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Dr. Vegas Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

10 Episodes 2004 - 2004

Episode 1


Fri, Sep 24, 2004 60 mins

Billy suspects that the hotel's headline singer is a drug addict; a groom is caught stealing chips and is later found beaten, which leads to an ugly confrontation between Billy and Tommy (Joe Pantoliano). Veronica: Sarah Lancaster. Alice: Amy Adams.

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Episode 2

Advantage Play

Fri, Oct 1, 2004 60 mins

Tommy fears that a middleweight boxing match at the casino will get scrapped when one of the fighters injures himself before the bout. To ensure that it doesn't, he asks Billy to stitch the guy up and refrain from reporting it to the authorities. Elsewhere, a high-roller leaves his daughter in Tommy's care. Ortiz: Kevin Alejandro. Darrel: Shannon Jenkins. Brian: Ryan Cutrona. Samir: Iqbal Theba. Meera: Saba Homayoon. Claire: Julia Whelan.

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Episode 3

Dead Man, Live Bet

Fri, Oct 15, 2004 60 mins

A man dying of cancer decides to live it up in Vegas during his final days and gets Billy to help him fulfill a wish list of things to do before he dies. Meanwhile, stress gets the better of Tommy during a slow financial week at the casino. Charlie: Fisher Stevens. Michelle: Elyse Marie Mirto. Burris: Patrick Thomas O'Brien. Pappadimos: David Ackert. Ronny: Rusty Joiner. Greg: Jon Bernthal. Sylvia: Denise Gentile.

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Episode 4

All In

Fri, Oct 22, 2004 60 mins

Billy persuades Tommy to let him enter a high-stakes poker tournament at the casino so he can be near a champion player who's his patient in case the elderly man suddenly needs help. But the decision doesn't sit well with Alice, because Billy promised to go with her on a trip. Also, Veronica is pestered by an old flame. Dorothy: Carol Mansell. Evelyn: Veronica Cartwright. Jessica: Karina Lombard. Himself: Hal Sparks. Rob: Adam Leadbeater. Jim: Logan Alexander.

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Episode 5


Fri, Oct 29, 2004 60 mins

Tommy tries to help out an old friend's adult son (Erik Palladino), but the guy's penchant for getting into trouble makes it increasingly difficult to do so. At the clinic, Billy and Alice attempt to go on with business-as-usual after their breakup, and Billy helps Veronica's alcoholic dad dry out. Hank: Harry Groener. Rex: Patrick O'Sullivan. Rosen: Zach Grenier. Karen: Roxanne Beckford. Mrs. Deindorfer: Julie Sanford. Gordo: Patrick Robert O'Connor. Fritz: Jim Fitzgerald.

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Episode 6

Babe in the Woods

60 mins

Tommy worries that a murder has been committed in the casino when a blood-splattered wall is discovered in a laundry closet. He soon learns, however, that the blood is from an employee who gave birth and dropped off the newborn outside of Billy's office. Billy cares for the baby boy and soon becomes attached to him. Meanwhile, Veronica fears that a fellow casino worker was raped by a guest while giving the man a private dance in his room.

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Episode 7

Out Damned Spot

60 mins

A botched robbery attempt leads to a shootout in the casino. One employee is killed, and Billy is forced to make hard choices when it comes to caring for the other victims. Following the tragedy, Tommy pours all of his efforts into making sure that a fetish-and-fantasy ball goes on without a hitch, and he presses a reluctant Veronica into helping out.

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Episode 8

Heal Thyself

60 mins

Billy tries to piece together the last 24 hours when he wakes up in the desert about 100 miles from Las Vegas sporting a wedding ring and a black eye, but with no recollection of what happened. After he gets back to his office, Billy learns that he hired a new nurse the previous evening and she's already started to work. Making matters worse is the fact that an angry man from a rival casino is looking for him.

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Episode 9

For Love or Money

60 mins

Tommy's No. 1 enemy, the man who had him shot three years ago in L.A., shows up at the casino claiming that Tommy still owes him money; Billy gets involved with a so-called black widow, a former pro poker player who is married to an elderly millionaire; Vic tries to prevent Veronica from getting a tattoo. Jessica: Katrina Lombard.

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Episode 10

Lust for Life

60 mins

Billy tries to talk his music idol, an aging rock star with a severe heart problem, into retiring before his condition worsens. As for Tommy, he dreams of becoming a movie producer after he learns that an A-list actor and a high-profile film producer are checking into the hotel to discuss their latest project. Crowley: Michael Cerveris. Duke: Chazz Palminteri. Selznick: Saul Rubinek. Jesse: Daryl Sabara. Kate: Suzanne Cryer. Glen: Michael Cudlitz. Marta: Rowena King.

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