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'Allo 'Allo! Season 9 Episodes

6 Episodes 1992 - 1992

The final series of 'Allo 'Allo is only six episodes long but ties up the loose ends neatly.

Episode 1

Gone with the Windmill

Mon, Nov 9, 1992 30 mins

Von Strohm and Gruber return to Nouvion from Spain. Rene: Gordon Kaye. Flick: Richard Gibson. Klinkerhoffen: Hilary Minster.

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Episode 2

A Tour de France

Mon, Nov 16, 1992 30 mins

Rene searches for a way to escape from his Communist captors; Flick and Von Smallhausen pretend to be English in an attempt to fool Edith (Carmen Silvera). Rene: Gordon Kaye. Flick: Richard Gibson.

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Episode 3

Rene Artois Is Still Dead

Sun, Sep 30, 2018 30 mins

René is supposed dead and a parade is held in his honour.

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Episode 4

Fishmonger Float

Fri, Oct 5, 2018 30 mins

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Episode 5

A Fishy Sendoff

Mon, Dec 7, 1992 30 mins

Von Strohm, Klinkerhoffen and Gruber return to Berlin for a special mission on the day of the Nouvion Fishmonger's Parade. Rene: Gordon Kaye. Edith: Carmen Silvera. Klinkerhoffen: Hilary Minster. Von Strohm: Richard Marner.

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Episode 6

A Winkle in Time

Mon, Dec 14, 1992 30 mins

Rene and Edith greet the Allies as they march on Nouvion, and the war appears to be over. Von Strohm: Richard Marner. Flick: Richard Gibson. Edith: Carmen Silvera.

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