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American Crime Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

11 Episodes 2015 - 2015

The first season of this anthology crime drama focuses on the aftermath and investigation of the murder of a veteran, Matt Skokie (Grant Merritt), and brutal assault of his wife, Gwen (Kira Pozehl). The story centers around the impact of the event on the victims' families, as well as the suspects and their loved ones. Matt's parents, Barb (Felicity Huffman) and her estranged ex-husband Russ (Timothy Hutton), struggle to cope with their son's death while relentlessly seeking to bring his killer to justice. They also clash with Gwen's parents, Tom (W. Earl Brown) and Eve (Penelope Ann Miller), as they endure the legal investigation and discover dark secrets about their children along the way. The narrative also follows the lives of the various suspects and examines the racial tensions that are prevalent within the legal system. The cast also features Richard Cabral, Caitlin Gerard, Elvis Nolasco, Benito Martinez and Johnny Ortiz.

Episode 1

Episode One

Thu, Mar 5, 2015 60 mins

In the premiere of this drama, a home invasion leaves a war veteran dead and his wife seriously injured, but the ensuing investigation creates more questions than answers as a seemingly cut-and-dried case is anything but, a fact that the deceased man's divorced parents come to realize when they arrive to bury their son.

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Episode 2

Episode Two

Thu, Mar 12, 2015 60 mins

Barb and Russ face Carter and Aubry, who are reunited for the first time since being arrested more than a day ago. Meanwhile, a terrified Tony lands in juvenile detention, testing the resolve of his father, Alonzo; investigators find an existing warrant for Hector's arrest in Mexico; and emerging facts about Matt and Gwen strain the relationship between their parents.

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Episode 3

Episode Three

Thu, Mar 19, 2015 60 mins

Carter's sister shows up to support him, but can't hide her disapproval of his way of life or his involvement with Aubry. Meanwhile, Alonzo gets an update on Tony's case but begins to question his parenting skills; Hector falls into deeper trouble when he's recognized by a gang member; and Barb works with the head of an activist group and tries to get another hate-crime charge added against Carter.

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Episode 4

Episode Four

Thu, Mar 26, 2015 60 mins

Russ and Barb's youngest son, Mark, comes to Modesto to support his estranged parents as emotions run high when new information allows Carter's defense team to be granted a bail hearing. Meanwhile, Aliyah wants her brother to stay away from Aubry; and Tony gets out of juvenile hall on a probationary release into Alonzo's care.

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Episode 5

Episode Five

Thu, Apr 2, 2015 60 mins

Carter and Aubry are reunited after his release, but she convinces him to make a run for Canada to keep him from facing trial and a possibility of the death penalty. Meanwhile, Mark tells Barb about his fiancée after Matt's funeral in Oakland; and Alonzo tries to repair his relationship with Tony.

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Episode 6

Episode Six

Thu, Apr 9, 2015 60 mins

Barb turns to the media to draw attention to her son's case after Carter and Aubry are apprehended following their failed attempt to leave the country. Meanwhile, Tony goes to extremes to find out who attacked his sister; Aliyah worries about her brother's predicament now that he's back in jail; and Hector is pressured to testify by Palmer and Soderbergh.

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Episode 7

Episode Seven

Thu, Apr 16, 2015 59 mins

Tony's arrested again and sent back to juvenile detention after an incriminating video surfaces. Meanwhile, Aubry is asked to testify against Carter, who's in solitary confinement, in order to stay out of jail; Mark's fiancée, Richelle, has an awkward first meeting with Barb; and Aliyah plans a peaceful demonstration to support her brother when the prosecution isn't interested in new evidence that could help him.

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Episode 8

Episode Eight

Thu, Apr 23, 2015 59 mins

Aliyah's march for Carter escalates an already tense situation in the community as the city tries to shut it down, while Barb organizes a group of counterprotesters. Elsewhere, Alonzo urges Tony, who may be tried as an adult, to testify against Carter; Hector swears to his girlfriend that he's ready to turn over a new leaf; and a desperate Russ hopes to move into Matt and Gwen's house.

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Episode 9

Episode Nine

Thu, Apr 30, 2015 60 mins

A turn in public opinion after Aliyah's march ends in violence helps her to persuade a judge to move up Carter's preliminary examination date. Meanwhile, Russ works on Matt and Gwen's house and rues his decision to abandon his family years ago; Alonzo tries to find legal representation for Tony; and Aubry mulls making an official statement that could alter the course of Carter's case.

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Episode 10

Episode Ten

Thu, May 7, 2015 59 mins

Aubry's statement about Matt and his role in the incident completely changes the course of the case, but it's a development that's too much for Barb to bear. Meanwhile, Carter gets a new lease on life, but Hector's testimony is rendered meaningless, and he's turned over to Mexican authorities; and Alonzo's family comes together even as he struggles to find character witnesses to vouch for Tony.

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Episode 11

Episode Eleven

Thu, May 14, 2015 59 mins

The first season concludes with the end of the case that altered the lives of everyone involved.

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