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Downtown Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

13 Episodes 1986 - 1987

Episode 1

Stan the Man

Sat, Sep 27, 1986 60 mins

Forney (Michael Nouri) is hampered in his pursuit of a robbery suspect by a sergeant who claims she's after gunrunners. Kendall: Sydney Walsh. Kuzek: Dan Lauria. Nick: Mitch Pileggi. Umpire: Obaka Adedunyo.

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Episode 2


Sat, Oct 4, 1986 60 mins

The man who persuaded Terry (Blair Underwood) to quit a street gang is killed in a holdup, and two members of the gang are fingered as suspects. Forney: Michael Nouri. Calvin: Reginald T. Dorsey. Joey Li: James Pax. Delia: Virginia Capers. Hwan Li: Keye Luke.

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Episode 3

The Spring Line

Sat, Oct 11, 1986 60 mins

Attempts to sabotage a clothier's fall line jeopardize Jesse (Mariska Hargitay) after Forney (Michael Nouri) gets her a job at a design house. Sam: Eddie Barth. Michelle: Nana Visitor. Brett: Valerie Wildman.

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Episode 4

Since I Don't Have You

Sat, Oct 18, 1986 60 mins

Forney is in a quandary when Harriet (Millicent Martin) renews a romance with an old flame who's suspected of selling Government secrets. Randolph: Stephen Elliott. Ricky: George Liberato. Terry: Blair Underwood. Gilbert: Sandy Simpson.

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Episode 5

Out of the Tombs

Sat, Oct 25, 1986 60 mins

Dennis (Robert Englund) leads an eager newsman on a hunt for a vanished criminal, interfering with Forney's search for a skid-row slayer. Forney: Michael Nouri. Elliot: Eugene Roche. Connor: Jon C. Slade. Aggie: Susan French. Father Paul: Ken Hill.

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Episode 6

When Dinasaurs Drove the Earth

Sat, Nov 1, 1986 60 mins

Harriet (Millicent Martin) is taken hostage during a bank robbery, and Delia has to coerce Kiner to allow Forney to work on the case. Hap: Jason Bernard. Delia: Virginia Capers. Reese: Paul Drake. Kiner: David Paymer.

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Episode 7

Saturday Night

Tue, Nov 11, 1986 60 mins

Dennis (Robert Englund) is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and becomes the prime suspect in a serial-murder case. Slezak: Matthew Faison. Forney: Michael Nouri. Mary Rose: Candice Azzara. Terry: Blair Underwood. Hugo: Richard Yniguez.

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Episode 8


Sat, Nov 29, 1986 60 mins

Forney's pursuit of a brutal gang gets him suspended, but when an innocent person takes a bullet intended for Forney (Michael Nouri), he takes action. Valerie: Janet Eilber. Jesse: Mariska Hargitay. Cleamon: William Smith.

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Episode 9

Goin' to California

Sat, Dec 6, 1986 60 mins

Jesse's excitement about her marine brother finally coming home from Beirut turns sour when she finds out why he's late. Jesse: Mariska Hargitay. Jack: Tom Reilly. Nicole: Jean Bruce Scott. Slezak: Matthew Faison.

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Episode 10

Tracks of my Tears

Sat, Dec 13, 1986 60 mins

Kiner (David Paymer) is obsessed with proving that a senator friend of his did not commit suicide, but was murdered. Forney: Michael Nouri. Buddy: Francisco McGregory. Claire: Helene Udy. Jesse: Mariska Hargitay. Miguel: Daniel Faraldo.

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Episode 11


Sat, Dec 20, 1986 60 mins

A blind street vendor's daughter (Tiffany Ashley) is the target of a recently released convict after she runs into one of his men leaving a market right before it explodes. Dennis: Robert Englund. Forney: Michael Nouri. Joe: Geoffrey Lewis. Pike: Dave Cadiente.

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Episode 12

Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die

Sat, Dec 27, 1986 60 mins

A rock singer (Tanya Tucker) attempting a comeback is attacked by a mysterious gunman, and Forney (Michael Nouri) is assigned to the case. Harriet: Millicent Martin. Wilcox: Jeff MacKay. Jupitar: Nancy Cartwright. Marty: Anthony M. La Paglia.

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Episode 13


Sat, Aug 22, 1987 60 mins

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