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Cannon Season 5 Episodes

26 Episodes 1975 - 1976

Episode 1


Wed, Sep 10, 1975 60 mins

A dying man confesses to the murder of Cannon's wife and child, but he dies before explaining his motive. Cannon: William Conrad. Corday: John McLiam. Loring: Harry Townes. Senator Andrews: John McMartin. Wanda: Janet Ward.

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Episode 2

The Deadly Conspiracy

Wed, Sep 17, 1975 60 mins

Cannon and Barnaby Jones investigate a large corporation's activities---which may include murder. William Conrad. McKenna: Barry Sullivan. Corcoran: Charles Durning. Laura: Sharon Acker. Betty: Lee Meriwether.

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Episode 3

The Wrong Medicine

Wed, Sep 24, 1975 60 mins

Cannon investigates a malpractice suit against a young resident (David Birney). Cy Carter: Richard Jaeckel. Dave Tillis: Don Gordon.

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Episode 4

The Iceman

Wed, Oct 1, 1975 60 mins

Cannon reopens a murder case hoping to find evidence that will clear an imprisoned friend. McRae: Robert Foxworth. Jim Carver: Andrew Parks. John: Dennis Patrick. Bob Costigan: John Milford. Sondra: Margaret Impert.

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Episode 5

The Victim

Wed, Oct 8, 1975 60 mins

A singer claims that her friend, a well-known vocalist, is being held captive. Cannon: William Conrad. Janice Elder: Jess Walton. Sean Donager: Joel Fabiani. Lena Michaels: Donna Mills. Jake: James Callahan.

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Episode 6

The Man Who Died Twice

Wed, Oct 15, 1975 60 mins

A corrupt police officer who has been presumed dead is the leading suspect in the murder of a loan shark. Cannon: William Conrad. Weller Dane: Leslie Nielsen. Susan Baylor: Leslie Charleson. Stan Holz: Paul Stewart.

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Episode 7

A Touch of Venom

Wed, Oct 22, 1975 60 mins

A group of radicals try to coerce Cannon into doing their bidding by poisoning him and withholding the antidote. Tracy Murdock: Sondra Locke. Warren: Gregory Rozakis. Leslie: Catherine Burns.

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Episode 8

Man in the Middle

Wed, Oct 29, 1975 60 mins

Cannon goes to Mexico to claim the body of a friend's son, who reportedly died under suspicious circumstances. Nelson Brill: Stuart Whitman. Ernie: Chris Robinson. Maria: Christine Avila.

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Episode 9

Fall Guy

Wed, Nov 5, 1975 60 mins

Cannon tries to clear an oil-company vice-president who's been charged with misappropriating funds. Cannon: William Conrad. Vivian Cabe: Vera Miles. Mike Marsh: Alan Feinstein. Andrew Cabe: John Lehne.

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Episode 10

The Melted Man

Wed, Nov 12, 1975 60 mins

A wealthy heiress fears for her life after a snowman with a hatchet in its head appears on her desert estate. Cannon: William Conrad. Steve: Victor Mohica. Casey: Jenny Sullivan.

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Episode 11

The Wedding March

Wed, Nov 19, 1975 60 mins

Cannon searches for a psychotic who beats women. Cannon: William Conrad. Nell: Tina Louise. Judge Killian: James Olson. Sylvia: Julie Adams. Cora Blue: Paula Kelly.

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Episode 12

The Hero

Wed, Nov 26, 1975 60 mins

A war hero's son is implicated in the murder of a cult-leader. Cannon: William Conrad. Gen. Longman: Morgan Woodward. Mikki: Lee Purcell. Dana Longman: Deirdre Lenihan.

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Episode 13

To Still the Voice

Wed, Dec 3, 1975 60 mins

Cannon investigates the assassination of a black political leader. Garve Raymond: Carl Franklin. Jordan Price: Herb Edelman. Austin Bishop: Robert Burton. Allen: Richard Venture.

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Episode 14

The Star, Part 1

Wed, Dec 10, 1975 60 mins

Part 1. Cannon investigates the mysterious disappearance of a former film star's son. Thelma Kane: Joan Fontaine. Farnham: David Hedison. Terry: Richard Hatch. Hurley: Linden Chiles.

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Episode 15

The Star, Part 2

Wed, Dec 10, 1975 60 mins

Conclusion. Cannon tries to find out why the son of a former film star is being stalked by professional assassins. Thelma Kane: Joan Fontaine. Farnham: David Hedison. Terry: Richard Hatch.

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Episode 16

The Games Children Play

Wed, Dec 17, 1975 60 mins

A boy has trouble convincing people that he has witnessed a kidnapping. William Conrad. Walter: Fritz Weaver. Capt. Carl Masters: Norman Fell. Johnny Malin: Kirby Furlong.

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Episode 17

The Reformer

Wed, Jan 7, 1976 60 mins

Cannon is hired to clear the name of a crusading editor accused of murder. Cannon: William Conrad. Mathews: Tim O'Connor. Capt. Stiles: Ramon Bieri. Preedy: Lawrence Pressman.

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Episode 18

The House of Cards

Wed, Jan 14, 1976 60 mins

An accountant disappears after uncovering evidence of fraud in his company's records. Cannon: William Conrad. Phil Denton: Pernell Roberts. Jack: Dabney Coleman. Sheriff Blake: Robert Pine.

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Episode 19


Wed, Jan 21, 1976 60 mins

Cannon is framed for the murder of a syndicate chief. Andy MacGill: Gary Merrill. Ho Nan: Jesse Dizon. Lucius Delgado: Frank De Kova. Dao Lon: Andre De La Roche. Dexter: Hari Rhodes. Col. Ritchie: Bartlett Robinson.

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Episode 20

Cry Wolf

Wed, Jan 28, 1976 60 mins

A multimillionaire suspects fraud in the apparent kidnapping of his grandson. Cannon: William Conrad. Benjamin: Ralph Bellamy. Terrence: Gary Lockwood. Benjie: John David Carson. Julie: Maria Grimm.

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Episode 21

The Quasar Kill

Wed, Feb 4, 1976 60 mins

Cannon probes the bizarre case of a scientist killed by a laser beam. Dr. Aaron Lawrence: Andrew Duggan. Karl Bruckner: Eric Braeden. Dr. Tree: Keene Curtis. Inge Golden: Ellen Weston.

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Episode 22


Wed, Feb 11, 1976 60 mins

A former enforcer hires Cannon to find out why he is being stalked by a hit man. Cannon: William Conrad. Johnny Baer: Robert Loggia. Phyllis Baer: Madlyn Rhue. Lucius Guarelli: David Opatoshu.

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Episode 23

Point After Death

Wed, Feb 18, 1976 60 mins

Cannon investigates the murder of a star quarterback's girlfriend. Joe Gantry: Scott Hylands. Strickland: Frank Marth. Karen: Antoinette Bower. Dunne: Richard A. Dysart. Nancy: Peggy McCay.

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Episode 24


Wed, Feb 25, 1976 60 mins

A millionaire attempts to frame his daughter-in-law for murder. Cannon: William Conrad. Charlotte: Nancy Kovack Mehta. Sosa Narak: Titos Vandis. Andreas: Robert Drivas. Diego: Pepe Serna.

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Episode 25


Wed, Mar 3, 1976 60 mins

Cannon aids a friend, a scientist at an Army base who has been behaving irrationally. Cannon: William Conrad. Grovner: Alan Bergmann. Dr. Danvers: Charles Aidman. Col. Haggard: Peter Mark Richman. Buck: William Watson.

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Episode 26

Mad Man

Thu, Mar 14, 2019 60 mins

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