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Bring 'em Back Alive Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

17 Episodes 1982 - 1983

Episode 1

Pilot Episode, Part 1

Fri, Sep 24, 1982 60 mins

Buck reluctantly agrees to guide an American diplomat to a downed aircraft containing secret documents. First of two parts. Ali: Clyde Kusatsu. Ridley-Jones: Roger Newman. Bhundi: Harvey Jason. H.H.: Ron O'Neal.

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Episode 2

Pilot Episode, Conclusion AKA Seven Keys to Singapore

Tue, Sep 28, 1982 60 mins

Conclusion. When Buck learns of H.H.'s kidnaping, he mounts a rescue that uncovers an Axis plot to topple the Singapore government. Bruce Boxleitner, Ron O'Neal. Nakamoto: Sab Shimono. Major Anthony: John David Carson.

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Episode 3

There's One Born Every Minute

Tue, Oct 5, 1982 60 mins

A count needs a jungle cat, which pits Buck against a hunter whose methods he despises; while at the Raffles Hotel, another breed of cat burglarizes the guests. Count Markoff: Alejandro Rey. Buck: Bruce Boxleitner. Dingo: Don Knight.

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Episode 4

The Reel World of Frank Buck

Tue, Oct 12, 1982 60 mins

A medallion clutched by a wounded friend leads Buck and Gloria to a distant valley where the Nazis are secretly mining uranium. Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan. Derrick Flynn: Craig Littler.

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Episode 5

The Pied Piper

Tue, Oct 19, 1982 60 mins

Buck fights his way through the jungle and past a Japanese unit to warn the U.S. Consulate about an Axis spy. Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan. Tanako: Mako. Tara: Karen Mayo-Chandler. Somerset: Earl Robinson.

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Episode 6

The Warlord

Tue, Oct 26, 1982 60 mins

Ali guides a hood to his jungle contact---unaware they're headed for a rendezvous with a deadly warlord. Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan. Run Run Li: Cal Bellini. Yataki: Soon-Teck Oh.

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Episode 7

Thirty Hours

Tue, Nov 16, 1982 60 mins

Buck and Gloria crash in cannibal country, unaware that Buck has a strain of malaria that kills in 30 hours. Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan. Bhundi: Harvey Jason. Dr. Wallace: Walter Brooke.

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Episode 8

Wilmer Bass and the Serengeti Kid

Tue, Nov 23, 1982 60 mins

Buck aids a washed-up vaudevillian and his animal act, a lion with a jeweled collar fanatical cultists will kill for. Wilmer Bass: Elisha Cook. H.H.: Ron O'Neal. Arami: Deborah Shelton.

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Episode 9

Escape From Kampoon

Tue, Nov 30, 1982 60 mins

Buck and H.H. help an American agent free her secret contact from Kampoon prison---an Asian version of Devil's Island. Bruce Boxleitner, Ron O'Neal. Terri Yoshida: Lydia Lei. Warden Pike: Richard Lynch.

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Episode 10

The Best of Enemies

Tue, Dec 7, 1982 60 mins

Buck drives Bhundi to a jungle rendezvous, unaware he's carrying the stolen jeweled talisman of Hassam. Bruce Boxleitner. Gordon: Ed Grover. Ford: Eric Server. Darmid: Noel de Souza.

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Episode 11

To Kill a Princess

Sat, Jan 8, 1983 60 mins

H.H. learns of a plot to murder his cousin Princess Kati, who's returning home to ascend her late father's throne. Ron O'Neal, Bruce Boxleitner. Captain Hayward: George Lazenby.

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Episode 12

Bones of Contention

Sat, Jan 15, 1983 60 mins

Buck's discovery of notes pointing to the existence of the missing link touches off a race for the priceless bones. Bruce Boxleitner. Laura Davies: Cindy Pickett. Howard Cheney: William Bogert.

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Episode 13

A Switch in Time

Sat, Jan 22, 1983 60 mins

Buck is unaware that the VIP he's escorting through the jungle is Douglas MacArthur (Richard Anderson). Bruce Boxleitner. Erika: Irena Ferris. Herb Johnson: Graham Jarvis. Gloria: Cindy Morgan.

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Episode 14

The Shadow Women of Chung-Tai

Sat, Jan 29, 1983 60 mins

In Shanghai, Buck is drugged and his date abducted by a notorious flesh peddler. Bruce Boxleitner. Alfredo Astero: Albert Salmi. Bill Griffin: Christopher Connelly. H.H.: Ron O'Neal.

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Episode 15

The Hostage

Sat, Feb 12, 1983 60 mins

Buck is aided by a reporter in his struggle to free H.H. from political fanatics. Bruce Boxleitner, Ron O'Neal. Fu Kahn: James Hong.

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Episode 16

The Chase AKA Dead Run

Sat, Feb 19, 1983 60 mins

While on a safari, Buck and a photographer are tracked by a tribe of hunters led by a sadistic escaped convict. Bruce Boxleitner. Larkin: Mike Preston. Ullman: Bo Brundin. Rawatti: Behrouz Vossi.

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Episode 17

Storm Warning

Tue, May 31, 1983 60 mins

Buck escapes being murdered aboard a ship, then is forced to wait out a storm with his shipmates, one of whom is the would-be killer. Bruce Boxleitner. Kate: Barbra Horan. Martha: Marla Adams. Miklos: Al Ruscio. Ali: Clyde Kusatsu.

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