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Forensic Files Season 1 Episodes

13 Episodes 1996 - 1996

Episode 1

Disappearance of Helle Crafts

Sun, Apr 21, 1996 25 mins

The case of missing stewardess Helle Craft is recounted. Although her body was never recovered, police used forensic evidence to charge her husband with murder. It became the first murder conviction without a body in Connecticut.

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Episode 2

The House That Roared

Thu, Oct 10, 1996 25 mins

The disappearance of Oklahoma City resident Caren Campano leads investigators to suspect her husband, Chris, when blood is discovered on a carpet. Using a "reverse paternity" process, they are able to identify it as Caren's---and Chris is charged with murder and is later convicted of manslaughter.

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Episode 3

Magic Bullet

Thu, Oct 17, 1996 25 mins

The death of a 15-year-old boy, shot in the head while sitting in the lobby of his father's gun club, is detailed.

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Episode 4

The Footpath Murders

Wed, Oct 23, 1996 25 mins

The first case to use DNA evidence is detailed. In 1983 Leicester, England, police were stymied by a rape/murder of a 15-year-old girl; three years later, faced with a similar crime, they turned to Dr Alec Jeffreys, a molecular biologist with a revolutionary approach to solving the case.

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Episode 5

Planted Evidence

Thu, Oct 24, 1996 25 mins

The use of non-DNA evidence to solve crimes is detailed.

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Episode 6

Southside Strangler

Thu, Oct 31, 1996 25 mins

The case of Timothy Spencer is related. Dubbed the Southside Strangler, he was the first serial killer convicted on DNA evidence. During a three-month span during 1987, he raped and murdered three women in Richmond, Virginia.

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Episode 7

Legionnaires' Disease

Thu, Nov 7, 1996 25 mins

An examination of "Legionnaires' Disease", so named after it decimated a 1976 American Legion convention in Philadelphia. One hundred and eighty attendees developed pneumonia-like symptoms; 29 individuals died.

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Episode 8

The Wilson Murder

Thu, Nov 14, 1996 25 mins

The murder of Huntsville, Alabama doctor Jack Wilson is examined. A handyman confessed to the crime, but claimed that Wilson's wife and her twin sister paid him to kill the husband. Based in large part on the handyman's testimony, the wife was convicted. However, the sister was found not guilty, despite the fact that the prosecutors used the same evidence.

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Episode 9

Deadly Neighborhoods

Thu, Nov 21, 1996 25 mins

Communities plagued by cancer cases are examined, with an eye towards pinpointing the causes.

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Episode 10

Insect Clues

Thu, Nov 28, 1996 25 mins

Police rely on a forensic entomologist to provide time-of-death evidence relating to a murder in which the body had decomposed. By identifying the species of flies milling around the body, he could pinpoint when the victim died.

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Episode 11


Thu, Dec 5, 1996 25 mins

High levels of thyroid hormones in a South Dakota community lead investigators to one family whose son was not sick. The reason: he was a vegetarian, and the cause was "extra lean beef" that contained thyroid tissue.

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Episode 12

The List Murders

Thu, Dec 12, 1996 25 mins

The John List case is detailed. In 1971, he murdered his wife and children---and promptly vanished. It wasn't until 1989 that he was caught, when the TV show "America's Most Wanted" spotlighted the case.

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Episode 13

Raw Terror

Thu, Dec 19, 1996 23 mins

An examination of the E coli bacteria and the dangers it presents.

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