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Cade's County Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

23 Episodes 1971 - 1972

Episode 1


Sun, Sep 19, 1971 60 mins

Cade's old pal has murder, rather than friendship, in mind for the sheriff (Glenn Ford). J.J. Jackson: Edgar Buchanan. Ginny Lomax: Loretta Swit. Larry: Richard Anderson. Charlie Morell: H.M. Wynant. Arlo: Taylor Lacher. Rudy: Victor Campos.

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Episode 2

Company Town

Sun, Sep 26, 1971 60 mins

Will Geer stars in this study of a ruthless town boss who thwarts Cade's search for a missing miner. Cade: Glenn Ford. Luanne: Flora Plumb. Jenny Gregg: Pippa Scott. Jimmie-John: Alan Vint. J.J.: Edgar Buchanan. Arlo: Taylor Lacher. Rudy: Victor Campos. Howard Kingman: John McLiam. Junior Quarle: Richard Peabody. Dr. Gregg: Arthur Space.

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Episode 3

Safe Deposit

Sun, Oct 3, 1971 60 mins

The chronicle of a robbery planned with the precision of a commando raid. Cade: Glenn Ford. Freddie: Martin Sheen. Allison: Laraine Stephens. Llewellyn Burton: James Callahan. Eleanor Jameson: Elaine Giftos. Harold Hopkins: James Sikking.

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Episode 4


Sun, Oct 24, 1971 60 mins

James Gregory as a powerful rancher who clashes with Cade over a murder investigation. Cade: Glenn Ford. Nacho: Rodolfo Acosta. Owen Rauth: Simon Scott. Felice Sanchez: Linda Dangcil. Esteban: Richard Yniguez. J.J.: Edgar Buchanan. Arlo: Taylor Lacher.

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Episode 5

Violent Echo

Sun, Oct 31, 1971 60 mins

A seamy abortionist figures in Sam Cade's effort to save a condemned murderer. Frank Leonard: William Windom. Cade: Glenn Ford. Colonel Street: John Anderson. Collins: Pat Harrington. Baker: John Calvin. J.J.: Edgar Buchanan. Arlo: Taylor Lacher.

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Episode 6

Gray Wolf

Sun, Nov 7, 1971 60 mins

Cameron Mitchell as a murderer eluding capture, thanks to Comanche cunning and former training as Cade's deputy. Cade: Glenn Ford. Tom Running Man: Tom Nardini. Stubock: John Savage. Roseann Claybourne: Sharon Acker. Chief Wild Horse: Jay Silverheels. Arlo: Taylor Lacher.

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Episode 7

The Armageddon Contract

Sun, Nov 14, 1971 60 mins

A saboteur plans to detonate nuclear bombs at a missile site. Pilgrim: William Shatner. Cade: Glenn Ford. Frances Pilgrim: Mariette Hartley. Ross: Eric Christmas. Floyd: Dan Ferrone. J.J.: Edgar Buchanan. Arlo: Taylor Lacher. Rudy: Victor Campos.

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Episode 8

The Mustangers

Sun, Nov 21, 1971 60 mins

A chase scene caps a drama with George Maharis as a hunter involved in the sale of wild horses. Cade: Glenn Ford. Ilona Wallach: Brenda Scott. Mule Mueller: John Quade. J.J.: Edgar Buchanan. Wilbur Bain: Jack Starrett.

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Episode 9

Delegate at Large

Sun, Nov 28, 1971 60 mins

In search of his deputy, Cade teams up with a Los Angeles cop to find the abductors, kill-happy jewel thieves. Cade: Glenn Ford. Grover Curtis: L.Q. Jones.

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Episode 10

A Gun for Billy

Sun, Dec 12, 1971 60 mins

Bobby Darin as a deranged ex-con who thinks he's Billy the Kid and that Cade is Sheriff Pat Garrett (the Kid's killer). Celsa: Linda Cristal. Gabriel: Leif Garrett. Cade: Glenn Ford. McCann: Warren Kemmerling. Paul Jeffries: Richard Kelton. Dr. Geis: David Doyle. J.J.: Edgar Buchanan.

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Episode 11

Requiem for Miss Madrid

Sun, Dec 19, 1971 60 mins

Broderick Crawford in a mystery about a beauty queen's murder. Billy Don: Johnny Crawford. Haskell: Charles Robinson. Gerri: E.J. Peaker. Cade: Glenn Ford. J.J.: Edgar Buchanan.

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Episode 12

The Alien Land

Sun, Jan 9, 1972 60 mins

Middle East tension in the Southwest when an Arab student is accused of murdering a ranch foreman. Ward Farrell: Forrest Tucker. Cade: Glenn Ford. Heather: Heidi Vaughn. Arlo: Taylor Lacher. Joe Bishara: Fred Sadoff. Munir: Al Alu. J.J.: Edgar Buchanan.

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Episode 13


Sun, Jan 16, 1972 60 mins

Cade poses as a blackmailer, trying to nail the kingpin of a gold-smuggling operation. Maurey Benedict: Anthony Zerbe. Judy: Judy Carne. Cade: Glenn Ford. J.J.: Edgar Buchanan. Kettenbach: Lonny Chapman.

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Episode 14

One Small Acceptable Death

Sun, Jan 23, 1972 60 mins

A derelict was the only witness to a back-alley incident that led to his friend's murder. Harley: David Wayne. Cade: Glenn Ford. William Courtney: William Smithers. J.J.: Edgar Buchanan. Max Galt: Michael Baseleon. DA Forbes: Mike Road.

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Episode 15

The Brothers

Sun, Jan 30, 1972 60 mins

A family tragedy evolves when Arlo's brother plans the perfect crime. Arlo: Taylor Lacher. Jess Pritchard: Christopher Stone. Ward: Michael Pataki. Clint: Edmond O'Brien. Johnny: Elliott Street. Cade: Glenn Ford. Wiley: Ted Gehring.

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Episode 16

Slay Ride

Sun, Feb 6, 1972 60 mins

A search for a killer begins with a hostile Apache's suspicious confession. First of two parts. Willie Ball: Tony Bill. Jana Gantry: Leslie Parrish. Cade: Glenn Ford. J.J.: Edgar Buchanan. Luke Edwards: John Schuck. Judge Tanner: Anne Seymour. Pete: Peter Ford. Stephen Evans: Sam Chew. Ed Kaproski: Gerald S. O'Loughlin.

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Episode 17

Slay Ride

Sun, Feb 13, 1972 60 mins

Gerald S. O'Loughlin as a hard-nosed cop in a tale about an unsolved murder and a chronic confessor. Willie Ball: Tony Bill. Luke Edwards: John Schuck. Cade: Glenn Ford. David Aguilas: Dehl Berti. Traven: Mark Jenkins. J.J.: Edgar Buchanan.

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Episode 18

Dead Past

Sun, Feb 27, 1972 60 mins

Chronicle of a murder plot with an archaeology professor as the target. Phillips: Simon Oakland. Jason Benedict: Steve Ihnat. Ellie: Bridget Hanley. Jack: Michael C. Gwynne. Cade: Glenn Ford. Rennie: Jan Merlin. Bryan: Don Dubbins. Oliver See: Woodrow Parfrey. J.J.: Edgar Buchanan.

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Episode 19


Sun, Mar 5, 1972 60 mins

A son aims to destroy his family's business. Cade: Glenn Ford. Rand: Scott Marlowe. Olive Rand: Jeanette Nolan. Arlo: Taylor Lacher. Cameron: Lou Antonio. Amanda: Kathie Browne. Sawyer: Bart LaRue. Grimes: Shelly Novack.

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Episode 20

Ragged Edge

Sun, Mar 12, 1972 60 mins

An imprisoned drug pusher is the ransom demanded for a kidnapped child. Directed by Hollywood veteran George Marshall. Helen Derman: Kathryn Hays. Bennie Mitchell: Jack Carter. Brewster: Russ Tamblyn. Cade: Glenn Ford. McGiver: Harry Townes. Sims: Troy Melton. Martha: Lori Busk.

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Episode 21


Sun, Mar 19, 1972 60 mins

Barbara Rush portrays a woman accused of murder and trapped in a web of circumstantial evidence. Cade: Glenn Ford. Nicky Braddock: Bobby Sherman. Mark Walters: Fredd Wayne. Fred Irons: Robert Patten.

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Episode 22

The Fake

Sun, Mar 26, 1972 60 mins

O.J. Simpson stars as an ex-con art student whose resentment at being refused a grant has propelled him into art forgery. Cade: Glenn Ford. Arlo: Taylor Lacher. Gail Hyland: Rosemary Forsyth. Martin Russell: Don Porter. Vic Winter: George Murdock. Joe Pitts: Joe Turkell.

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Episode 23


Sun, Apr 9, 1972 60 mins

Edward Asner portrays a former syndicate boss set up for murder. Cade: Glenn Ford. Stephanie: Shelley Fabares. Ben Crawford: Ed Flanders. Carla Ardmore: Anne Randall.

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