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Cow and Chicken Season 3 Episodes

Season 3 Episode Guide

12 Episodes 1999 - 1999

Episode 1

Black Sheep of the Family

Mon, Apr 26, 1999 30 mins

The Black Sheep Prima comes to visit with Vaca y Pollito, nobody understands her and they treat her like a delinquent. In fact, she is very intelligent and has a lot to offer the Red world harass her.

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Episode 2

Cow's Magic Blanket

Tue, Apr 27, 1999 30 mins

Everyone makes fun of Cow because she still has her old security blanket. She then tosses it out the school bus window, but is depressed for the rest of the day. Chicken tries the cheer her up by playing the bad guy in a game of Super Cow. Cow confesses that her blanket was also Super Cow's magic cape, and that Super Cow was never coming back. Red Guy then sees the perfect opportunity to torture Flem and Earl. Chicken decides it's ""Wonder Wattle"" to the rescue.

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Episode 3

Cow's Toys/I Scream/I Am Gladiator

30 mins

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Episode 4

Cloud Nine/Send in the Clowns/Revolutionary Weasel

Thu, Apr 29, 1999 30 mins

Chicken wants to ride on a kiddie's jet outside a hardware store.

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Episode 5

Major Wedgie/Loneliest Cow, The/Dream Weasel

Fri, Apr 30, 1999 30 mins

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Episode 6

Professor Longhorn Steer/Couple of Skating Fools, A/He Said, She Said

Mon, May 3, 1999 30 mins

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Episode 7

Full Mounty, The/Mall Cop/I Am Cliched

Tue, May 4, 1999 30 mins

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Episode 8

The Snail Boy/Penalty Wheel, The/Magnificent Motorbikini

Wed, May 5, 1999 30 mins

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Episode 9

Chicken's Fairy Tale/Magic Chicken/I Am Whale Captain

Wed, Aug 22, 2018 30 mins

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Episode 10

The Cow's a Beauty/Piano Lessons/Sackless Games

Fri, Jun 18, 1999 30 mins

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Episode 11

Duck, Duck, Chicken/Great Pantzini, The/Who Rubbed Out Cow & Chicken

Wed, Jun 30, 1999 30 mins

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Episode 12

The Cow and Chicken Blues/Ballad of Cow and Chicken/I.R. Good Salesman

Sat, Jul 24, 1999 30 mins

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