Yanic Truesdale is either teeing Gilmore Girls fans up for the best news ever or he is an unbearably cruel tease.

The actor, who is currently filming the Netflix revival of Amy Sherman-Palladino's cult favorite drama, recently posted a selfie of himself hanging out with fellow Stars Hollow alum Melissa McCarthy. When the revival was officially announced, fans anxiously wanted to know if McCarthy, now an in-demand A-list movie star, would have time to return to everyone's favorite Connecticut small town. But a miscommunication put McCarthy's ability to stop by for even a cameo appearance in doubt.

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Enter Truesdale and his aren't-you-jealous selfie (yes, we are). However, the Instagram pic is by no means a confirmation that McCarthy will appear in the Gilmore Girls revival. In fact, Truesdale even warns not to get our hopes up. "Scotch, great meal and catching up with my old friend @melissamccarthy, can't ask for more! Dont read anything into it guys," he wrote.