So much for David Duchovny's supposed apathy toward an X-Files return. Not only has the actor agreed to reprise his role as Mulder for the show's May 19 series finale, but TV Guide Online has learned that, before X-creator Chris Carter decided to end the show, Duchovny himself expressed interest in getting back into the UFO-chasin' biz.

Here's the scoop: Earlier this season, Carter — still under the impression that Duchovny had washed his hands of Mulder for good (at least on the small screen) — approached the Evolution star about directing the April 28 episode. His response floored Carter and fellow X-ecutive producer Frank Spotnitz. Not only was Duchovny interested, but, "He had suggested that he act in the episode as well, which was a big surprise to us," Spotnitz reveals. "We certainly didn't expect that."

However, before a deal was cinched, Carter decided to end the series in May. And when that happened, the priority shifted to coaxing Duchovny back for the two-part finale. "And what became uncertain at that point was whether David would still co-write, direct and act in [the April 28] show. So, the final outcome, as you well know, is that he is going to act in the [series finale] and co-write, direct, but not act in [the April 28] episode."

Natch, we have to ask: What's with Duchovny's seemingly dramatic change of heart? As it is, back in November, Spotnitz himself put the odds of Mulder returning at slim to none. "My impression from talking to him was that he still cares about the show," offers the exec. "He's still invested in it and certainly cares about [Mulder]. And I think he recognized that it was the best thing for the show and the audience [for him] to come back and give closure to nine years of the series. I think we all agree on that."