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When he first auditioned for The X Factor, David Correy told the judges he had one reason to try out for the reality show: to find his birth mother, who gave him up for adoption when he was a baby.

"Every time I'm on stage, I go on there with that thought of knowing that I have the opportunity to reconnect with her through what God gave me, and that's my voice," Correy told producers.

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Thanks to the show, the 26-year-old may have achieved his goal.bA woman claiming to be Correy's mother contacted authorities and the local media in Brazil after seeing his X Factor audition and recognizing the baby pictures that were shown as part of his introduction, TMZ reports.

The woman, Luciene Lima, has not taken a DNA test, but the timeline, birth certificate and orphanage information she gave local authorities match up with Correy's information, according to TMZ.

The two have not connected in person yet, but Correy appears hopeful. Over the weekend, he tweeted a link to a Brazilian news report about the story with the caption "I pray this is really my birth mother...Everytime I watch this I envision myself there. #Heart."

Watch Correy's X Factor audition below: