Neil Patrick Harris by Kevin Mazur/ Neil Patrick Harris by Kevin Mazur/
UPDATE: Cheyenne Jackson has accepted the role in the (thus far ill-fated) musical. In a statement almost as adorable as he is, the actor states: "I'm excited to join the cast of Xanadu while James Carpinello recovers. My heart goes out to him, as he spent months working on this project, only to be injured so close to opening night. I owe a lot to [director] Christopher Ashley and [writer] Douglas Carter Beane and would gladly paint their apartments if they called and asked." Sadly, he has yet to offer to paint

my pad. - Raven As reported earlier, the Broadway musicalization of the camp classic Xanadu has had to delay its opening night indefinitely after star James Carpinello injured his foot. According to the New York Post, producers are desperate to find a replacement and have their eyes on two actors to play opposite Kerry Butler: How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harris and All Shook Up hottie Cheyenne Jackson, who starred in the Xanadu workshop but turned down the actual staging. Due to his HIMYM duties, Harris wouldn't be able to stick around post-summer, so he may not be the best fit if the show turns out to be a smash. Then again, Xanadu and "smash" have never been used in the same sentence. - Reporting by Raven Snook