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Doc Elliot Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

14 Episodes 1973 - 1974

Episode 1

And All Ye Need to Know

Wed, Oct 10, 1973 0 mins

A blind woman's reclusive husband opposes an operation that could restore her sight. Jenny: Meredith Baxter. Ben: James Franciscus. Emmett: Mills Watson. Dr. Keller: Lou Massad. Mags: Neva Patterson.

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Episode 2

A Man of Importance

Sat, Nov 3, 1973 0 mins

An elderly rancher battles a ruthless real-estate company which is trying to make him sell his lake-front property. Bartlett: Will Geer. Jamie: Leif Garrett. Hewlett: Willard Sage. Ben: James Franciscus.

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Episode 3

The Touch of God

Wed, Jan 23, 1974 0 mins

Although the locals swear by the powers of a young faith healer, Ben fears that her fits of ecstasy may by symptoms of a physical malady. Beth Ann: Tyne Daly. Ben: James Franciscus. Abel Blackner: Ford Rainey. Poulsen: Royal Dano.

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Episode 4

No Place to Go

Wed, Jan 30, 1974 0 mins

Ben picks up a car accident victim who turns out to be a desperate young gunman fleeing from the law. Ben: James Franciscus. Wade: John David Carson. Betty Lou: Kathleen Cody. Mary: Maggie Malooly.

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Episode 5

A Small Hand of Friendship

Wed, Feb 6, 1974 0 mins

Unmarried and pregnant, a teacher is facing social censure which could lose her her job. Bonnie: Beverly Garland. Ben: James Franciscus. Scarne: Leonard Stone. Paul: Clint Howard. Mrs. Webber: Dee Carroll.

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Episode 6

The Runner

Wed, Feb 13, 1974 0 mins

A boy who wants to run track clashes with his father, who wants the youth to follow in his footsteps as a bronc-buster. Basquin: Morgan Woodward. Gary: Sam Bottoms. Ben: James Franciscus. Ray: Harry Carey.

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Episode 7

The Carrier

Wed, Feb 20, 1974 0 mins

Ben's search for the source of a typhoid epidemic leads him to a couple who are strangely reluctant to answer his questions. Ben: James Franciscus. Graham: Lonny Chapman. Helen: Jeanne Cooper. Oliver: John Lupton. Amy: Heather North.

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Episode 8

A Time to Live

Wed, Feb 27, 1974 0 mins

In order to live his last months alone, a leukemia victim retreats to the mountains and leaves his wife ignorant of his illness. Barrows: Sam Elliott. Ben: James Franciscus. Pamela Barrows: Katherine Justice.

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Episode 9

A Time to Grow

Wed, Mar 6, 1974 0 mins

Ben tries to help an asthmatic boy whose overprotective mother is stifling his enjoyment of life. Samantha: Susan Brown. Robert: Brandon Cruz. Ben: James Franciscus.

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Episode 10

The Gold Mine

Wed, Mar 13, 1974 0 mins

Determined to find gold, a stubborn group of miners are risking their lives in a dilapidated mine. Henderson: Merle Haggard. Emma: Edith Atwater. Laura: Heidi Vaughn. Ben: James Franciscus. Mike: Karl Swenson. Sam: Hoke Howell.

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Episode 11


Wed, Mar 27, 1974 0 mins

Stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash, Ben and his companions face staggering odds fighting for survival. Ben: James Franciscus. Joy: Christine Belford. Boardlow: John Ericson. Eldred: Bo Hopkins. Paula: Nancy King.

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Episode 12

Things That Might Have Been

Wed, Apr 3, 1974 0 mins

A young woman with facial scars wants cosmetic surgery, but her father is reluctant to allow the operation. Emily: Lane Bradbury. Charlie: Tim O'Connor. Ben: James Franciscus. Mags: Neva Patterson.

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Episode 13

The Brothers

Wed, Apr 10, 1974 0 mins

Grief and remorse threaten to destroy a young man after he causes an accident that maims his older brother. Johnny: Cal Bellini. Luke: Vic Mohica. Ben: James Franciscus. Mags: Neva Patterson.

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Episode 14

The Pharmacist

Wed, May 1, 1974 0 mins

An elderly pharmacist is making mistakes that could kill his customers. It's Ben's unpleasant task to convince the old man that he is no longer fit for the job. Ben: James Franciscus. Gus: Paul Fix. Corey: Mitch Vogel. Barney: Noah Beery. Wyler: Jordan Rhodes. Mags: Neva Patterson.

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