Question: You've been lacking in the Lost scoop lately.... Got anything for us?

Answer: Gathering intel on our favorite castaways has been my primary goal this past week, Erin. But trust me when I tell you it has not been easy particularly at the Globes, where the cast was basically threatened with bodily harm if a spoiler made it past their lips. Still, I managed to glean a few morsels out of 'em. Among them:

* Yunjin Kim revealed that Sun will get another flashback episode this season. "We start shooting it next week," she said, "but I haven't seen a script yet, so I don't know what happens."

* Dominic Monaghan confessed that "it looks like" Charlie is hitting the powder again and offered this preview of next Wednesday's Charlie-centric outing: "We're going to be seeing a lot of stuff about how Charlie is responding to the rest of the group pushing him away."

* Matthew Fox (Jack) hinted at a possible return next season for one of Lost's MVPs. "There's a rumor floating around that J.J. Abrams is very excited about coming back to the show next year and working very hard on it." (For more breaking news on J.J., keep reading.)

* Regarding rumors that a new female castaway would be washing ashore in the coming weeks, Yunjin pleaded ignorance. "I haven't heard that," she maintained, before joking, "We can't have, like, a young attractive girl no! We've got to keep Lost girls the way it is." (Note: One of my moles has since confirmed that a new character is about to be introduced, although he/she refused to give me specifics on this person's age or gender.)