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Get Christie Love! Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

22 Episodes 1974 - 1975

Episode 1

Market for Murder

Wed, Sep 11, 1974 60 mins

Christie infiltrates an international robbery ring in hopes of finding the top man. Christie: Teresa Graves. Young: Peter Mark Richman. Anderson: Howard Caine. Peterson: Tom Atkins. Reardon: Charles Cioffi.

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Episode 2

Deadly Betrayal

Wed, Sep 18, 1974 60 mins

A criminal accuses Christie and her partner of accepting a bribe. Christie: Teresa Graves. Landon: Tom Skerritt. Carbo: Harold Oblong. Chambers: John Sebastian.

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Episode 3

Emperor of Death Street

Wed, Sep 25, 1974 60 mins

Christie (Teresa Graves) poses as a heroin dealer to snare the head of a vast narcotics empire. Emperor: Calvin Lockhart. Shark: Ji-tu Cumbuka. Cowboy: Russell Wiggins.

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Episode 4

Pawn Ticket for Murder

Wed, Oct 2, 1974 60 mins

Christie's partner in a murder investigation is a gruff homicide sergeant who doesn't think that women belong on a police force. Marker: Scott Brady. Christie: Teresa Graves. Lester Wheeler: Quinn Redeker.

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Episode 5

Death on Delivery

Wed, Oct 9, 1974 60 mins

Christie assumes a criminal's identity to learn about a crime ring's counterfeiting operation. Christie: Teresa Graves. Lucas: Stephen McNally. Keegan: Alex Rocco. Carl: Allan Miller. Reardon: Charles Cioffi.

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Episode 6

For the Family Honor

Wed, Oct 23, 1974 60 mins

A mobster (Robert Alda) wants Caruso's father to pay an old debt by persuading Caruso to divulge the whereabouts of an informer. Caruso: Andy Romano. Papa Caruso: Titos Vandis. Christie: Teresa Graves.

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Episode 7

Highway to Murder

Wed, Oct 30, 1974 60 mins

In a small town, Christie investigates a local officer's murder, a crime blamed on two Mexican farm workers. Christie: Teresa Graves. Taggart: Clu Gulager. Willet: John Quade. Dimas: Rudy Ramos. Tina: Migdia Varela.

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Episode 8

Fatal Image

Wed, Nov 6, 1974 60 mins

Christie doesn't know that the murderer she is seeking is the public-relations man who is doing a story on the police department. Christie: Teresa Graves. Lennox: Jared Martin. Mark Richie: Max Gail.

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Episode 9

Downbeat for a Dead Man

Wed, Nov 13, 1974 60 mins

Christie poses as an aspiring singer to probe the death of a popular recording artist. O'Neil: Tim O'Connor. Karen: Louise Clark. Christie: Teresa Graves. Gordon: Phillip R. Allen. Vic Dayton: Frank Sinatra Jr.

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Episode 10

Bullet From the Grave

Wed, Nov 20, 1974 60 mins

A hit man who is presumed dead is actually alive, and is trying to kill Detective Belmont (Dennis Rucker). Christie: Teresa Graves. Fred White: Eric Braeden. Harrison: Kevin Hagen. Bobbi: Anne Lockhart.

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Episode 11

Deadly Justice

Wed, Dec 4, 1974 60 mins

A psychotic police-academy dropout is executing known criminals who have managed to evade justice. Thomas: Michael Cole. Sarge: Dana Andrews. Christie: Teresa Graves. Ryan: Jack Kelly.

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Episode 12

The Longest Fall

Wed, Dec 11, 1974 60 mins

Christie (Teresa Graves) becomes a student pilot to learn whether the owner of the flying school is in cahoots with an escaped thief. Leonard Marvin: Michael J. Pollard. Overton: James Wainwright.

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Episode 13

The Deadly Sport

Wed, Jan 8, 1975 60 mins

Contrary to orders, Christie takes on two jobs at once: looking for a drugstore bandit and for a stolen police motorcycle. Joan: Brenda Scott. Christie: Teresa Graves. Reardon: Charles Cioffi.

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Episode 14

Too Many Games in Town

Wed, Jan 15, 1975 60 mins

A spunky 12-year-old boy (Erin Blunt) is inadvertently drawn into his older brother's blackmail of a syndicate kingpin. Jack: Otis E. Young. Williams: Warren Stevens. Christie: Teresa Graves.

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Episode 15

Our Lady in London

Wed, Jan 29, 1975 60 mins

Christie plays stewardess when a smuggler (John Astin) forces Ryan to accompany him on a flight to London. Christie: Teresa Graves. Ryan: Jack Kelly. Hanson: Steven Keats. Gallagher: Michael Pataki.

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Episode 16

Murder on High C

Wed, Feb 5, 1975 60 mins

A mysterious bomber gives clues to his targets in tape-recorded rhymes. Theresa Graves. Perkins: Arte Johnson. Garber: Henry Gibson. Miss Holmes: Jo Anne Worley. Miss Duke: Judy Carne. Lab Expert: Johnny Brown. TV Reporter: Gary Owens.

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Episode 17

My Son, the Murderer

Wed, Feb 12, 1975 60 mins

Christie fears that a childhood chum fresh out of prison may try to murder the man who framed him. Barney: Michael Parks. Christie: Teresa Graves. Farrell: Dick Haymes. Bennett: Anthony Eisley. Connie: E.J. Peaker. Mrs. Oblonski: Penny Santon.

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Episode 18

The Big Rematch

Wed, Feb 19, 1975 60 mins

Tennis pros Bobby Riggs and Rosemary Casals play themselves in a story about stolen prize money. Sheriff: Kenneth Tobey. Walt: Rick Jason. Christie: Teresa Graves. Elaine: Karen Machon.

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Episode 19

From Paris With Love

Wed, Mar 5, 1975 60 mins

A travel service uses the bodies of murdered clients in a smuggling operation. Case: Frank Gorshin. Mrs. Fenton: Sally Kemp. Gretchen: Heidi Bruhl. Christie: Teresa Graves.

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Episode 20

High-Fashion Heist

Wed, Mar 12, 1975 60 mins

A particularly elusive diamond thief always works through an inside contact. Hazard: Don Galloway. Sari: Jaclyn Ellen Smith. Jennifer: Marjorie Wallace. Christie: Teresa Graves. Ryan: Jack Kelly.

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Episode 21

A Few Excess People

Wed, Mar 26, 1975 60 mins

Phil Silvers plays a well-intentioned meddler on a drug-theft case. Gallagher: Michael Pataki. Mitzi: Rose Marie. Christie: Teresa Graves. Ryan: Jack Kelly. Karp: Robert Donner.

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Episode 22

I'm Your New Neighbor

Wed, Apr 2, 1975 60 mins

A woman moves in next door, gets into a fight with a man and then suddenly moves out. Bettman: Ed Nelson. Christie: Teresa Graves. Radnitz: Roger C. Carmel. Laura: Karen Klein. Ryan: Jack Kelly.

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