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American Experience Season 22 Episodes

8 Episodes 2010 - 2010

Episode 1

Civilian Conservation Corps

Mon, Nov 2, 2009 57 mins

The story of the Civilian Conservation Corps, a Depression-era program introduced and championed by President Franklin Roosevelt that worked on two levels: providing employment to those in need of work and restoring America's natural resources, improving the nation's fields, forests and parks, planting trees, building flood barriers, fighting fires and maintaining roads and trails. Included: archival footage; interviews with CCC veterans.

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Episode 2

Wyatt Earp

Mon, Jan 25, 2010 57 mins

A profile of Old West lawman Wyatt Earp (1848-1929), best remembered for his involvement in the infamous 1881 shootout at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Ariz. The doc delves into what led to the incident, including what initially brought him to Tombstone, as well as the aftermath. It also delves into Earp's life prior to and following his stay in Tombstone, including the likely impact that his first wife's 1870 death had on him.

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Episode 3

The Bombing of Germany

Mon, Feb 8, 2010 57 mins

The evolution of America's bombing strategy against Germany during World War II, which went from the precision bombing of military and industrial targets at the war's start to indiscriminate attacks on civilian centers by its end, is chronicled.

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Episode 4

Dolley Madison

Mon, Mar 1, 2010 87 mins

A profile of Dolley Madison (1768-1849), the spouse of fourth U.S. president James Madison, who transformed the role of president's wife and became America's "first" first lady. The biography includes remarks from Cokie Roberts ("Founding Mothers"), historian Catherine Allgor ("A Perfect Union"), presidential historian Richard Norton Smith and first lady biographer Carl Sferrazza Anthony. David Ogden Stiers narrates.

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Episode 5

Earth Days

Mon, Apr 19, 2010 117 mins

"Earth Days" tracks the flowering of the modern environmental movement, including the first Earth Day in 1970, through the eyes of nine of the movement's pioneers, including Whole Earth Catalog founder Stewart Brand, biologist Paul Ehrlich ("Population Bomb"), renewable-energy visionary Hunter Lovins, former interior secretary Stewart Udall and astronaut Rusty Schweickart.

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Episode 6

My Lai

Mon, Apr 26, 2010 87 mins

The incisive "My Lai" recalls the massacre of some 500 unarmed men, women and children by U.S. troops in 1968 Vietnam, detailing the events that led to the tragedy and the barbarity of the slaughter itself. "Once the first civilian was killed it was too late, period," reflects radio operator Fred Widmer, one of the soldiers involved. Also related is the story of chopper pilot Hugh Thompson, who helped some villagers escape and reported the incident to a superior, who promptly covered it up.

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Episode 7

Roads to Memphis

Mon, May 3, 2010 87 mins

"Dr. King and Ray will be forever paired," observes Dan Rather in "Roads to Memphis," a thorough account of the events that led to the April 4, 1968 assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by James Earl Ray. The doc touches upon the reasons for Ray's plot, his 1967 prison escape and cross-country odyssey, and why King was in Memphis. Also interviewed: Hampton Sides ("Hellhound on His Trail"); Gerald Posner ("Killing the Dream"); King associates Andrew Young and Dorothy Cotton.

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Episode 8

Into the Deep: America, Whaling & the World

Mon, May 10, 2010 117 mins

A history of American whaling. The documentary recalls an 1820 incident in which the whaleship Essex sank after being rammed by a sperm whale that was as large as the ship itself. Also detailed is the 1840s expedition of the Acushnet, whose crew included Herman Melville. He was inspired to write "Moby Dick" after meeting the son of an Essex survivor. Included: remarks from historians, Nathaniel Philbrick ("In the Heart of the Sea") and New Bedford (Mass.) Whaling Museum curator Stuart Frank.

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