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20/20 Season 40 Episodes

42 Episodes 2017 - 2018

Episode 1

Murder in the Jackson Family

Fri, Sep 15, 2017 60 mins

Season 40 opener: An interview with Tito Jackson and his sons about the 1994 murder of Tito's ex-wife and mother of his sons. Included: an interview with the man convicted of the crime, who's now on a crusade to prove that he was wrongfully convicted.

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Episode 2


Fri, Sep 22, 2017 60 mins

An alleged double murder-for-hire plot orchestrated by a veterinarian and a doctor is the focus. Included: the elaborate sting operation police conducted to stop it.

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Episode 3

Holly Bobo

Fri, Sep 29, 2017 59 mins

The family of Holly Bobo is interviewed in the wake of a conviction in her murder case. Bobo was a nursing student abducted from her Tennessee home in April 2011.

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Episode 4

Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Fri, Oct 6, 2017 59 mins

The Las Vegas mass shooting at a music festival on October 1, 2017, is the focus. Included: a look at the heroes who helped; accounts from victims, eyewitnesses and first responders.

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Episode 5

Harvey Weinstein

Fri, Oct 13, 2017 59 mins

Allegations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein are the focus. Included: interviews with multiple accusers. Also: the impact this may have on Hollywood's infamous casting couch.

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Episode 6

Clown Costume Killer

Fri, Oct 20, 2017 59 mins

A killer in a clown costume takes a woman's life in Florida's Palm Beach County in 1990, and 27 years later, the new wife of the victim's widower is arrested for the crime, based on new DNA evidence.

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Episode 7

27 Days Later: Mystery in Las Vegas

Fri, Oct 27, 2017 59 mins

Exploring lingering questions about the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Included: the shifting timeline of the attack; the search for the gunman's motive; the missing hard drive; conspiracy theories. Also: interviews with those who knew the gunman.

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Episode 8

American ISIS Recruits

Fri, Nov 3, 2017 59 mins

Diane Sawyer looks at ISIS recruiting methods that target young Americans online. Included: exploring what makes these young people vulnerable to recruiters, and what makes them want to become terrorists.

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Episode 9

College Coach and Athlete Relationship

Fri, Nov 10, 2017 59 mins

A report on a college coach and athlete's relationship, resulting in an arrest and civil suits alleging sexual assault and defamation.

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Episode 10

Treacher Collins Syndrome

Fri, Nov 17, 2017 60 mins

The life of a boy with Treacher Collins syndrome, a rare cranio-facial condition, is the focus. Included: how he navigates everyday challenges. Also: the similarities between this boy and the protagonist of the book and movie "Wonder."

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Episode 11

A Killing on the Cape

Fri, Nov 24, 2017 120 mins

An investigation into the 2002 stabbing death of fashion writer Christa Worthington. Included: Police ask men in Truco, Mass., for DNA samples.

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Episode 12

American Royal

Fri, Dec 1, 2017 59 mins

A profile of Meghan Markle includes her romance with Prince Harry, and what the future holds for the newly engaged couple. Also: interviews with those who know Markle, details on how she and Harry met and a look at the couple's life in London.

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Episode 13


Fri, Dec 15, 2017 59 mins

A report on NXIVM, a secretive self-help group in Albany, N.Y., features interviews with former members, who share memories of painful experiences, and Catherine Oxenberg, who discusses her unsuccessful efforts to urge her daughter to leave the group.

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Episode 14

Christmas Cribs

Wed, Dec 20, 2017 60 mins

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Episode 15

The Story of Gypsy Blanchard

Fri, Jan 5, 2018 59 mins

An interview with Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a woman who pleaded guilty to killing her mother after her mother spent nearly two decades keeping her daughter wheelchair-bound and claiming her daughter had multiple medical problems she never had.

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Episode 16

Inside the Rule of North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

Fri, Jan 12, 2018 59 mins

North Korea's first family and cracks within the dynasty are the focus. Included: a look at the upbringing of half brothers Kim Jong-un and Kim Jong-nam. Also: interviews with people who were close to the brothers.

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Episode 17

House of Horrors

Fri, Jan 19, 2018 59 mins

Thirteen siblings found captive inside their own California home are the focus. Included: what life was like inside the home for the siblings; an exploration of whether warning signs were missed. Also: interviews with those who knew the family.

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Episode 18

Sister Survivors

Fri, Jan 26, 2018 59 mins

Gymnasts who were abused by Dr. Larry Nassar, who was sentenced to 40-175 years in prison, are interviewed. Included: the survivors share their Olympic dreams and their stories of abuse, and they explain why they decided to come forward.

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Episode 19

Slender Man

Fri, Feb 2, 2018 59 mins

The 2014 Slender Man attack, in which two 12-year-olds stabbed their friend 19 times, is revisited as the attackers learn their fates in the wake of their guilty pleas. Included: Interviews with the attackers' families; a psychologist; and attorneys.

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Episode 20

Would You Kill for Love?

Fri, Feb 9, 2018 59 mins

A man convicted of murdering his girlfriend's parents in 1985 claims new DNA analysis exonerates him of the murder, which he and his girlfriend are both serving time for. Included: interviews with investigators and a member of the Innocence Project.

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Episode 21

Murder by Kayak?

Fri, Feb 16, 2018 60 mins

A fatal kayaking trip is the focus of an interview with Angelika Graswald, who was convicted of involuntarily killing her fiancé after his kayak filled with water and sank on the Hudson River in 2015.

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Episode 22

Forgiving a Killer

Fri, Feb 23, 2018 60 mins

An inmate's dad makes a plea to save his son from execution and explains how he's forgiven his son for hiring a hit man to murder his own family. Included: interviews with a cop who was at the scene of the crime and a psychiatrist.

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Episode 23

Mystery at the Mansion

Fri, Mar 2, 2018 59 mins

A woman's mysterious death, which was ruled a suicide, is reexamined. Included: the timing of her death, just two days after her boyfriend's young son's fatal fall; and accusations her family has made against her boyfriend's brother.

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Episode 24

Secret Siblings

Fri, Mar 9, 2018 59 mins

Identical twins who were separated at birth and monitored as part of a secret experiment are the focus. Included: the search for answers about who was involved in this study.

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Episode 25

What Happened to Baby Sabrina?

Fri, Mar 16, 2018 59 mins

The unsolved disappearance of a 5-month-old infant in 1997 is reexamined after two women contacted the baby's mother online, believing they may be her missing child. Included: a look at indictments that were made against the parents and then dropped.

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Episode 26

Stranger Than Fiction

Fri, Mar 23, 2018 59 mins

A kidnapping initially dismissed by police as a hoax, but then discovered to be legitimate, is the focus. Included: The kidnapping victim and her boyfriend discuss the toll the incident took on their lives.

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Episode 27

Toxic Love

Fri, Mar 30, 2018 59 mins

A couple's murder plot to kill their exes, and the sting operation that caught them, is the focus. Included: an interview from jail with participant Dr. Leon Jacob, who's been sentenced to life for two counts of solicitation of capital murder.

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Episode 28

U.S. and Allies Launch Attacks on Syria

Fri, Apr 13, 2018 59 mins

President Trump and Pentagon officials remark on strikes in Syria.

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Episode 29

My Reality: A Hidden America

Fri, Apr 20, 2018 59 mins

Sexual harassment and abuse affecting working-class women is the focus. Included: Diane Sawyer travels across America and gives women who can't afford to lose their jobs the chance to talk about their experiences of harassment and physical assault.

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Episode 30


Fri, Apr 27, 2018 59 mins

A look at NXIVM, a company with ties to sex trafficking. Included: details about its founder, Keith Raniere; and an interview with former member Sarah Edmondson. Also: a report on member and actress Allison Mack, who was arrested for sex trafficking.

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Episode 31

To Catch a Killer

Fri, May 4, 2018 59 mins

The arrest of Joseph DeAngelo, a suspected serial killer and rapist known as the Golden State Killer, is the focus. Included: DeAngelo's background; and a look at how he was tracked down using DNA through a genealogy website.

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Episode 32

Nerves of Steel

Fri, May 11, 2018 59 mins

A deadly 2018 flight on Southwest Airlines is the focus. Included: an interview with the pilot, Tammie Jo Shults, whose actions saved dozens of lives. Also: an interview with the husband of the woman who lost her life on the flight.

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Episode 33

The Royal Wedding: Legacy and Love

Fri, May 18, 2018 59 mins

A look at the two most important women in Prince Harry's life: his mother, Princess Diana, and his soon-to-be bride, Meghan Markle. Included: the similarities between both women; how Diana transformed the perception of the royal family; and how Meghan, with her iconic style, humanitarian work and career, is poised to redefine the role of royal spouse.

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Episode 34


Fri, May 25, 2018 59 mins

Ankle-bracelet monitors that fail to prevent people from committing crimes are the focus. Included: cases where authorities failed to appropriately monitor people wearing ankle bracelets or to respond to alerts set off by the electronic devices.

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Episode 35

Secrets Six Feet Under

Fri, Jun 1, 2018 59 mins

A woman's death leaves questions about whether it was a suicide or a homicide. While authorities maintain she committed suicide, her family believe she was killed by her boyfriend, who was a deputy sheriff.

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Episode 36

Hypnosis, Memory & Mystery

Fri, Jun 15, 2018 60 mins

A look at the use of hypnosis to help solve a crime committed in Albuquerque years ago. Included: an interview with the victim of the attack, and an interview with the man currently awaiting sentencing for the crime.

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Episode 37

Family Secrets

Fri, Jun 22, 2018 59 mins

A New Jersey radio host's murder is the focus. Included: her daughter's five-year fight for justice; and the victim's husband's alleged involvement in her murder, with links to his ties to an illegal drug-distribution ring.

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Episode 38

Buried Secrets

Fri, Jul 13, 2018 59 mins

A world-renowned DNA detective helps people search for the parents who abandoned them. Included: a woman learns her biological mother hid multiple pregnancies; and a man learns his biological father is a Vietnam veteran.

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Episode 39


Fri, Jul 20, 2018 59 mins

A disorder called PANDAS is investigated. Included: children diagnosed with this disorder following the onset of strep throat. Also: a look at the controversy surrounding PANDAS, and why some doctors are skeptical the disorder even exists.

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Episode 40

One Way Out: Thailand Cave Resuce

Fri, Jul 27, 2018 59 mins

British rescue divers who helped extricate boys from a cave in Thailand are interviewed. Included: details about the hazardous moments when they were alone with the boys, who were sedated for the entire journey, in zero visibility.

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Episode 41

Episode 45

Sat, Aug 11, 2018 120 mins

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Episode 42

Thailand Miracle Boys

Sun, Sep 2, 2018 60 mins

An interview with boys rescued from a cave in Thailand, as well as with their soccer coach, who was trapped with them. Included: how the coach kept the boys calm during the ordeal.

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