Parker Young, Geoff Stults and Chris Lowell Parker Young, Geoff Stults and Chris Lowell

Fans of Enlisted might join the chorus of Community fans screaming, "Yahoo!" The online giant, once famous for email and instant messaging, is in talks to save another cult series gone too soon: Fox's Army comedy Enlisted.

Talks are underway to bring a second season of the critically adored comedy to Yahoo's online streaming service Yahoo Screen, Deadline reports. Don't take those fatigues to the dry cleaners just yet, though. The discussions are in the very early preliminary stages.

TV shows that were resurrected

But for millions of heartbroken fans, at least talks are happening. Enlisted, created by Cougar Town's Kevin Biegel, developed a very passionate and vocal fan base when it premiered in January but never grabbed an audience despite fawning reviews from critics. It didn't help that Enlisted was given a Friday-night timeslot by Fox instead of a more comedy-friendly night earlier in the week. Enlisted was canceledin early May.

Yahoo appears to be that new online media entity throwing life preservers out to shows thrown off the boat by major networks. In late June, Yahoo Screen delighted many when it saved Community from cancellation. Shortly after Community's revival, Enlisted fans rallied for Yahoo to create aCommunity/Enlisted double feature.

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