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Cuts Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

22 Episodes 2005 - 2006

Episode 1

Welcome Back Barber-rino

Thu, Sep 22, 2005 30 mins

Kevin makes a surprise visit to Cuts to see how Tiffany's doing running the salon. Meanwhile, Tiffany faces parking issues.

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Episode 2

Home Alone

Thu, Sep 29, 2005 30 mins

Kevin moves into Tiffany's father's mansion in a ploy to make her jealous enough to vacate his apartment. Meanwhile, Candy comes to terms with break-up with Duane. Faith: Béatrice Rosen. Candy: Shondrella Avery.

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Episode 3

Babe Magnet

Thu, Oct 6, 2005 30 mins

Tiffany tries to bond with Kevin, but Kevin just uses her to get to one of her friends. Also: Faith and Candy pursue dates online. The Ying Yang Twins appear. Tiffany: Shannon Elizabeth. Miller: Chrystee Pharris.

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Episode 4

Strictly Biz-nass

Thu, Oct 13, 2005 30 mins

Tiffany and Kevin go to Jack to ask for raises, but Jack refuses and invites them to a corporate meeting at his house. Meanwhile, Faith bonds with Walt. Jack: Corbin Bernsen. Faith: Béatrice Rosen. Walt: Rashaan Nall.

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Episode 5

Mack Daddies

Thu, Oct 20, 2005 30 mins

Tiffany is outraged that Jack is dating someone her age, so she retaliates by dating the woman's father. Elsewhere, Kevin has to face his past in the form of a childhood bully, who has become the salon's handyman. Barry: Katt Williams.

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Episode 6

Reverse the Curse

Thu, Oct 27, 2005 30 mins

Kevin tries to launch his own hair and skin-care line; Tiffany shows her Halloween spirit by reading tea leaves; and Candy takes some of the Cuts crew to a funeral home for part-time work. Darius: Omarion.

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Episode 7

Hair Tease

Thu, Nov 3, 2005 30 mins

Tiffany gets fed up with the raunchy behavior of her coworkers and calls in a company sexual harassment trainer, who threatens to supervise the salon until their habits improve. Ms. Fennell: Mindy Sterling. Monica: Alisa Reyes.

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Episode 8

Wife Swap

Thu, Nov 10, 2005 30 mins

Kevin and Tiffany pretend to be married on a business trip to impress husband-and-wife manufacturers of spa products. Meanwhile, Walt is in charge of the salon. Walt: Rashaan Nall. Ryan: Allen Nabors. Jerry: Caleeb Pinkett.

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Episode 9

Analyze What?

Thu, Nov 17, 2005 30 mins

Kevin and Tiffany get nervous when their employees are required to fill out an evaluation on them as managers; Candy becomes concerned when a man she believes is a mobster starts to woo her; Ace and Walt buy a car together. Tommy: Robert Maschio.

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Episode 10

The Turkey Triangle

Thu, Nov 24, 2005 30 mins

Tiffany is upset when she learns that her estranged mom (Peggy Lipton) is coming for Thanksgiving aboard her dad's yacht. Elsewhere, Kevin and Candy are shocked to learn that their significant others were once an item. Jack: Corbin Bernsen.

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Episode 11

Blinging in the New Year

Thu, Dec 15, 2005 30 mins

Kevin and Tiffany make the staff work on New Year's Eve while they attend a party at the mayor's mansion, but Bobby Brown unexpectedly shows up at the salon for a haircut and gets snowed in.

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Episode 12

Black Don't Crack

Thu, Jan 19, 2006 30 mins

Tiffany hires a plastic surgeon for the Medi-Spa and Candy considers getting breast implants after she catches Loxley looking at other women. Dr. Lee: James Patrick Stuart. Sherry: Jennifer Lyons.

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Episode 13

Rogue Trip

Thu, Feb 2, 2006 30 mins

Kevin loses the salon in a high-stakes poker game in Atlantic City and it's up to Tiffany to win it back. Also, Walt gets nervous when he fills in for a comic at a casino.

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Episode 14

The Love Below

Thu, Feb 9, 2006 30 mins

Tiffany hires a handsome masseur (Andrew Walker) and immediately gets involved with him; Kevin looks up a former lover who hurt him several years ago.

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Episode 15

Carpal Kids

Thu, Feb 16, 2006 30 mins

Tiffany reconsiders her relationship with boyfriend Jeremy after learning that he has two kids; Kevin believes he has carpal tunnel syndrome, but he refuses to see a doctor.

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Episode 16

Class Dismissed

Thu, Mar 2, 2006 30 mins

Kevin dates a doctor who puts her job ahead of him, much to his dismay. At the salon, Tiffany and Candy agree to get tattoos to symbolize their friendship. Juelz Santana appears as himself.

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Episode 17

Strictly Biz-Nass 2: Biz Nasstier

Thu, Mar 23, 2006 30 mins

Kevin organizes a protest after he learns that Jack is planning to build condominiums at the end of the block that will adversely affect several local businesses. Also, Faith wants to tell everyone that she and Walt are dating, but he doesn't think the time is right.

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Episode 18


Thu, Apr 13, 2006 30 mins

Tiffany questions her relationship with Jeremy after an old college friend (Tony Gonzalez) comes to visit and she realizes she may have feelings for him; Candy finds a new boyfriend, but Kevin learns that he is also dating three other women.

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Episode 19

Coupling...Except Funnier

Thu, Apr 20, 2006 30 mins

Kevin reluctantly agrees to double date with Tiffany and Jeremy, but he soon regrets it; rumors circulate at the salon that Faith and Walt are splitting up.

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Episode 20

Adult Education

Thu, Apr 27, 2006 30 mins

Kevin audits a business course after being a guest speaker in the class and getting embarrassed by his lack of knowledge; Tiffany tries to educate Jeremy in the proper way to dress; Walt and Ace demand a new men's room at the salon that is as nice as the ladies' room.

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Episode 21

It's a Ring Thing

Thu, May 4, 2006 30 mins

Tiffany tries to help her cousin, Jordan, get over a recent breakup; Kevin gives jewelry to Felicia for their three-month anniversary, but her reaction shocks him; Walt gets jealous when Faith starts spending time with her ex-husband.

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Episode 22

Hollaback, Girl

Thu, May 11, 2006 30 mins

Tiffany's dad offers her a promotion in his company, but it means leaving the salon. Also, Walt finds a positive pregnancy test and the guys wonder which one of them is going to be a father.

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