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Dangerous Minds Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

17 Episodes 1996 - 1997

Episode 1

Pilot Episode

Mon, Sep 30, 1996 60 mins

Louanne Johnson (Annie Potts) begins her teaching job at an inner-city school and becomes involved in the lives of three students, including one who is the mother of a 2-year-old. Callie: Tamala Jones. Kimboley: Richard T. Jones. Thomas: Coolio. Gray: William Converse-Roberts. Gusmaro: Greg Serano.

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Episode 2

Hair Affair

Mon, Oct 7, 1996 60 mins

Due to cutbacks, Louanne accepts a student's suggestion to hold a fund-raiser; Gusmaro becomes disturbed about belonging to a gang. Garrity: Jeff Cahill. Hartman: Craig Wasson. Chaka: Kamau Holloway. Carlos: Zahn McClarnon. Fatty: Lombardo Boyar. Gusmaro: Greg Serano.

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Episode 3

See Me

Mon, Oct 14, 1996 60 mins

Louanne arranges for Cornelius (Vicellous Reon Shannon) to return to school, which angers Bartkus; and the students prepare for a practice job interview, where Callie (Tamala Jones) fabricates her background. Bartkus: Stanley Anderson. Mrs. Bardales: Jenny Gago. Gusmaro: Greg Serano.

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Episode 4

Bad Apple

Mon, Oct 21, 1996 60 mins

Louanne tries to reach "a hyperactive underachiever" (Rodney Eastman), and makes a visit to the faculty's hangout. James: Cedrick Terrell. Blanca: Maria Costa. Bartkus: Stanley Anderson. Griffin: Michael Jace. Jean: Jenny O'Hara. Callie: Tamala Jones.

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Episode 5

Family Ties

Mon, Oct 28, 1996 60 mins

When an unpopular student is slain, it turns out that there's no one to bury him. Meanwhile, the father of Callie's daughter returns. Louanne: Annie Potts. Cornelius: Vicellous Reon Shannon. Alvina: Latoya Howlett. Blanca: Maria Costa.

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Episode 6

The Code

Mon, Nov 11, 1996 60 mins

Louanne tries to understand "the code" to which her students adhere; the class visits Alcatraz; and Louanne and Callie (Tamala Jones) clash over babysitting. Alvina: Latoya Howlett. Griffin: Michael Jace. Hal: William Converse-Roberts.

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Episode 7

Need Deep

Mon, Nov 18, 1996 60 mins

Louanne gets James (Cedrick Terrell) involved in community service, but he balks at having to care for a disabled 16-year-old. Oscar: Oscar Miranda. Mitchell: Pedro Pano. Jackie: Patti Yasutake. Chaka: Kamau Holloway. Griffin: Michael Jace. Callie: Tamala Jones.

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Episode 8


Mon, Nov 25, 1996 60 mins

After James (Cedrick Terrell) is beaten in the locker room, Louanne places herself in jeopardy by trying to find the attackers. Gusmaro: Greg Serano. Cornelius: Vicellous Reon Shannon. Chaka: Kamau Holloway. Griffin: Michael Jace. Overbay: Tim Hutchinson.

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Episode 9


Mon, Dec 9, 1996 60 mins

After Callie shows compassion for a convicted child molester who's being beaten by protestors, her reaction is questioned by others. Nina: Clea DuVall. Martin: Joe Torry. Kareem: Fredro Starr. Louanne: Annie Potts. Overton: Jack Blessing. Griffin: Michael Jace. Gusmaro: Greg Serano.

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Episode 10

Trust Me

Mon, Dec 16, 1996 60 mins

When the students suspect a newcomer (Alexis Cruz) of being a narc, Louanne tries to prove them wrong. Meanwhile, Hal (William Converse-Roberts) asks Louanne out to dinner. Alvina: Latoya Howlett. Mrs. Guerrero: Christine Avila. Mrs. Bardales: Jenny Gago. Callie: Tamala Jones.

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Episode 11


Mon, Dec 30, 1996 60 mins

Cornelius (Vicellous Reon Shannon) is attracted to Callie. Meanwhile, James wants to have his grades raised in order to try out for basketball and strikes a deal with Louanne. James: Cedrick Terrell. Garrity: Jeff Cahill. Coach Kelly: James Pickens Jr. Bartkus: Stanley Anderson. Louanne: Annie Potts.

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Episode 12

Toe Me Up, Toe Me Down

Mon, Jan 6, 1997 60 mins

The news that her ex is remarrying affects Louanne; and a teacher's death causes Bartkus (Stanley Anderson) to change his approach to students. Cornelius: Vicellous Reon Shannon. Griffin: Michael Jace. Gray: William Converse-Roberts.

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Episode 13

The Feminine Mystique

Mon, Jan 13, 1997 60 mins

When Louanne asks the students for their help in building a house for Blanca and her family, she learns that the site is disputed territory between two gangs. Joker: Rolando Molina. Carlos: Zahn McClarnon. Lashawn: Malinda Williams. Blanca: Maria Costa. James: Cedrick Terrell.

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Episode 14

Everybody Wants It

Mon, Feb 10, 1997 60 mins

Students ask, or fail to ask, each other to a school Valentine's dance; Louanne (Annie Potts) takes a job as a waitress; Gusmaro (Greg Serano) works delivering liquor; James (Cedrick Terrell) is concerned about conserving energy; and a new student joins the academy program.

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Episode 15

Three Guns

Sat, Mar 1, 1997 60 mins

Gusmaro (Greg Serano) is with Louanne (Annie Potts) when preteens steal her car, and his self-confidence is shaken. Meanwhile, Mr. Griffin brings three Tibetan monks to school to talk about nonviolence. Lama Yeshe: John Fujioka. Cornelius: Vicellous Reon Shannon.

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Episode 16

A Different Light

Sat, Mar 8, 1997 60 mins

As the school's 50th anniversary approaches, Gusmaro (Greg Serano) discovers that the man for whom it's named was racist. Blanca: Maria Costa. Garrity: Jeff Cahill. Alvina: Latoya Howlett. Tracy: Meredith Monroe. Lupe: Christine Avila. Parkmont: David MacArthur.

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Episode 17

Teach, Don't Touch

Sat, Mar 15, 1997 60 mins

After Louanne hugs a distressed student, the lad (Ryan Bollman) accuses her of molesting him. Hartman: Craig Wasson. Garrity: Jeff Cahill. Kaminsky: Reni Santoni. Rappaport: Lawrence Pressman. Bartkus: Stanley Anderson. Mrs. Bardales: Jenny Gago.

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