While the Harts are visiting Jennifer's father, a woman claims to be his daughter from a wartime romance. Jillian: Samantha Eggar. Corey: Richard Yniguez. Walter: Arthur Adams. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers.

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Episode 9

Highland Fling

Tue, Nov 29, 1983 60 mins

While working on a story about a Scottish chieftain, Jennifer finds herself in the middle of a struggle for local clan leadership. Ramsay: Mitchell Ryan. Jeannie: Georgann Johnson. MacBridger: Albert Salmi.

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Episode 10

Year of the Dog

Tue, Dec 13, 1983 60 mins

The theft of an antique dog that Jonathan bought at an auction could have international repercussions. Robert Wagner. Cheng: Soon-Teck Oh. Sumner: James Murtaugh. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers.

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Episode 11

Trust Your Hart

Tue, Dec 20, 1983 60 mins

The Harts help a woman fill in the years she lost while in a coma, but a string of accidents seems to be following her again. Brogan: William H. Bassett. Dr. Sherin: David Gale. Jonathan: Robert Wagner.

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Episode 12

Harts on the Run

Tue, Jan 3, 1984 60 mins

The Harts seek sanctuary in a convent until Jennifer can testify about the murder she witnessed. Stefanie Powers, Robert Wagner. Nick: Joseph Mascolo.

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Episode 13

Whispers in the Wings

Tue, Jan 10, 1984 60 mins

The circumstances of an actress's death eight years earlier seem to be recurring as the Harts rehearse for a charity show. Stefanie Powers, Robert Wagner. Perry: Ivan Bonar. Elliott: Allan Miller.

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Episode 14

Max's Waltz

Tue, Jan 17, 1984 60 mins

Max tries to warn his dancing partner about a ballroom manager and his accomplice who are swindling rich women. Lionel Stander, Stefanie Powers, Robert Wagner. Peterson: Roy Dotrice.

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Episode 15

The Dog Who Knew Too Much

Tue, Jan 24, 1984 60 mins

Thieves searching for a formula pursue the Harts, who have just acquired a mutt that's "sitting" on it. Strick: William Lanteau. Clavell: Mary Woronov. Troy: James Luisi. Carlton: Charles Boyd.

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Episode 16

Silent Dance

Tue, Jan 31, 1984 60 mins

A skater's Olympic hopes---and life---are in jeopardy after she encounters an assassin plotting to kill a senator. Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers, Tai Babalonia, Randy Gardner. Susan: Dana Kimmel.

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Episode 17

Death Dig

Tue, Feb 21, 1984 60 mins

In Greece, the Harts are framed for the illegal possession of a priceless sculpture. Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers. Kalvos: George Coulouris. Damos: George Baker.

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Episode 18

The Shooting

Tue, Feb 28, 1984 60 mins

Jennifer is stalked by a murderer who went to prison five years earlier as a result of her reporting. Stefanie Powers, Robert Wagner. Mike: Judith-Marie Bergan. Barrington: Jeremy Child. Spence: Murphy Dunne.

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Episode 19

Slam Dunk

Tue, Mar 6, 1984 60 mins

The Harts go undercover to find out who framed Max's nephew---a college basketball star---for cocaine dealing. Doug: David Wallace. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Max: Lionel Stander. Boyd: Fred Dryer.

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Episode 20

Larsen's Last Jump

Tue, Mar 13, 1984 60 mins

A killer is out to destroy Jonathan's videotape, which shows that a ski jumper's fall wasn't an accident. Braddon: Ray Wise. Pamela: Jennifer Holmes. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers.

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Episode 21

Always, Elizabeth

Tue, May 15, 1984 60 mins

Max's exaggerations to a pen pal land him in trouble---she's planning to visit Max the millionaire, and her nephew, who reads her mail, thinks he's found a theft target. Elizabeth: June Allyson. Frank: Joe Pantoliano. Max: Lionel Stander. Jonathan: Robert Wagner.

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Episode 22

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Tue, May 22, 1984 60 mins

Returning early from vacation, the Harts surprise impostors, and then take their place to pull off a jewel theft. Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers. Grade: Patrick Macnee. Trammell: Denny Miller. Melanie: Melanie Vincz.

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