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Entourage Season 2 Episodes

14 Episodes 2005 - 2005

The second season of the HBO series "Entourage", which chronicles the exploits of hot young actor Vincent (Adrian Grenier) and his crew of loyal friends, finds agent Ari (Jeremy Piven) pushing hard for Vincent to take the lead in a James Cameron-directed adaptation of Aquaman. Vince agrees, but matters get complicated when an ex-girlfriend is cast as the female lead. Meanwhile, Drama (Kevin Dillon) contemplates plastic surgery to help boost his flailing acting career, Eric (Kevin Connoly) begins dating the daughter of Ari's partner/rival Terrance (Malcolm McDowell), and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) does his best to protect Vince from various bad situations while trying to branch out into the music business.

Episode 1

Boys Are Back in Town

Sun, Jun 5, 2005 30 mins

Vince balks when Ari tries to sell him on a film adaptation of a comic book; and Turtle feels underappreciated after Eric takes over as Vince's new manager. Cameos include Gary Busey and Amanda Peet.

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Episode 2

My Maserati Does 185

Sun, Jun 12, 2005 30 mins

Eric is blue when Kristen cancels their date, but his mood improves at a late-night beach party; Drama is self-conscious about his physique before an audition; Ari and Vince spar over the "Aquaman" script. Cameos include Jaime Pressly and the NBA's Lamar Odom.

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Episode 3


Sun, Jun 19, 2005 30 mins

The boys get ready for a pajama party at the Playboy mansion; and Eric tries to persuade Vince to do the "Aquaman" film, especially when the actor goes house-hunting in an expensive neighborhood. Cameos include Hugh Hefner, Ralph Macchio, Danny Masterson and Pauly Shore.

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Episode 4

An Offer Refused

Sun, Jun 26, 2005 30 mins

Ari hounds a studio executive about the "Aquaman" contract; Drama considers elective surgery to improve his image; Vince gets good news about the premiere of "Queens Boulevard." Billy: Rhys Coiro. Shauna: Debi Mazar. Chris Penn has a cameo.

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Episode 5


Sun, Jul 3, 2005 30 mins

Eric and Ari scramble for answers about the "Aquaman" deal; Turtle mopes over bad luck with women; Vince discovers how pricey his new neighborhood can be. Anthony Anderson and Bob Saget have cameos. Emily: Samaire Armstrong. Dana: Constance Zimmer. Staci: Johanna Black.

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Episode 6


Sun, Jul 10, 2005 30 mins

Eric battles a defiant Walsh to arrange an early screening of "Queens Boulevard"; Ari pitches a foreign commercial to Vince; and Turtle gets ready for a video-game showdown. Ari: Jeremy Piven.

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Episode 7

The Sundance Kids

Sun, Jul 17, 2005 30 mins

"Queens Boulevard" bows at Sundance; Drama and Turtle compete for a woman; Eric meets with a big-time producer. James Cameron has a cameo. Walsh: Rhys Coiro. Shauna: Debi Mazar.

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Episode 8

Oh, Mandy

Sun, Jul 24, 2005 30 mins

When the guys relocate to Malibu, Drama is annoyed by the long commute to an audition; Mandy Moore is up for the Aquagirl role, but Vince's silence on the matter speaks volumes. Shauna: Debi Mazar. Dana: Constance Zimmer.

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Episode 9

I Love You Too

Sun, Jul 31, 2005 30 mins

The boys go to a U2 concert for Drama's birthday; Turtle pitches in when Eric and Shauna have trouble with a reporter; and Vince attends a convention with his "Aquaman" costar. Shauna: Debi Mazar.

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Episode 10

The Bat Mitzvah

Sun, Aug 7, 2005 30 mins

Vince is frank about "Aquagirl"; Ari's partner, Terrance (Malcolm McDowell), makes an appearance; Eric buys a suit; and Drama and Turtle look forward to a Bat Mitzvah for Little Miss Ari.

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Episode 11

Blue Balls Lagoon

Sun, Aug 14, 2005 30 mins

Terrance (Malcolm McDowell) advises Vince, while the agent's daughter Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) focuses on Eric. Elsewhere, Drama is consumed with a costar.

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Episode 12

Good Morning Saigon

Sun, Aug 21, 2005 30 mins

Mandy's representatives worry about her recent behavior; Turtle promotes an addition to the "Queens Boulevard" soundtrack. Walsh: Rhys Coiro. Terrance: Malcolm McDowell.

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Episode 13


Sun, Aug 28, 2005 30 mins

Eric, Drama and Turtle are worried that Vince could be caught in a love triangle; Ari demands loyalty from Lloyd after a showdown with Terrance. Lloyd: Rex Lee. Sloan: Emmanuelle Chriqui. Terrance: Malcolm McDowell.

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Episode 14

The Abyss

Sun, Sep 4, 2005 30 mins

Eric ponders his future as Vince's manager; and Ari has something brewing at a coffee shop after his dismissal from the agency. Ari: Jeremy Piven. Vince: Adrian Grenier. Eric: Kevin Connolly.

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