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Daniel Boone Season 6 Episodes

26 Episodes 1969 - 1970

Episode 1

A Very Small Rifle

Thu, Sep 18, 1969 60 mins

Johnny Appleseed is caught between white man and red man when the accidental shooting of a Cherokee youth threatens to trigger reprisals. Gabriel: Armando Silvestre. Sandy: Johnny Jensen. Israel: Darby Hinton. Rebecca: Patricia Blair. Bart: Kevin Hagen.

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Episode 2

The Road to Freedom

Thu, Oct 2, 1969 60 mins

Israel uses all his ingenuity to help the son of a runaway slave elude pursuers. Carson: Jim Davis. Jimmy: George Spell. Hill: Floyd Patterson. Israel: Darby Hinton. Ben: Warren Vanders. Jud: John Milford. Daniel: Fess Parker. Hawkins: Roy Jenson.

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Episode 3

Benvenuto... Who?

Thu, Oct 9, 1969 60 mins

In New Orleans, Daniel and Josh are swept into a mademoiselle's scheme to make off with a diamond pendant. Eugenie: Marj Dusay. Roquelin: Leon Askin. Daniel: Fess Parker. Josh: Jimmy Dean. Thibaud: Aram Katcher. Lemouche: Richard Kiel.

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Episode 4

The Man

Thu, Oct 16, 1969 60 mins

Rosey Grier joins the series as an escaped slave-turned-Indian chief whom Daniel recruits to help destroy a British cannon. Daniel: Fess Parker. Addison: George Backman. Stark: Gene Evans. Wenster: Kevin O'Neal. Sergeant: Ray Harden.

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Episode 5

The Printing Press

Thu, Oct 23, 1969 60 mins

Ben Franklin is Daniel's ally in a plan to bilk the British. Their first step: counterfeiting five-pound notes. Ben Franklin: Fredd Wayne. Thurlow: Peter Bromilow. Ridley: Alan Caillou. Israel: Darby Hinton. Walt: Dan Nichols.

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Episode 6

The Traitor

Thu, Oct 30, 1969 60 mins

The British commander of Ft. Detroit claims he plans to surrender the fort to the Americans. Lackland: Ed Flanders. Angela: Jill Ireland. Daniel: Fess Parker.

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Episode 7

Grand Alliance

Thu, Nov 13, 1969 60 mins

Josh and Gabe join the landlocked pirate Buenaventura on a mission to foil an alleged Spanish invasion of America. Torres: Armando Silvestre. Gabe: Rosey Grier. Ortega: Carlos Rivas. Daniel: Fess Parker. Joselito: Joel Fluellen.

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Episode 8

Target Boone

Thu, Nov 20, 1969 60 mins

A religious fanatic, blaming Daniel for the death of his wife, vows that Boone shall suffer terror before meeting death. Robert: Ron Soble. Nathan: Kurt Russell. Rebecca: Patricia Blair. Israel: Darby Hinton. Gordon: Lee Jay Lambert.

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Episode 9

A Bearskin for Jamie Blue

Thu, Nov 27, 1969 60 mins

Daniel undertakes the humanization of Jamie Blue, an indentured servant he bought for a bearskin. Daniel: Fess Parker. Caruthers: Bernard Fox. Gabe: Rosey Grier. Israel: Darby Hinton. Rebecca: Patricia Blair.

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Episode 10

The Cache

Thu, Dec 4, 1969 60 mins

Josh is heading for Kentucky's highest hanging tree unless Daniel finds the poachers who framed him for murder. Williams: Alex Karras. Swanson: John Kellogg. Josh: Jimmy Dean. Daniel: Fess Parker. Judge: Vaughn Taylor. Dawson: Richard Peabody. Rebecca: Patricia Blair.

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Episode 11

The Terrible Tarbots

Thu, Dec 11, 1969 60 mins

Three members of the Tarbot brood make off with a chest of gold entrusted to Daniel---and kidnap Israel for insurance. Tarbot: Strother Martin. Shadrach: Anthony Costello. Meshach: Zalman King. Daniel: Fess Parker. Israel: Darby Hinton. Gabe: Rosey Grier. Tom: William Traylor.

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Episode 12

Hannah Comes Home

Thu, Dec 25, 1969 60 mins

A white woman long held captive returns to her husband. Complicating the reunion: her mixed-race son, who's proud of his Native American heritage. Jonas: Ford Rainey. Hannah: Mary Fickett. Jason: Teddy Eccles. Chief: Ted de Corsia. Daniel: Fess Parker. Israel: Darby Hinton. Rebecca: Patricia Blair.

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Episode 13

An Angel Cried

Thu, Jan 8, 1970 60 mins

Josh falls in love with his companion---a postulant. Sister Cecilia: Mariette Hartley. Josh: Jimmy Dean. Chief: Carlos Rivas. Israel: Darby Hinton. Directed by Fess Parker (Daniel).

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Episode 14

A Perilous Passage

Thu, Jan 15, 1970 60 mins

A variety of disguises and signals help Daniel, Gabe and Sam Weaver as they walk a path to safety through British territory. Colonel: Liam Sullivan. Molly: Gloria Grahame. Daniel: Fess Parker. Gabe: Rosey Grier. Fletcher: James Doohan. Dunfee: Henry Oliver.

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Episode 15

The Sunshine Patriots

Thu, Jan 22, 1970 60 mins

Ordered to kidnap a British lord, Josh and Gabe turn the mission into a comedy of errors involving an inventor and his daughter. Josh: Jimmy Dean. Gabe: Rosey Grier. Sir George Peacham: Laurie Main. Percy: Ian Ireland. Maybelle: Isabell Sanford. Magwa: Michael Keep.

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Episode 16

Mama Cooper

Thu, Feb 5, 1970 60 mins

In a script written for her, Ethel Waters plays Gabe's long-lost mother, a woman who fears she will never realize her dream---to die on free soil. Emmanuel: Michael-James Wixted. Gabe: Rosey Grier. Daniel: Fess Parker. Cincinattus: Dallas McKennon. Teddy: Jordan Rhodes. Miss Waters sings "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."

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Episode 17

Before the Tall Man

Thu, Feb 12, 1970 60 mins

The Boones play matchmakers in the stormy courtship of Abraham Lincoln's parents, quick-tempered Tom Lincoln and prophetic Nancy Hanks. Nancy: Marianna Hill. Tom: Burr DeBenning. Daniel: Fess Parker. Rebecca: Patricia Blair. Israel: Darby Hinton. Burns: Harlan Warde. Denton: Tony Gange.

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Episode 18

Run for the Money

Thu, Feb 19, 1970 60 mins

Jack Albertson as double-dealing Shem Sweet in this parable about ill-gotten gain. Daniel: Fess Parker. Cincinnatus: Dallas McKennon. Lucas: Ji-Tu Cumbuka. Linus: Dino Washington. Indian Chief: Peter Mamakos. Israel: Darby Hinton.

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Episode 19

A Matter of Vengeance

Thu, Feb 26, 1970 60 mins

Daniel tries to stop a young man from avenging the death of his parents. Mason: Jim McMullan. Amy: Linda Marsh. Smith: David McLean. Hanker: Ramon Bieri. Gabe: Rosey Grier.

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Episode 20

The Landlords

Thu, Mar 5, 1970 60 mins

Daniel poses as a river pirate to get the goods on a counterfeiter and forger who has deeded Boonesborough to two nitwit brothers. Ess: Victor French. Bingen: Med Flory. Daniel: Fess Parker. Sir Iver: Robert Cornthwaite. Cully: James Wainwright. Grace: Natalie Core.

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Episode 21

Readin', Ritin' and Revolt

Thu, Mar 12, 1970 60 mins

"Readin', Ritin' and Revolt" become the orders as the children react to their schoolmaster's refusal to teach Indian culture. Little Hawk: Tony Davis. Pickering: William O'Connell. Daniel: Fess Parker. Israel: Darby Hinton. Gabe: Rosey Grier.

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Episode 22

Noblesse Oblige

Thu, Mar 26, 1970 60 mins

The settlers whip up a reception for a French prince. But they are in for a jolt: his highness has switched places with his cook. Bernard: Philip Proctor. Edgar: Murray MacLeod. Virginia: Elizabeth Baur. Daniel: Fess Parker. Cincinnatus: Dallas McKennon. Israel: Darby Hinton. Gabe: Rosey Grier.

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Episode 23

The Homecoming

Thu, Apr 9, 1970 60 mins

The Boones shelter an elderly Indian, unaware that he plans revenge on the white enemy who destroyed his people. Pasco: Sidney Clute. Daniel: Fess Parker. Rebecca: Patricia Blair. Israel: Darby Hinton. Boron: Bart Burns.

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Episode 24

Bringing Up Josh

Thu, Apr 16, 1970 60 mins

Backwoods bachelor Josh takes on a new role: foster father to two children foisted on him in New Orleans. Rachel: Jodi Foster. Billy: Ty Wilson. Abigail: Loretta Leversee. Daniel: Fess Parker. Israel: Darby Hinton. Mary: Lori Saunders. Rebecca: Patricia Blair.

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Episode 25

How to Become a Goddess

Thu, Apr 30, 1970 60 mins

Thanks to two bumbling brothers, Rebecca is delivered to Indians awaiting a goddess with "hair as red as flame." Ess: Victor French. Bingen: Med Flory. Rebecca: Patricia Blair. Wise Woman: Ruth Warrick. Daniel: Fess Parker. Israel: Darby Hinton. Atawa: Paul Mantee. Chief: Walter Coy.

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Episode 26

Israel and Love

Thu, May 7, 1970 60 mins

Israel is stricken with his first case of puppy love. Daniel: Fess Parker. Brae: Robin Mattson. Secord: Tim O'Connor. Pasco Jr.: Cameron Clarke.

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