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Chuck Season 2 Episodes

22 Episodes 2008 - 2009

In the second season, Chuck (Zachary Levi) deals with nuclear terrorists, rival agents and ex-girlfriends while learning the art of seduction, trying to have a relationship and keep his job at Buy More. Guest starts include Dominic Moneghan ("Lost" and "Lord of the Rings"), John Larroquette ("Boston Legal" and "Night Court") and Gary Cole ("Office Space") appears as Sarah's (Yvonne Strahovski) father.

Episode 1

Chuck Versus the First Date

Mon, Sep 29, 2008 60 mins

In the Season 2 premiere, Chuck mixes it up with a formidable operative (Michael Clarke Duncan) out to obtain a device that would potentially give rise to a new Intersect. Later, believing his spy career is behind him, Chuck asks Sarah out on a true first date. At Buy More, Morgan uses quirky means to hire a new assistant manager.

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Episode 2

Chuck Versus the Seduction

Mon, Oct 6, 2008 60 mins

Chuck goes undercover to pluck an important device from toxic spy the Black Widow (Melinda Clarke). But to penetrate her web, he must first learn the fine art of seduction from suave superspy Roan Montgomery (John Larroquette), whose best days are likely behind him. Elsewhere, Morgan provides unlikely romantic advice to Captain Awesome; and Lester adapts to his new position at Buy More.

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Episode 3

Chuck Versus the Break-up

Mon, Oct 13, 2008 60 mins

Sarah's ex-flame and partner, Bryce Larkin (Matthew Bomer), makes an unforeseen return and goes undercover with Sarah as an overly affectionate couple, much to a jealous Chuck's chagrin. At Buy More, Morgan tangles with strip-mall bullies, headed by the menacing Mitt (former NFL star Michael Strahan).

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Episode 4

Chuck Versus the Cougars

Mon, Oct 20, 2008 60 mins

Sarah's teenage insecurities bubble to the surface when she runs into her school nemesis, Heather Chandler (Nicole Richie). But in order to stymie a plot involving bombs, Sarah must attend her high-school reunion and go face-to-face with Heather. Meanwhile, with Buy More bigwig Big Mike absent, Lester is left in charge of carrying out a new sales policy. Ben Savage guest stars.

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Episode 5

Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer

Mon, Oct 27, 2008 60 mins

Being a spy begins to have a deleterious effect on Chuck, particularly when he must take on global terrorists who are targeting a most-unlikely person: offbeat Buy More staffer Jeff. Worse, it appears Jeff could be a key player in the prevention of World War III, with the very fate of the world resting in his hands. Tony Hale guest stars.

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Episode 6

Chuck Versus the Ex

Mon, Nov 10, 2008 60 mins

Chuck chances upon his ex-flame (Jordana Brewster) and embellishes his status in life to impress her. But Chuck must get into spy mode upon discovering that her research-scientist boss may be involved in the development of a bioweapon. Meanwhile, Buy More's efficiency expert (Tony Hale) enforces a mandatory CPR course, conducted by none other than Captain Awesome himself.

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Episode 7

Chuck Versus the Fat Lady

Mon, Nov 17, 2008 60 mins

Chuck and Jill (Jordana Brewster) must put their revived relationship on hold when Chuck is assigned to hunt down shady CIA agents. But there's a personal obstacle: Jill's jealousy grows when she finally meets Sarah. At Buy More, the corporate-efficiency expert (Tony Hale) is hostile toward Chuck and tries to take the Nerd Herder down.

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Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Gravitron

Mon, Nov 24, 2008 60 mins

As Chuck deals with a monumental personal betrayal, he's assigned to exploit his relationship with Jill (Jordana Brewster) to smoke out an agent called Leader. Meanwhile, Captain Awesome's parents plan to visit for Thanksgiving, prompting a determined Ellie to cook up the perfect dinner; Morgan stands guard at Buy More on Thanksgiving.

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Episode 9

Chuck Versus the Sensei

Mon, Dec 1, 2008 60 mins

Chuck, still stung from a personal betrayal, keeps busy with spy work as a coping mechanism. Casey's also reeling: He discovers his mentor (Carl Lumbly) has become a rogue agent. Meanwhile, Awesome's parents (Bruce Boxleitner, Morgan Fairchild) visit. And at Buy More, efficiency expert Emmett (Tony Hale) works to reestablish the "employee of the month" contest.

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Episode 10

Chuck Versus the Delorean

Mon, Dec 8, 2008 60 mins

Chuck spies on Sarah and her date (Gary Cole) and has an Intersect flash about the mystery man. Elsewhere, Anna wants to move in with Morgan, who feels pressured to grow up. But despite help from Captain Awesome, Morgan's quest for maturity is derailed by something from his past.

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Episode 11

Chuck Versus Santa Claus

Mon, Dec 15, 2008 60 mins

It's not so merry on Christmas Eve when an amateur criminal raids the Buy More, taking Chuck and the gang hostage. To protect Chuck, Sarah and Casey attempt to storm the store. But they're out of luck with Chuck---he'd rather stay than leave his significant others behind.

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Episode 12

Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

Mon, Feb 2, 2009 60 mins

In a 3-D edition, global rock star Tyler Martin (Dominic Monaghan) is marked for murder, so the agents kidnap the musician to discover who's behind the deadly plot. Elsewhere, Morgan scores two backstage passes to Tyler's show and holds a contest to determine who will join him. Former gridiron star Jerome Bettis guest stars.

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Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Suburbs

Mon, Feb 16, 2009 60 mins

Chuck and Sarah go undercover as a happily married couple in suburbia. There, they meet colorful community denizens, including a merry neighbor (Andy Richter) and a seductive siren (Jenny McCarthy), who sets out to win Chuck's affections. Meanwhile, Big Mike's wife files for divorce, spiraling the Buy More leader in an overly foul funk. As such, the store staffers set him up on a dating Web site.

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Episode 14

Chuck Versus the Best Friend

Mon, Feb 23, 2009 60 mins

Chuck taps into his burgeoning spying skills to help a heartsick Morgan secretly snoop on Anna. But they soon discover that Anna's new boyfriend might be connected to a dangerous gang. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester pester Ellie to hire their music group---called Jeffster!---as her wedding band.

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Episode 15

Chuck Versus the Beefcake

Mon, Mar 2, 2009 60 mins

Chuck's jealousy escalates when Sarah lavishes her seductive charms on a handsome agent in order to collect important intelligence. Elsewhere, Morgan tries to come to terms with his mother's relationship with Big Mike by staying at Chuck's apartment; Jeff and Lester seek a role in hiring Buy More's new employee.

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Episode 16

Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon

Mon, Mar 9, 2009 60 mins

Sarah and Casey are assigned to hunt down an evildoer named Perseus, who is the mastermind behind a villainous organization's plans to build their own Intersect. Meanwhile, Chuck is holed up in a safety bunker with Agent Cole Barker (Jonathan Cake); Morgan tries to talk Anna out of moving in with him.

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Episode 17

Chuck Versus the Predator

Mon, Mar 23, 2009 60 mins

Chuck locates the scientist who created the Intersect computer that's embedded in his mind. Soon, Chuck experiences a monumental crisis of faith, not knowing whether to put his trust in Sarah and Casey or the mysterious creator. Meanwhile, antagonism builds between the Buy More branch and its stuffy Beverly Hills counterpart.

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Episode 18

Chuck Versus the Broken Heart

Mon, Mar 30, 2009 60 mins

When Chuck and Sarah's complex relationship is exposed, a cold female agent (Tricia Helfer) is assigned to evaluate Sarah's performance, putting her job in jeopardy. Elsewhere, Morgan and "Jeffster" set out to attend Awesome's bachelor party.

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Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Dream Job

Mon, Apr 6, 2009 60 mins

Chuck's life takes fortunate turns: Not only does his long-estranged father (Scott Bakula) return, but Chuck scores a coveted job with Ted Roark (Chevy Chase), a heroic figure in his life. But there may be more to both of these men than meets the eye.

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Episode 20

Chuck Versus the First Kill

Mon, Apr 13, 2009 60 mins

When Chuck's father (Scott Bakula) is abducted by Fulcrum forces, Chuck attempts to rescue him by putting his faith in a most unlikely person---his double-crossing ex-girlfriend, Jill (Jordana Brewster). Meanwhile, at Buy More, the nerd herd tries to derail a corporate evaluation supervised by Emmett (Tony Hale).

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Episode 21

Chuck Versus the Colonel

Mon, Apr 20, 2009 60 mins

Chuck and Sarah go AWOL in a stealthy quest to rescue Chuck's father (Scott Bakula), and they soon inch closer to one another while free from the governmental surveillance that usually eyes them. Meanwhile, Casey works to pinpoint their secret location. And Morgan turns into a Buy More outcast after he unwittingly gets Emmett promoted. Chevy Chase guest stars.

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Episode 22

Chuck Versus the Ring

Mon, Apr 27, 2009 60 mins

In the Season 2 finale, Ellie and Awesome's wedding day arrives, but Chuck must spring into action to save his sister from evil Fulcrum forces and one Ted Roark (Chevy Chase). Guest stars include Scott Bakula, Morgan Fairchild, Bruce Boxleitner and Tony Hale.

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