With The Producers officially a record-breaking Broadway phenomenon, the Great White Way has found something new to obsess over: Mel Brooks's rumored follow-up — a stage remake of his 1974 big-screen spoof, Young Frankenstein.

"[I'm] toying with the notion," Brooks confirmed backstage at Sunday's Tony Awards, in which his Producers made history by winning a best-ever 12 trophies. But before the celebrated auteur starts lining up backers, he wants to make certain Frankenstein has a heart.

"Even though The Producers may be the funniest show in town, the other [element] is the emotion, the love story between Matthew [Broderick] and Nathan [Lane], and Cady [Huffman] and Matthew," he explains. "Love counts for a great deal. So I would walk around Young Frankenstein and see where the emotion is — certainly between the monster and Dr. Frankenstein there is a lot going on."

Brooks' Tony-winning Producers partner, Susan Stroman — who picked up awards for directing and choreographing the hit musical — admits she's fascinated by the prospect of staging a monster mash with Brooks. "The idea of doing Young Frankenstein is a good one, I feel," she says, "because even as a movie itself, he made Frankenstein sing and dance.

"Collaborating with [Mel] is wonderful," adds Stroman. "He feeds off the energy of not only the actors, but the writers and the directors."

Despite being Broadway's "It Boy," Brooks insists that he has not turned his back on Hollywood. "If I get an idea that screams to be filmed, it will be a movie," says the writer-director behind Blazing Saddles and Spaceballs. Still, he can't deny that his current passion is for the theater. "I'm trying desperately to get a real Broadway pit idea [together], where the sound comes up out of a pit and overwhelms you with the joy of an overture, and the expectation of a great show when the curtain goes up. I love that more than anything. So if that could happen, I'd be the happiest Jew in town."