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B.L. Stryker Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

7 Episodes 1989 - 1990

Episode 1

The King of Jazz

Sat, Nov 18, 1989 120 mins

Stryker works in tandem with an FBI agent who was once a rival in police work and love, but now they both have an interest in a wealthy philanderer (Doug McClure) who's into financial scams. Jacqui Simone: Marie Lauren. Akos Delon: Aharon Impale. Julianna: Jo Ann Pflug.

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Episode 2

Die Laughing

Sat, Dec 16, 1989 120 mins

Someone is trying to lower the curtain on a comic. Ted McGinley returns as B.L.'s would-be partner Mitch Slade. Stryker: Burt Reynolds. Gabrielle Harwood: Dana Ivey. Danny Stevens: Richard LePore. Eugene Cutler: Richard Mantell. Oz: Ossie Davis.

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Episode 3

Winner Takes All

Sat, Jan 13, 1990 120 mins

Football and money figure in the murder of a high-school star's father, who's killed by his bookmaker's enforcers. Cody Pearson: Paul Gleason. Ruth Hastings: Cicely Tyson. Mark Hastings Jr.: Eriq LaSalle. Stryker: Burt Reynolds. Coach: Ken Vitulli.

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Episode 4

Grand Theft Hotel

Sat, Feb 24, 1990 120 mins

B.L., McGee and Oliver are on the prowl at a Bahamian jewelers convention to nail a cat burglar before he steals a necklace. Dawn St. Clair: Loni Anderson. Harmon Potter: Charles Nelson Reilly. Jason Stone: Ian Ogilvy. B.L.: Burt Reynolds. McGee: Michael O. Smith. Oliver: Alfie Wise. Sissy: Helen Hunt.

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Episode 5

High Rise

Sat, Mar 10, 1990 120 mins

Oz and Kimberly are taken hostage when a high-rise jewel theft goes awry. Victor Costanza: Ricardo Montalban. Tina: Julianne Moore. Felix Renza: Jon Cypher. Stryker: Burt Reynolds. McGee: Michael O. Smith. Joss: Pete Antico.

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Episode 6


Sat, Apr 14, 1990 120 mins

While picking up custom license plates for Oz, Stryker is detoured by a beauty (Carol Alt) who involves him with thugs, a crooked tow operator, drug smugglers---and the FBI. Kim: Rita Moreno. Bill Silvrer: Jerry Reed. Darlene Carter: Denise Nicholas. Oliver: Alfie Wise.

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Episode 7

Night Train

Sat, May 5, 1990 120 mins

Stryker and Oz guard a precocious preteen who saw her mother murdered---and may have documents wanted by a racketeer. Marion Martin: Lindsey Alley. Donna Whitehall: Morgan Brittany. Wallace Wardell: Kenny Miller. Mr. Parkinson: James Best. Oliver: Alfie Wise. Mrs. Parkinson: Alice Ghostley.

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