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Colt .45 Season 3 Episodes

Season 3 Episode Guide

28 Episodes 1959 - 1960

Episode 1

The Queen of Dixie

Sun, Oct 4, 1959 30 mins

A counterfeiting ring makes things hot for Chris on a gambling boat. Chris: Wayde Preston. Captain: John Alderson. Gibbs: Andy Clyde. Barnes: Tol Avery. Marshall: Dale Johnson.

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Episode 2

The Reckoning

Sun, Oct 11, 1959 30 mins

Chris is after killers in the desert. Father Knox: Jack Mather. Hicks: Joe di Reda. Gibson: Buzz Martin.

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Episode 3

The Devil's Godson

Sun, Oct 18, 1959 30 mins

Adam West plays Doc Holliday, baiting a trap for a killer. Chris: Wayde Preston. Billy: Billy Wells. Anne: Ann Moriss. Ryan: Alan Dexter.

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Episode 4

The Rival Gun

Sun, Oct 25, 1959 30 mins

Hunting a missing shipment, Chris clashes with a man who sells guns to hostile Indians. Chris: Wayde Preston. Duke: Robert McQueeney. Butch: Dick Rich. Miles: Stephen Chase.

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Episode 5

The Hothead

Sun, Nov 1, 1959 30 mins

Troy Donahue plays a bank clerk framed by outlaws. Dottie: Ruta Lee. Chris: Wayde Preston. Sergeant: James Hope. Outlaws: John McCann, K.L. Smith.

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Episode 6

A Legend of Buffalo Bill

Sun, Nov 8, 1959 30 mins

Chris meets Buffalo Bill and writer Ned Buntline (Lindsay Workman)---and a gang of hijackers.

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Episode 7

Yellow Terror

Sun, Nov 15, 1959 30 mins

Colt uses panic about a yellow-fever epidemic to find a murderer. Colt: Wayde Preston. Pike: Richard Devon. Lucie: Kay Elhardt. Gibbs: Andy Clyde. Barker: Brad Dexter.

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Episode 8

Tar and Feathers

Sun, Nov 22, 1959 30 mins

Chris is assigned to protect a French diplomat touring the West. Chris: Wayde Preston. Bourdette: Sal Ponti. Louise: Jenifer Lea. Porter: Howard Petrie.

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Episode 9

Alias Mr. Howard

Sun, Dec 6, 1959 30 mins

Sam's on the trail of an outlaw but he doesn't know it's Jesse James. Howard: Mike Road. Keene: Howard Ledig. Sam: Donald May. Zee: Jane Nigh.

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Episode 10


Sun, Dec 13, 1959 30 mins

Chris tangles with Calamity Jane. Chris: Wayde Preston. Calamity: Dody Heath. Dr. McGraw: Joan Taylor.

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Episode 11

Under False Pretenses

Sun, Jan 10, 1960 30 mins

Sam, after the pair who robbed a stagecoach, finds one of them on the trail---dead. Mills: Tim Graham. Julie: Suzanne Lloyd. Cliff: Jack Hogan.

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Episode 12


Sun, Jan 31, 1960 30 mins

Sam nearly turns a payroll over to bandits posing as soldiers. Baseball pitcher Sandy Koufax plays a small role in this episode. Larson: Harry Lauter. Sam: Donald May. Barbara: Linda Lawson. Staley: Roy Engel.

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Episode 13

Arizona Anderson

Sun, Feb 14, 1960 30 mins

Posing as a gambler, Sam puts on the pressure to locate stolen Government money. Anderson: Mike Road. Mrs. Anderson: Catherine McCleod. Gilby: Allan Lane.

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Episode 14

The Cause

Sun, Feb 28, 1960 30 mins

Sam has to cope with Mexican rebels to retrieve a renegade colonel for the Government. Murdock: Tristram Coffin. Ramon: Miguel Landa. Martinez: Rodolfo Hoyos. Lupe: Jay Novello.

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Episode 15

Phantom Trail

Sun, Mar 13, 1960 30 mins

The Colt boys work to nab cattle rustlers---with Sam posing as a killer eager to kill Chris. Sam: Donald May. Chris: Wayde Preston. Holman: John Archer. Thorne: John McCann. Stevens: Donald Barry.

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Episode 16


Sun, Mar 27, 1960 30 mins

Chris tries to stop highwaymen from taking a gold-laden stagecoach. Suzanne: Faith Domergue. Dodson: Walter Reed. Kincaid: Archie Duncan. Squires: Charles Cooper.

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Episode 17

Chain of Command

Tue, Apr 5, 1960 30 mins

Colt risks a court-martial when he refuses to follow orders. Colt: Wayde Preston. Bealey: Alan Baxter. Parker: Ross Elliott. O'Hickey: Gordon Jones. Honora: Jean Blake. Roberts: Gary Vinson.

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Episode 18


Tue, Apr 12, 1960 30 mins

While Chris investigates an alleged murderer's innocence, the prisoner disappears. Colt: Wayde Preston. Thompson: Don Haggerty. Karp: James Bell. Janice: Claudia Barrett. Randall: Jock Gaynor.

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Episode 19

Absent Without Leave

Tue, Apr 19, 1960 30 mins

A colonel accuses his lieutenant son of cowardice. Colonel: Tyler McVey. Charles: Gary Conway. Colt: Wayde Preston. Mary: Andra Martin. Blanton: Steve Brodie.

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Episode 20

Strange Encounter

Tue, Apr 26, 1960 30 mins

Escorting two killers to jail, Chris comes upon injured men---and one of his prisoners is a doctor. Craig: Vaughn Taylor. Devery: Frank Albertson. Mannix: Robert Colbert.

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Episode 21

Trial by Rope

Tue, May 3, 1960 30 mins

Chris takes on a woman whose word is judge and jury combined. Lottie: Lurene Tuttle. Dora: Pamela Duncan. Chris: Wayde Preston. Anderson: Edward Kemmer. Wiley: Don Chastain.

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Episode 22

The Gandy Dancers

Tue, May 10, 1960 30 mins

Sam's latest cause: helping immigrant workers who are being blackmailed by outlaws. Sam: Donald May. Springer: Charles Fredericks. Anna: Joan Lora.

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Episode 23

Martial Law

Tue, May 17, 1960 30 mins

A gambler and Sam can't seem to come to terms on Sam's crusade to clean up the town. Vinnie: Margaret Whiting. Sam: Donald May. Perris: Ray Daley. Hacker: Robert Foulk. Blaine: Paul Picerni.

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Episode 24


Tue, May 24, 1960 30 mins

The Sioux own ore-rich land ... but miners are determined to take it over. Colt: Donald May. Clay: Robert Colbert. Seth Johnson: Richard Garland. Running Deer: Sharon Hugueny. Garrick: Frank Gerstle. Chief: Glenn Strange.

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Episode 25

Bounty List

Tue, May 31, 1960 30 mins

Sam and a bounty hunter are after the same men. Sam wants them alive, but the bounty hunter just wants the cash. Kane: Ray Danton. Colt: Donald May. Harriet: Janet Lake. Tommy: Ron Foster. Marshal: Harp McGuire. Bonny: Juli Reding. Sheriff: J. Edward McKinley. Bartender: Nesdon Booth.

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Episode 26

Appointment in Agoura

Tue, Jun 7, 1960 30 mins

Ben Thompson killed a man in self-defense. Now the dead man's family wants to even the score. Sam: Donald May. Abel: Hal Torey. Cal: Chris Robinson. Jess: Steve Drexel. Boggs: Alan Reynolds.

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Episode 27

Showdown at Goldtown

Tue, Jun 14, 1960 30 mins

A paroled ex-convict is to drive a gold-laden stage---which his enemy plans to rob. Moore: Robert Colbert. Sam: Donald May. Molly: Ruta Lee. Cooper: Jered Barclay.

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Episode 28

The Trespasser

Tue, Jun 21, 1960 30 mins

Mike O'Tara is determined to avenge the murder, by a soldier, of his Indian wife. Sam: Donald May. Red Feather: Lee Van Cleef. Belle: Pamela Duncan.

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