Young Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory's spin-off prequel that just had the biggest comedy premiere in four years, looks like it's on its way to becoming a big hit — and it's going to do it without any big stars in its cast.

The cast of Young Sheldon is talented, but none of the actors are people you'd necessarily immediately recognize. They're all faces that might be familiar from something else, but you may need a little bit of a memory jog to recall from where. Let us break it down for you.

Iain Armitage (Young Sheldon Cooper) landed the part after his strong performance as Ziggy on HBO's hit limited series Big Little Lies. That's the only place you would have seen him before, as he's only nine years old.

Zoe Perry (Mary Cooper) was previously associated with Shondaland shows. Her most prominent role was as Samantha on Scandal, but she also appeared on The Family, Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy. When she was a kid, she appeared on Roseanne, which starred her mother, Laurie Metcalf, who also plays Mary Cooper on The Big Bang Theory.

Lance Barber (George Cooper Sr.) has had small parts in many shows over the years, but he's best known for two things: his recurring role as Bill Ponderosa on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and his regular role as Paulie G on The Comeback. They're both much sleazier roles than Sheldon's dad.

Raegen Revord (Missy Cooper) plays Sheldon's twin sister. Young Sheldon is going to be her breakout, but she's previously appeared on Modern Family.

Annie Potts (Meemaw) plays Sheldon's grandmother, but she will always be best known for playing Mary Jo Jackson Shively on Designing Women. She was nominated for an Emmy for Love & War in 1994 and SAGs in 1998 and 1999 for Any Day Now. Most recently she's recurred on The Fosters.

And of course, you've seen the narrator, Jim Parsons, on The Big Bang Theory.

Young Sheldon returns Thursday, Nov. 2 on CBS.

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