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Goodnight, Beantown Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

13 Episodes 1983 - 1984

Episode 1

Hooking for Mr. Goodbar

Sun, Oct 2, 1983 30 mins

Jenny goes undercover to prove a hooker's claim of entrapment. G.W. Bailey (Albert), Stephanie Faracy (Valerie) and Jim Staahl (Frank) join the cast. Mariette Hartley, Bill Bixby. Vicki: Victoria Carroll.

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Episode 2

What's Good for the Goose

Sun, Oct 9, 1983 30 mins

Jenny's office arguments against double standards hit home when she realizes she's enforcing one against her daughter. Mariette Hartley, Tracey Gold. Augie: Todd Susman. Matt: Bill Bixby. Albert: G.W. Bailey.

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Episode 3

A Felon Needs a Girl

Sun, Oct 16, 1983 30 mins

Jenny gets the opportunity to interview an accused bank robber (Larry Hankin) who has a penchant for violence if asked the wrong question. Mariette Hartley, Bill Bixby. Susan: Tracey Gold. Albert: G.W. Bailey.

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Episode 4

Invasions of Privacy

Sun, Oct 23, 1983 30 mins

Jenny considers quitting after interviewing a woman (Christine Kellogg) who, unbeknown to Jenny, has just learned that her missing husband was found dead. Mariette Hartley, Bill Bixby. Pauline: Karen Morrow.

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Episode 5


Sun, Oct 30, 1983 30 mins

Jenny is suspicious of her neighbors, one of whom hasn't been seen lately and whose wife (Billie Bird) has been digging a man-size hole in the yard. Mariette Hartley, Bill Bixby. Frank: Jim Staahl. Valerie: Stephanie Faracy.

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Episode 6

Our Man in the Slammer

Sun, Nov 6, 1983 30 mins

Matt goes to jail for refusing to reveal a news source. Bill Bixby. Linda: Lynne Marta. Guard: Jack Andreozzi. Prisoner: Gordon Hanson. Murray: Arthur Rosenberg.

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Episode 7

Looking Forward to the Past

Sun, Nov 20, 1983 30 mins

Convinced he's in a rut, Matt decides to join two foreign correspondents on their next assignment---in Central America. Bill Bixby. Oliver: James Hampton. Ed: Michael Durrell.

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Episode 8

Valerie's Fan

Sun, Dec 4, 1983 30 mins

An anonymous fan's gifts and messages to Valerie prompt her to move in with Jenny. Stephanie Faracy, Mariette Hartley. Pauline: Karen Morrow. Alex: David Mendenhall.

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Episode 9

Happy Medium

Sun, Dec 11, 1983 30 mins

Matt is the lone skeptic as Valerie arranges a seance by a famous psychic (Marge Redmond). Bill Bixby, Mariette Hartley.

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Episode 10

Peace on Earth

Sun, Dec 25, 1983 30 mins

A man who requests two minutes of live air time has dynamite wrapped around his body. Chester: Richard Sanders. Matt: Bill Bixby.

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Episode 11

The Consumer's Best Friend

Sun, Jan 1, 1984 30 mins

The station's new consumer reporter (Dick Gautier) wastes no time in making advances toward Jenny, Valerie---and Frank's job. Jim Staahl, Mariette Hartley, Stephanie Faracy.

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Episode 12

Lost and Foundering

Sun, Jan 8, 1984 30 mins

Matt and Jenny get lost in the woods while investigating a report that hunters are being shot at by conservationists. Bill Bixby, Mariette Hartley. Brolley: Ron Masak.

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Episode 13

An Old Flame Flickers

Sun, Jan 15, 1984 30 mins

Romance is rekindled between Matt and a former sweetheart (Christine Belford), who hasn't changed since high school. Bill Bixby, Mariette Hartley. Devon: Robert Moberly.

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