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Angela Anaconda Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

28 Episodes 2000 - 2001

Episode 1

Vicious Cycle; To Catch a Thief

Mon, Sep 11, 2000 30 mins

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Episode 2

French Connection; The List

Mon, Sep 18, 2000 30 mins

An exchange student from France does not live up to Angela's expectations, and even worse, becomes friends with Nanette; a fire-sprinkler accident causes the school to become an ice-skating rink, and Angela's spills are fodder for jokes from her classmates.

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Episode 3

A Bug Responsibility; Pogo-a-Go-Go

Mon, Sep 25, 2000 30 mins

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Episode 4

Snow Mercy; Be-Trayed

Mon, Oct 2, 2000 30 mins

Angela's playfully tossed snowball hits Johnny and Nanette, provoking an escalating response; a lunchtime incident causes everyone to be held in the cafeteria until Angela takes the fall.

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Episode 5

Earhart's Heirloom; Ancient Greeks

Mon, Oct 9, 2000 30 mins

Mrs. Brinks promises to show the class her most prized possession: Amelia Earhart's compass. Later, Nanette writes a Greek tragedy and Angela auditions for a role in the play.

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Episode 6

Brinks of No Return; Operation Ringside

Mon, Oct 16, 2000 30 mins

Included: Angela is stuck at Mrs. Brinks' house after her parents fail to pick her up.

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Episode 7

Eating With the Enemy; Brocc-Fest

Mon, Oct 23, 2000 30 mins

Mr. Manoir wants to invest in Bill's latest invention; Angela's painting of broccoli wins her adulation at the Tapwater Springs broccoli festival.

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Episode 8

All for One; Uncle Nicky's Midlife Crisis

Mon, Oct 30, 2000 30 mins

Angela goes on a nature hike with Nanette; Uncle Nicky tries to reclaim his youth after finding a gray hair on his chest.

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Episode 9

Oh the Humanatees; In a Pepper Pickle

Mon, Nov 6, 2000 30 mins

Included: Angela gets pepper up her nose after a practical joke misfires.

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Episode 10

Boo Hoo

30 mins

Angela fears her mother will make her another embarrassing Halloween costume, so she decides to buy her own without telling her mother.

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Episode 11

The Haunting of Angela

30 mins

Angela and her friends decorate the garage to make it look like a haunted house---and then strange things begin to happen, leading the kids to believe it is spooked.

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Episode 12

The Lion, The Witch, and the Weasel; Curse Of the Mummy

Mon, Nov 20, 2000 30 mins

Angela must complete an assignment about the weasel while visiting the zoo; a mummy falls on Angela at a museum and curses her with bad luck.

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Episode 13

No Thanksgiving; Family Tree

Mon, Nov 27, 2000 30 mins

Angela's family fall ill on Thanksgiving, leaving it up to her to cook the big meal; Angela traces her ancestry for a school project.

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Episode 14

Goodbye Mrs. Brinks; The Birdlady of Tapwater Springs

Mon, Dec 4, 2000 30 mins

Mrs. Brinks tells the class that she is leaving; Angela is seen as a mystical healer after she appears to bring a bird back from the dead.

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Episode 15

Secret Santa

30 mins

Angela thinks Christmas is ruined when she picks Nanette's name for her Secret Santa, and things get worse when Angela learns that Nanette has her name.

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Episode 16

Hooray for Chanukah

30 mins

Angela and the gang lose an antique menorah belonging to Gina's grandmother and pray for a miracle. Voices: Sue Rose, Bryn McCauley.

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Episode 17

Return to Sender; I Wanna Mold Your Mind

Mon, Dec 18, 2000 30 mins

Angela gets a pen pal, but the correspondence soon turns malicious; Angela and her band compete in a talent contest.

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Episode 18

Don't Be Caddie; The Pup Who Would Be King

Mon, Dec 25, 2000 30 mins

Angela takes a job at the golf course; Mrs. Brinks receives one of King's puppies.

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Episode 19

Cheese Under Pressure; Troop or Consequences

Mon, Jan 1, 2001 30 mins

Angela and her classmates decide to trade their lunches; Angela tries to prevent Nanette from becoming troop leader.

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Episode 20

The Great Granny Grudge; News at Eleven

Mon, Jan 8, 2001 30 mins

An old grudge between Grandma Lou and Nonna resurfaces, and Angela seizes a chance to play reporter.

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Episode 21

The Girl With All the Answers

30 mins

Angela is poised to become a question-and-answer queen. Voices: Sue Rose, Bryn McCauley, Ruby Smith Merovitz.

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Episode 22

Abra-Abatti; Stupid Cupid

Mon, Jan 22, 2001 30 mins

Johnny becomes a magician, and Angela and Nanette square off to be his assistant. Also: Romantic complications ensue when Gordy writes a love letter to Gina.

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Episode 23

Camp Anaconda

30 mins

Angela spends spring break with Mark and Derek. Voices: Sue Rose, Bryn McCauley, Ruby Smith Merovitz.

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Episode 24

Sound of Silence; Johnny Learns to Swing

Mon, Feb 5, 2001 30 mins

When the football coach loses his voice, practice is cancelled and Mark and Derek have nothing to do but torment Angela; Johnny sprouts chest hair and Uncle Nicky teaches him how to be a real man.

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Episode 25


30 mins

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Episode 26

Race Car Race

30 mins

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Episode 27

Surf's Up

30 mins

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Episode 28

Dog Gone It

30 mins

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