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Continuum Season 4 Episodes

Season 4 Episode Guide

6 Episodes 2015 - 2015

"Continuum" follows the exploits of Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols), a detective from the future who is swept into the past—and then trapped there—against her will. As she awaits an opportunity to rejoin her family in the future, Kiera joins the local police department and focuses on eliminating terrorists in the present before they can alter history. In Season 4, Kiera and time-traveler Brad Tonkin (Ryan Robbins) face off against the Future Soldiers, who arrived with a flash of light at the end Season 3.

Episode 1

Lost Hours

Fri, Sep 11, 2015 60 mins

Season 4 begins with newly arrived time travelers threatening to destroy Kiera and her alliance with Brad. As she deals with the risk that they pose, she also finds herself yearning to return to her own time and her son.

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Episode 2

Rush Hour

Fri, Sep 18, 2015 60 mins

Kellog leverages Alec by exploiting his weakness, which, of course, is Emily. As Kiera attempts to negotiate with him unaware that Liber8 have other, darker plans, Alec grows tired of feeling helpless and impulsively sets off to save Emily by himself.

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Episode 3

Power Hour

Fri, Sep 25, 2015 60 mins

Alec takes a definitive step toward shaping a positive future by joining Carlos and the VPD. Meanwhile, Kiera's continued trust in Brad leads her to form an alliance with Garza in order to recon the new future soldiers compound and uncover their plan.

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Episode 4

Zero Hour

Fri, Oct 2, 2015 60 mins

Kiera has serious trust issues with Brad when he seems more in step with the future soldiers than with her; Carlos and Kellog come to their own realizations about alliances and deception; and a strange encounter forces Alec to reflect on his destiny.

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Episode 5

The Desperate Hours

Fri, Oct 9, 2015 60 mins

Kiera pushes Carlos' patience to the limit as she pressures him for more time; Kellog faces unexpected peril; and the future soldiers stage a daring raid to free their recently imprisoned leader.

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Episode 6

Final Hour

Fri, Oct 16, 2015 60 mins

In the series finale, all factions clash violently in order to determine which path the future will take. While Kiera and Alec risk everything to stop the future soldiers and their devastating plan, Kellog, despite a loose alliance with Kiera, has plans of his own.

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