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The Zoo Season 2 Premiere Was a Two-Hour GIF

Lions and tigers and... bees?

Ryan Sandoval

Look, just because Game of Thrones has ended doesn't mean prestige television is over for the summer. Quite the opposite. Enter: ZooSeason 2, everyone's favorite program about shadow governments and shadow corporations in shadow cahoots with shadow-each other, and the ensuing animal uprising caused therein!

So my #ZooHeads, were you happy to see Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke) be sarcastic AF in the face of Furpocalypse? Were you pumped to see Chloe (Nora Arnezeder) make her signature expression of baffled urgency? Were you psyched to hear Abraham (Nonso Anozie) say "Jack-sohn" and "rafiki"? Did you get sad when the animals decided to invoke their God-given rights to attack without rhyme and/or reason?

Zoo's most hilarious animal attacks from Season 1

Let's take a look at "The Day of the Beast," in GIF form!

On Your Left!

For starters, this rhino was not about to yield his right of way on the road or on the food chain...

...but he still HAD to, just cuz like "mankind," ya know?

The Hero Zoo Deserves

In addition to the beasts of nature, there was ANOTHER animal that joined the fray. An animal known to us #ZooHeads as "Action Jackson"

What's the Buzz?

One cool thing about this season is that minibeasts are in the mix.

Whoops, forgot to clarify: it is only mainly cool if you are one of the minibeasts

Sometimes the Furpocalypse is Adorable

Jamie (Kristen Connolly) was still separated from the crew, so she mainly had like a Snow White/private Jack Hanna experience...






Still less cop corpses than a Jack Hanna session though.

When Manimals Attack

A big appeal also this time around is a literal manimal named "Yakov Smirnoff" or something. He kept playing tag with people, only it was like one-sided tag this manimal played for keeps.




New Character

This lady Army Ranger (Alyssa Diaz) lost her entire crew to the aforementioned manimal. She was already over the idea of animals uprising and just wanted to play target practice with the vultures carrying away her dead buddies.




Abominations Have Feelings Too

One thing that looks to be a central mystery is just who the heck is this manimal? He started crying a little, and then threw up the bile he had eaten for fourth meal.




Elephant in the Room

Just wanted a catchy phrase to show this dude get wrecked.



Until next time, Zoo Nation!


Zoo airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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