This week's Yellowstone introduces a new player into the show's complex game of money and power: Malcolm Beck (Neal McDonough), a businessman with his hands in a lot of things, including casinos.

In Beck's introductory scene — which TV Guide can share with you exclusively — he and his brother and business partner Teal (Terry Serpico) find out about carpetbagging California developer Dan Jenkins' (Danny Huston) plan to build a hotel and casino with Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham). The Beck boys don't like it when people move in on their turf, and later in the episode, we'll see them pay a visit to Jenkins' office and incept some poisonous thoughts about Rainwater's potentially duplicitous motives into his ear.

But for now, we're just seeing what the Becks are like in their natural habitat, surrounded by a preposterous amount of big game they've slain. There are a bunch of sinister brothers these guys may remind you of, both real (the Kochs), fictional (the Corleones), and science-fictional (the dreadlocked twins from The Matrix).

Yellowstone airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on the Paramount Network.

Neal McDonough, <em>Yellowstone</em>Neal McDonough, Yellowstone