<EM>Veronica Mars</EM>' Kristen Bell and Harry Hamlin Veronica Mars' Kristen Bell and Harry Hamlin

Question: Yay, Wallace is back on Veronica Mars! What else can we look forward to when the second half of the season kicks off?

Answer: The show is working on its own version of "Aaron Echolls: The E! True Hollywood Story" to be cut into an upcoming episode, and exec producer Rob Thomas needs our help. You see, the spoof is supposed to feature an interview with the actor playing Echolls in the TV-movie "The Aaron Echolls Story," but in a funny twist, Rob is having a tough time casting the role. "We actually attempted to book Peter Gallagher," Thomas says, "but we didn't have enough money in our budget for Peter's agents to 'take it seriously.'" Now this is where we come in. Rob is curious who AA readers think should "play" Harry Hamlin's evil alter ego. Although he admits "it's doubtful we'll actually be able to book their top choice, we may give it a shot." OK, guys, it's not every day that the man in charge of TV's coolest show comes directly to AA for casting tips, so let's not disappoint him. Send me your suggestions by Friday, Dec. 23, and I'll post a list of the top finalists in an upcoming AA. Oh, and to make my life a little easier, please write "Armchair Casting Director" in the subject line. Contrary to rampant speculation, I don't have a team of eight assistants helping me put out this column every week.