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Behind the Music Season 2 Episodes

39 Episodes 1998 - 1999

Episode 1


Sun, Dec 23, 2001 90 mins

An expanded version of the 1998 episode profiling Madonna includes interviews and clips covering her CDs "Ray of Light" and "Music," her Grammys, her marriage to Guy Ritchie and the birth of their son, Rocco.

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Episode 2


Sun, Aug 30, 1998 60 mins

A report on the music and times of 1968. Included: archival footage and interviews with artists whose music punctuated the year, including Grace Slick, John Fogerty, David Crosby, Aretha Franklin, James Brown. Also: interviews with two Vietnam vets.

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Episode 3


Sun, Sep 6, 1998 60 mins

The career of Steppenwolf. Included: interviews with lead singer-guitarist John Kay and former band members. Also: remarks by Kay's wife, Jutta Maue-Kay; and fellow musicians such as Rick James. Also: archival footage; home movies.

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Episode 4

John Denver

Sun, Oct 11, 1998 60 mins

A profile of John Denver.

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Episode 5


60 mins

A profile of Blondie features interviews with band members Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, who discuss, among other things, the guitarist's recovery from a rare skin disorder and the group's latest album.

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Episode 6

Shania Twain

Sun, Oct 4, 1998 60 mins

A biography of Shania Twain includes interviews with the singer's family, as well as with Nashville lawyer Richard Frank, who helped her land a major-label record deal, and Norro Wilson, a producer on her first album.

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Episode 7

Stevie Nicks

Sun, Nov 1, 1998 60 mins

A profile of Stevie Nicks charts her career with Fleetwood Mac, as well as her solo work.

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Episode 8

John Mellencamp

Sun, Nov 8, 1998 90 mins

A profile of John Mellencamp includes the Grammy winner's remarks about his music and painting, as well as his 1994 heart attack. Also: comments by his wife, model Elaine Irwin; his parents; other family members; and friends.

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Episode 9


Sun, Nov 22, 1998 60 mins

A profile of Metallica includes interviews with band members, who discuss their early years; the 1986 death of bassist Cliff Burton in a tour-bus accident; and a 1992 on-stage mishap in which frontman James Hetfield suffered burns caused by a pyrotechnics display.

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Episode 10

Lionel Richie

Sun, Nov 29, 1998 60 mins

A biography of Lionel Richie includes interviews with the singer, family members and professional colleagues. Also: archival footage.

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Episode 11

Rick Springfield

Sun, Nov 29, 1998 60 mins

Rick Springfield discusses his music and acting careers. Also: Springfield's 1989 motorcycle accident.

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Episode 12

KC and the Sunshine Band

60 mins

A profile of KC and the Sunshine Band includes interviews with KC and his family, as well as remarks from professional associates.

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Episode 13


Sun, Dec 6, 1998 60 mins

The history of REM, from its 1979 formation as a quartet in Athens, Ga., through its chart success, to the 1997 departure of drummer Bill Berry. Included: archival footage; interviews with members. Also: "Up," the band's first release as a trio.

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Episode 14

Motley Crue

60 mins

A report on the ups and downs of Motley Crue includes interviews with band members, who discuss bassist Nikki Sixx's near-fatal 1987 heroin overdose and the 1995 death of singer Vince Neil's daughter Skylar from cancer. Also: archival footage.

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Episode 15

David Cassidy

60 mins

The career of David Cassidy.

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Episode 16

Bette Midler

Sun, Jan 3, 1999 60 mins

A profile of Bette Midler. Interviewees include Midler, Barry Manilow, Toni Basil, Atlantic Records president Ahmet Ertegun and Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner.

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Episode 17

Leif Garrett

Sat, Oct 23, 2010 60 mins

A profile of Leif Garrett. Included: the former teen idol comments on his career. Also: Garrett's reunion with a friend who was paralyzed and who later sued Garrett following a 1979 car accident in which Garrett was charged with drunken driving.

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Episode 18


Sun, Jan 24, 1999 60 mins

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Episode 19

The Day the Music Died

Wed, Feb 3, 1999 90 mins

A documentary about the Feb. 3, 1959, plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper (J.P Richardson). Also examined is the influence of their music on future generations. Included: talks with Gary Busey, Don McLean, disc jockey Bob Hale.

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Episode 20

Depeche Mode

Sun, Feb 28, 1999 60 mins

A profile of Depeche Mode includes interviews with present and former members of the band. Also: lead singer Dave Gahan discusses his 1996 arrest on drug charges and their subsequent dismissal following his successful completion of a drug-rehab program.

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Episode 21

Grand Funk Railroad

Sun, Mar 7, 1999 60 mins

A profile of Grand Funk Railroad. Included: interviews with band members and their former manager; filmmaker Michael Moore, producer Todd Rundgren and musician Peter Frampton.

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Episode 22

Iggy Pop

Sun, Mar 14, 1999 60 mins

A profile of Iggy Pop includes interviews with Pop and the surviving members of his original band, the Stooges. Also: rare concert and archival interview footage.

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Episode 23

Vanilla Ice

Sun, Mar 28, 1999 60 mins

A profile of Vanilla Ice includes an interview with the former rap artist, who discusses his release "Hard to Swallow" and the tour that followed it, as well as his life as a family man. Also: comments by Lenny Kravitz and MC Hammer.

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Episode 24

Duran Duran

60 mins

A profile of Duran Duran includes a report on the group's chart success in the 1980s, as well as its current formation as a threesome that includes two original members, Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes. Also: comments by Lou Reed, Bryan Ferry, Luciano Pavarotti.

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Episode 25


Sun, Apr 11, 1999 90 mins

A profile of Cher includes the singer-actress's comments about her career with Sonny Bono, as well as solo endeavors such as her 1987 Oscar win for Best Actress and the success of her single "Believe." Also: remarks by daughter Chastity and designer Bob Mackie.

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Episode 26


Sun, Apr 18, 1999 60 mins

A profile of TLC features interviews with the three singers, who recently released a second album after a five-year absence. Included: talks with producers L.A. Reid and Babyface; former manager Pebbles. Also: clips from Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas's reunion with her father.

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Episode 27

Julian Lennon

Sun, Apr 25, 1999 60 mins

A biography of Julian Lennon includes his frank remarks about growing up in the shadow of his legendary father, John, and his efforts to rebuild their relationship in the late '70s. Also: his music career; his relationship with Yoko Ono; and comments from his mother, Cynthia.

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Episode 28

Alice Cooper

60 mins

A report on Alice Cooper includes the former shock rocker's recollections about being signed by Frank Zappa in 1968; his group's 1974 disbandment and his past struggle with alcoholism. Also: interviews with Rob Zombie, Dee Snider and Pamela Des Barres.

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Episode 29

Black Crowes

Sun, May 9, 1999 60 mins

A documentary on the Black Crowes.

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Episode 30

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

60 mins

A profile of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers includes interviews with the band as well as segments on the group's battle with their former record company and the time, Petty says, when he "had a fit and smashed my hand into a wall." Also: remarks by Roger McGuinn.

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Episode 31

Marianne Faithfull

Sun, May 23, 1999 60 mins

A profile of Marianne Faithfull includes the singer's remarks on her career, her former romantic relationship with Mick Jagger and her past struggle with drug addiction. Also: comments by Keith Richards, ex-husband John Dunbar and actress Anita Pallenberg.

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Episode 32

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Sun, May 30, 1999 60 mins

A 2002 update of the 1999 episode profiling seminal punk-funkers Red Hot Chili Peppers. Included are interviews with band members; Billy Corgan; No Doubt's Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal; and producer Rick Rubin.

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Episode 33

Eric Burdon and the Animals

60 mins

A profile of legendary British blues-rock singer Eric Burdon chronicles the Newcastle native's tenure with the Animals in the 1960s and his stint with the funk outfit War, as well as his erratic solo career. Included: Burdon recalls his friendship with Jimi Hendrix, his experiences with drugs and depression, and his misadventures in the music business.

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Episode 34

Donna Summer

Sun, Jun 20, 1999 60 mins

A profile of Donna Summer includes interviews with the disco diva; her father and sister; and her former manager, Joyce Bogart-Trabulus. Also: clips from Summer's 1979 TV special; and a 1974 Dutch variety show on which she performed. Also: remarks by producer Giorgio Moroder.

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Episode 35

Lenny Kravitz

Sun, Jun 27, 1999 60 mins

A profile of Lenny Kravitz includes his remarks about his former marriage to Lisa Bonet; his work with Madonna; and the death of his mother, actress Roxie Roker, in 1995. Also: Kravitz's musical influences; comments from his dad, Sy.

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Episode 36

Weird Al Yankovic

60 mins

A profile of rock-music parodist "Weird Al" Yankovic covers his early years, when he spoofed songs such as "My Sharona," as well as his more recent work satirizing music videos. Included: Yankovic's comic inspirations, including Dr. Demento and Stan Freberg.

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Episode 37


Sat, Oct 16, 2010 60 mins

A profile of Poison includes interviews with the band, who talk about groupies and drug use. Also: footage from concerts and backstage happenings; remarks from two of the group's toughest critics.

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Episode 38

Quiet Riot

Sun, Jul 18, 1999 60 mins

A profile of heavy metal rock group Quiet Riot, including the 1982 album "Metal Health," which sold 7 million copies; the death of guitarist Randy Rhodes in a plane crash; and the band's breakup and reunion.

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Episode 39

Natalie Cole

Sun, Jul 25, 1999 60 mins

Singer Natalie Cole is profiled.

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