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Conan the Adventurer Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

58 Episodes 1993 - 1993

Episode 1

Tribal Warfare

Mon, Sep 13, 1993 30 mins

Tension arises between Conan and Snag when their tribes start to fight each other.

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Episode 2

Curse of Ahx'oon

Tue, Sep 14, 1993 30 mins

Conan and Zula hope peace can be achieved by bringing the mask of Axh'oon to the Wasai tribe at Gora's request.

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Episode 3

The Master Thief of Shadizar

Wed, Sep 15, 1993 30 mins

Conan and Jezmine run into trouble with an old enemy after they help a thief rob a wizard.

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Episode 4

The Vengeance of Jhebbal Sag

Thu, Sep 16, 1993 30 mins

Conan must free a spirit from captivity by Wrath-Amon's Serpentmen, but the rescue gets tough when the spirit turns against Conan.

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Episode 5

The Red Brotherhood

Fri, Sep 17, 1993 30 mins

Conan and Snagg join up with the Red Brotherhood, a group of pirates, as a way of escaping a group of soldiers who are on the warpath.

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Episode 6

Thunder & Lightning

Mon, Sep 20, 1993 30 mins

Conan looks to replace his horse while he searches for the blacksmith who makes weapons akin to his father's.

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Episode 7

The Crevasse of Winds

Tue, Sep 21, 1993 30 mins

A phoenix guards a mystical book that could help free Conan's family; Conan starts to question Needle's loyalty.

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Episode 8

Hanuman the Ape God

Wed, Sep 22, 1993 30 mins

Conan and Jezmine stumble upon a magical city where the people worship an imprisoned ape-god.

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Episode 9

Isle of the Naiads

Thu, Sep 23, 1993 30 mins

Conan and Snagg's powers dissipate after visiting the Isle of the Naiads, which leaves them vulnerable when Wrath-Amon and Windfang mount an attack.

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Episode 10

In Days of Old

Fri, Sep 24, 1993 30 mins

Conan and Jezmine seek out the sorcerer who has taken Greywolf's youth. But their quest to help their friend may subject them to the same fate.

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Episode 11

Birth of Wrath-Amon

Mon, Sep 27, 1993 30 mins

Zula and Falconer help Conan find the Spellbinder who refuses to help break the curse on Conan's family, and the Spellbinder sends Conan back in time. As Conan tries to change the past, he finds that Wrath-Amon is not around.

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Episode 12


Tue, Sep 28, 1993 30 mins

Windfang decides to escape his enslavement to Wrath-Amon and kidnaps Jezmine to help break his curse. When Wrath-Amon learns of Windfang's actions, he swears vengeance against the former slave.

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Episode 13

The Treachery of Emperors

Wed, Sep 29, 1993 30 mins

Conan goes on a quest to save a kidnapped princess.

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Episode 14

A Needle in a Haystack

Thu, Sep 30, 1993 30 mins

Big-city thieves abduct Needle.

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Episode 15

Return to Tarantia

Fri, Oct 1, 1993 30 mins

Conan is alerted to potential trouble when he and Jezmine travel to Tarantia and discover the presence of serpent men.

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Episode 16

The Book of Skelos

Mon, Oct 4, 1993 30 mins

Conan and his friends look for the second Book of Skelos inside a ruin that is controlled by a demon.

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Episode 17

Labors of Conan

Tue, Oct 5, 1993 30 mins

A wizard's display of power against the Serpentmen impresses Conan, who is especially excited when the wizard later breaks a stone curse on a group of people.

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Episode 18

The Amulet of Vathelos

Wed, Oct 6, 1993 30 mins

Conan learns of his family's connection to the demon Vathelos and uses that knowledge to help free a city from the demon's control.

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Episode 19

Final Hours of Conan

Thu, Oct 7, 1993 30 mins

Conan's friends try to stop him from turning into a serpentman after he is stung by one of Wrath-Amon's creatures.

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Episode 20

An Evil Wind in Kusan

Fri, Oct 8, 1993 30 mins

Conan asks a weak young man for help saving the kingdom and rescuing his friend Falkenar, who has been turned into a demon by an exiled citizen of Kusan.

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Episode 21

Blood of My Blood

Mon, Oct 11, 1993 30 mins

Conan meets his doppelgänger at the Temple of Tomes, prompting evil sorceress Mesmira to plan an attack against Conan and his friends.

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Episode 22

Dragon's Breath

Tue, Oct 12, 1993 30 mins

Conan discovers that the Kari Dragon may assist him with rescuing his family.

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Episode 23

The Queen of Stygia

Wed, Oct 13, 1993 30 mins

Mesmira uses her magic on Conan so that she can trick him into annihilating Wrath-Amon.

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Episode 24

Nature of the Beast

Thu, Oct 14, 1993 30 mins

Mesmira kidnaps Sasha and pretends to be a wolf so she can snatch Greywolf's staff.

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Episode 25

City of the Burning Skull

Fri, Oct 15, 1993 30 mins

Conan and Jezmine locate an unusual city whose inhabitants are held captive by a malicious spirit who feeds off them to extend his own life.

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Episode 26

Son of Atlantis

Mon, Oct 18, 1993 30 mins

Greywolf assists Conan in entering Atlantis, where he looks for a way to thwart Wrath-Amon's plot to lure people with an ancient horn.

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Episode 27

Conn Rides Again

Tue, Oct 19, 1993 30 mins

Conan and Conn quarrel after Mesmira offers them a bribe, so they try to deal with Mesmira separately.

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Episode 28

Down to the Dregs

Wed, Oct 20, 1993 30 mins

Needle aligns with Wrath-Amon's minions in order to break free from a menacing animal collector.

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Episode 29

Dregs-Amon the Great

Fri, Nov 5, 1993 30 mins

A new leader takes charge of Stygia, resulting in turmoil.

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Episode 30

The Wolfmother

Fri, Oct 22, 1993 30 mins

Conan and Greywolf get caught in a storm while looking for Sasha and Meesha, who ran away from home.

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Episode 31

Conan of the Kosaki

Mon, Oct 25, 1993 30 mins

Conan and Snag halt their squabbling so they can set a good example for the quarreling Kosaki.

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Episode 32

Torrinon Returns

Tue, Oct 26, 1993 30 mins

Torrinon unintentionally enrages Wrath-Amon, so he calls on Conan, Snagg and Jezmine for some assistance.

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Episode 33

The Frost Giant's Daughter

Wed, Oct 27, 1993 30 mins

Snagg and Conan search for a flower in a dangerous place: the garden of the Frost Giant's daughter.

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Episode 34

Cornucopia of Grondar

Thu, Oct 28, 1993 30 mins

Conan finds an enchanted horn, which Wrath-Amon covets.

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Episode 35

When Tolls the Bell of Night

Fri, Oct 29, 1993 30 mins

Yin Doo and Windfang regret summoning a mighty demon, so they ask Conan for help in battling it.

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Episode 36

The Last Dagger of Manir

Mon, Nov 1, 1993 30 mins

Conan searches for a weapon made by his father in a pirate city where Wrath-Amon awaits.

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Episode 37

Thorns of Midnight

Tue, Nov 2, 1993 30 mins

Greywolf and Mesmira covet the same uncommon flower, so a struggle ensues between them.

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Episode 38

The Vale of Amazons

Wed, Nov 3, 1993 30 mins

Conan's captured by a clan of Amazon women, so Jezmine jeopardizes her own safety and freedom trying to rescue him.

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Episode 39

Bones of Damballa

Thu, Nov 4, 1993 30 mins

Skulkar attempts to murder a faith healer, who instead transforms Skulkar back into a human.

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Episode 40

Turn About Is Foul Play

Fri, Nov 5, 1993 30 mins

A serpent masquerades as a queen and tricks the king into imprisoning Conan and Zula.

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Episode 41

Once & Future Conan

Mon, Nov 8, 1993 30 mins

Conan visits a grim future controlled by Set, and decides to stop it from happening.

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Episode 42

Sword, Sai & Shuriken

Tue, Nov 9, 1993 30 mins

The citizens of Phenion seek help from Conan after a powerful ninja crushes their top warriors.

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Episode 43

Full Moon Rising

Wed, Nov 10, 1993 30 mins

Greywolf looks forward to seeing his siblings in human form, but his plans go awry because of Lokkar, who wants revenge on Greywolf.

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Episode 44

The Stealer of Souls

Thu, Nov 11, 1993 30 mins

Gora gets the Stealer of Souls to attack Conan and his pals, as well as the king.

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Episode 45

Amra the Lion

Fri, Nov 12, 1993 30 mins

Gora tries using dark magic to drain the life from Conan, who teams up with a lion to halt Gora.

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Episode 46

Escape of Ram-Amon

Mon, Nov 15, 1993 30 mins

Conan meets Ram-Amon, Wrath-Amon's predecessor, and ponders whether he can be trusted.

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Episode 47

The Star Metal Monster

Tue, Nov 16, 1993 30 mins

An orphan displays magical powers by making a statue lifelike, prompting Wrath-Amon to take note of her abilities.

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Episode 48

Into the Abyss

Wed, Nov 17, 1993 30 mins

Conan and Jezmine try to capture some of Set's magic, but get attacked by Serpent-Men.

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Episode 49

A Serpent Coils the Earth - Part 1

Thu, Nov 18, 1993 30 mins

Part 1 of 3. Wrath-Amon releases Set, who seeks to dominate the world.

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Episode 50

A Serpent Coils the Earth - Part 2

Fri, Nov 19, 1993 30 mins

Part 2 of 3. Conan discovers how to triumph over Set and Wrath-Amon, but before he acts, he has to determine how trustworthy Mesmira is.

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Episode 51

A Serpent Coils the Earth - Part 3

Mon, Nov 22, 1993 30 mins

Conclusion. Conan and his pals are in jeopardy after they're captured by an ex-ally and taken to Set.

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Episode 52

Red Sonja

Sun, May 24, 2020 30 mins

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Episode 53

Shadows of Death

Sun, May 24, 2020 30 mins

Conan rescues Karella and evades a host of soldiers, resulting in an unexpected escape to the dreaded Island of Vilayet, known as the Island of Death.

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Episode 54

The Child

Sun, May 24, 2020 30 mins

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Episode 55

The Crystal Arrow

Sun, May 24, 2020 30 mins

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Episode 56

The Siege of Ahl Sohn-Bar

Thu, Mar 3, 2022 43 mins

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Episode 57

The Ruby Fruit Forest

Mon, Jul 18, 2022 43 mins

The heroes explore a forest plagued by a monster, while a general seeks rubies to fuel a magical prophecy about their fate.

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Conan the Adventurer, Season 2 Episode 57 image

Episode 58

The Three Virgins

Mon, Jul 25, 2022 43 mins

A warrior saves three maidens from a slaver and embarks on a quest to recover a stolen sacred talisman, facing betrayal and evil magic along the way.

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Conan the Adventurer, Season 2 Episode 58 image